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As a site, The RubberMansion is an effort spanning the last two decades, with many ups and downs tied to the life of The Doll and her family. It is in essence a personal site, where the doll hopes to explore and express ideas and desires. All the help and support are welcomed toward that goal, please consider reaching out for The doll, and hopefully in the future, other website support people, to help in that goal; as well as considering to contribute on Patreon for the ongoing efforts, both for the site and other personal projects, such as the RubberMansion series of games, the first of which is under production.


The Patreon Community

The Patreon Community

The backing of The RubberMansion’s Patreon Community is fundamental to keeping the site open and free, with constantly growing content. Please consider joining the community to help support The doll in Charge and her efforts towards a growing collection of accessible contents for all Rubberkind.

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Content Guidelines

As the work on the site progresses, contributions from select authors are most welcomed, as long as they adhere to the following guidelines.

  • All participants in sexual activities in your content must be consenting adults of 18 years or more
  • The stories must not include sexualized/eroticized portrayals of rape; nor violent scenarios such as dismemberment, death or snuff. The writer can explore characters dealing with the consequences of rape and abuse, as narrative aspects of character development and storytelling.
  • Forced conversion of sexuality, “gay cure”, and such themes, will of course not be published. The same goes for “Corrective Rape”. Please read the following lines for further clarification.
  • Abuse must not be portrayed in a positive light
  • Implicit or explicit racism, discrimination or hate speech are not allowed. Stories surrounding racial superiority or inferiority fail to meet the guidelines.
  • Stories must not involve participants in sexual engagements other than consenting adults. Stories such as infantilization stories, or furry stories, must clarify the subjects are consenting capable adults in their full mental capacity. Transformation stories in which the character is transformed into an underage form to engage in sexual activities, does not adhere to the guidelines and will not be published.

The SciFi, Fantasy and Horror area of the site allow for more exploration of themes related to those stories, such as transformations, science accidents, weird technology, aliens and so on. That area of the site will allow stories common to the rubber community such as rubber doll transformations, bimbofication and corruption, as long as they do not breach the guidelines and the disclaimer addresses the subjects involved as a warning to readers. They must remain within the realm of fantasy, fantastical science or horror and carry other themes and tropes common to those genres. Stories submitted along those lines will be studied case by case before being published. In a horror or scifi scenario, horror aspects such as forceful transformations, mutations, loss of control, must be presented as horror and not positive experiences.

It is always positive to clarify that Power Exchange between consenting adults is NOT ABUSE, it is a lifestyle of choice, in all its variations. Nor is submissive surrender.

Strong sexual language of surrender or sexual interplay between consenting adults is NOT ABUSE and is welcomed in its full expression.

Ninjas are allowed. Rubber ninjas are welcomed. Alternative lifestyles and forms of love amongst consenting adults are welcomed.

Your story does not need to frame actions in a fragment of life, or a pocket of life in a roleplay event with safe-words, to fall within the publishing guidelines. You can write full lifestyle stories with strong power exchange and strict discipline. Or delve into full science fiction or horror or alternate worlds. What must be clear is that your story is not a vehicle for hate, violence, abuse or smearing of others and their culture, nor be the vehicle for the encouragement of such acts. I do like the erotic nature of horror, I love Dracula and Carmilla. I like to write stories that delve into that genre of slow transformation into a new thing, but I also come across many stories in many sites that do reinforce patterns of abuse and pain. For me it is being tricky to grow as a writer to explore some of my favorite fantasy themes without reinforcing negative aspects on the eventual reader. I just hope, these guidelines will help both me and those wanting to contribute, to keep this a healthy place of sexual expression and exploration, even on the themes of fantasy and horror.

Because in a time and age of rising hate and the kinky LGBTQ community being the focus of so much of that hate and scapegoating, we cannot either surrender our full expression nor the beauty of our expressions of love, instead we should work to dispel negative perceptions which can be cast upon us. There is always a place in erotica for risqué contents and materials, as long as they carry deeper meaning and express some truth about ourselves. The guidelines focus on culling those who do not fall within that criteria, and hopefully, that will evolve with time.

I hope these evolving guidelines can help structure a sane and safe place for us to share our love and lust and build a repositorium for like minded people. Critics, suggestions and help is always welcomed in evolving the site, and how its structured.

Rubber Love to A/all,

The doll

Welcome to The RubberMansion

The RubberMansion contains materials intended for adult audiences, dealing with many aspects of the erotica, pornography and the human sexuality, including but not limited to sex, fetishes, roleplay, Domination and Submission, Bondage, Sadism and Masochism, as well as free expressive aspects of love within the LGBTQ community.

The access to such materials and media require that you are above legal age in your country of residence and allowed the access to adult contents.