Game Dev Status…

I just wanted to say, clearly for all those following me, I am an experienced programmer and architect… I am quite good on my environment 3D art, as well as coding for other areas of expertise such as data analysis and architecture… but I am a novice coder for games.


The game so far is on what I like to call Vaporware state, as I have to face two growing curves. The first, is the Unreal Engine 5 itself. I opted initially to work on Blueprints, as they seem to offer me an option to avoid bugs and errors by using well established code. That is curve #1 and I am ongoing on that effort, not being a fulltime coder.


The second, is how to structure the visual novel storywise, since it is not linear, and balancing all the possible interactions, even keeping it to a minimum, and not letting the game itself baloon in complexity beyond the scope of a small kinky erotic game romance in which you follow a single pre-made character you select on the start… is also a learning curve. Because the mind goes feverish into things that could be done… and if I do not control those, they can baloon in complexity in a way which is detrimental to the whole project and could lead to losing focus.


Once that is done… and enough is working using simple avatars it will be time for the cinematic-like scene animations and music. I will try to be able to create the characters and scenes either as static angle shots, or short scene animations. The VN/Eroge style allows for that static storytelling if properly done. That is another learning curve, but in which I can try to purchase and adapt assets, or create my own, or a mix of both, or that failing, use the resources from the Patreon support, to hire an artist. The same for the music, which I will try to hire a proper musician to compose a score at least for the main scenes. But both of those are still on the future, reason why there isn’t any sexy images of the characters, nor will it be for a while.


Those opting to support the project, are most welcome and each contribution counts for that end goal, but right now, there isn’t much to share. As much as I try to share what I am doing and how good or bad things are, there won’t be anything enticing for quite a while. I still do not have sexy images of the characters or beta versions of the game you can play. I do welcome your support, and I do hope to justify it, it is of immense importance, but I do not want anyone to feel mislead at this point.


The game is still months and months away from a state like that, given my limited experience and limited time each week to put into it. It will take shape more and more. But right now, what you’re supporting as a Patreon supporter is a very early stage of concept art, story wise and character wise, and tech testing. Lots of hand sketches in my own poor drawing capacity, and lots of notes and texts and paths…. and notes on game mechanics I find would be interesting…. and most of that would spoil the actual game if I share too much. I until I have sexy art… I won’t share anything I am creating with the intent of being an important experience first hand once in the game. And I’d like to thank all my current and past Patrons for your constant ongoing support. Each contribution helped me immensely to arrive at this point, and more and more I am sure of the path forward. I just hope I can return this love with a kickass game. I can say, it is being done and written with nothing but love ( and a ton of lust).

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