A very long night

The story you’re about to read is a work of fiction, delving in the themes of fetish and human sexuality, as well as alternative ways of life and display of love. This is a work of fiction with explicit sexual content and language, intended for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. All the names, not restricted to, but including, characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All sexual activity in this work is consensual and all sexually active characters are 18 years of age or older.

Do not proceed if these subjects are either illegal in your country of origin, or might cause you shock or discomfort.

This story was originally written as part of a set of stories named “Die Gummihaus”, which are set in the Real Life RubberMansion universe of stories, in which the games take place. This particular story was Chapter 1 on that series.

            I arrive home and head straight to the shower. It’s another lonely weekday, since I have not yet moved into the main house. Sometimes it sucks to still be across town from the people I love, but good things happen to those who wait.

            Exausted, I undress from my urban boring normal clothes, unlace my corset and then and unzip the rubber bodysuit underneath, standing naked but for the chastity belt. It’s weird to be without the comfort of the corset, but it’s just for a short while. I toss it all to be washed in the bin, and step into the shower.

            I take the first few minutes just to let the warm water rinse my body away and relax in the sheer pleasure of the comfortable temperature, before going for the soap. It feels just so good to be home after such a long day doing nothing but putting fires away at work, most of them not of my own doing. It’s so unproductive. And so frustrating that you end up cursing people for small mistakes, because it all drives your patience to an edge. But that was the day and now is now. And showering is a pleasure underestimated by those who see it as just a way of cleaning your body, part of a meaningless daily life. I slowly apply the soap, and caress my skin with the sponge, making sure not only everything is clean, but every spot of skin is tingling with the very simple pleasure of a decent shower after a long day. Much was accomplished at work, I have to admit that, and I managed to close an important deal with a supplier after a major screw up on their part.

            I let the warm water flow down my head, with my wet hair over my eyes, just feeling for a second as it goes down it’s path over my body, enjoying the moment for a bit. Then, after I’m clean outside, it’s time to be clean inside, and I take the enema nozzle and gently insert into my peachy asshole, and let the pressure build. After a quick expel of the nasty contents of a day outside the house, I repeat the cycle, over and over, until the water comes out clean. There’s a very naughty secret pleasure in perfectly cleansing your ass for your owner. You do it for the pleasure of being cleansed, the sensual pleasure of the enema, but mostly, for the purpose it serves. A slave, a rubber slave, does an enema to be ready for her owner to take her at any time, in any way. That’s something that I have to repeat in my head sometimes, after a very long day, so it just doesn’t become another monotonous ritual. Sometimes, the key difference between a very boring life and a purposeful one, is to remind ourselves for the reason behind the little gestures in life.

            This is a thing for story writers, for you, the enema is always perfect. You never write about the girl having to be like I am now, for another 10 minutes in the toilet, to fully expel the rest of the last enema, unless you want to leak all the way into the bedroom. I avoid touching myself on this waiting, because even if I’m encouraged to become as sexual as I can be, it won’t feel the same naked. I need my rubber, and it just feels wrong without it.

            As I dry myself, I remember my Owner is out of town with my sisters. I wish I could have taken a few days away, but that’s when my career messes up with family life. We’ll talk on the phone later, but it doesn’t help missing them. At least this is one advantage of being under consideration still…  I’m here in my small apartment, where I’m used to being on my own, instead of roaming the empty rooms of the big house, smelling their scent, hoping to cross any of them on the next door, and missing my Owner and my sisters so much every time that doesn’t happen. It’s easier not to be with them while living here, because it’s just as hard as it is everyday, and not harder than usual.

            I walk to my computer, which was in standby, and check my Emails, none from them. Well, I should better proceed with the sleep preparations before I get the call and run late. I take the dildo and the plug from their recharging station, which is wired to the computer, and lube them with nasty pleasure, and go back to the bed, to guide both in place. Not that I need any lube in my pussy, so wet I am right now thinking on those I hope will be one day my family. I play with the dildo a bit, guiding it in with ease and patience, until all of it’s ribbed rubbery length is inside of me. One final push makes the click of the metal shield of the dildo with the equivalent connector on the belt, echo around the bedroom, leaving nothing but the darkened metal plate of the belt, and the thin metallic connector to the control box. Next, I apply a good amount of lube to the anal plug, and guide it home, until it’s secured with a second clicking sound. Finally, I take the control box, which houses the air-pump and batteries, and connect it to the belt at some point in my back, and leave the metallic connectors run between my legs. Owner is really devious, as this was designed to avoid smart dollies skipping training by means of sharp scissors.

            I lay down in bed for a second, sniffing the delicious scent of the latex bedsheets, and go on to getting dressed. First the heavy rubber corset goes back in place, and I slowly and carefully lace it down. Then, the rubber socks and gloves, and over it all, the nighttime catsuit, which would make some think of an arabian dancer, very tight around my breasts and ass, but loose around my arms and legs, to allow for a bit more of comfort. It is open around my pussy and ass,  so that my Owner can get a quick access when I’m not in chastity. Owner said will take a while till I’m ready to sleeping hooded and in tight latex, a privilege I intend to earn. But patience is key, as for everything in life.

            As a last touch, I get the boots laced and lay down in bed waiting for the phone call. Now I would go play with myself, but all my fingers find is the belt again, and the metallic shield of the dildo. Saying this is a chastity belt is a bit of a stretch, all it’s intended to do is build our lust constantly. My mind is far from chaste with it on. During the day, the front shield is open and I can even play with myself all I want, and I usually do so when not too busy. During the night, the toys go into place, and things change, as pleasure is something I can no longer control when, how or why I will orgasm. I cannot control the pace, control the rhythm, or even if it’s denied. A training I know my Owner fully enjoys, because it teaches me I am a fucktoy to be always horny and ready, but not to control my own pleasure.

            This is a big part of giving yourself as a slave that most people don’t understand. Many self proclaimed slaves want pleasure on their terms, and want things happening according to a script. This is a reinforcement that would be way more productive for me to wait for pigs to fly out of my plugged shiny ass. I get pleasure when I am allowed to, which can be anything from anytime I feel like it, to never. And I must say, the conditioning works, because I was never prudish, but this is turning me into a sex starving maniac that will fuck anything and anyone my Owner tells me to with a smile on my face. Because it teaches me to be ready at anytime and that I have no say on the when, how or why. . I accept when pleasure is given, and when it’s taken, and even the world of frustration that is one of the prices.        

            And now, that means my fingers are caressing a metallic shield that I learned a while ago I have no way of messing up with. Oh yes, you think I didn’t try shoving my fingers between the metal and my skin? Or that I didn’t try to move the belt forth and back and the toys alongside? This is seriously well built, and seriously wicked. I have nothing really to do but to be a good doll and stay here horny waiting for the phone call. Just… nothing happens.

            This is odd. I know I’m not supposed to call before Owner phones me, but it’s half past eight, and the phone usually rings with such precise timing, I could set my clock by the phone calls. But I now fear something wrong happened and give it a try, I can be punished later, I don’t care. The phone rings a bit, then drops to the voicemail. I start wondering if something went wrong, when after the fourth or fifth attempt, there’s an Email on my inbox, from Owner, saying the cell signal is weak, and they can’t phone out, and the hotel internet is a piece of crap, but I’ll get a call tomorrow morning. And that my sisters miss me very much and I’ll have to go with them the next time, the locals are all very nice and the party promises to be fun. Now they must get ready, but that I should not worry and just enjoy my training, because there’s a treat planned for me tonight. That last bit was puzzling. And incredibly disturbing and arousing at the same time.

            Owner had these training toys designed specifically for these chastity belts. Trust me when I say I know the evil that lies within that big warm loving smile. All my sisters wear the same from time to time. It’s required at all times we’re outside of the house on our own, unless we’re with accompanying our Owner. They’re very simple, just a made to measure belt that does not close unless you lock. And only our Owner has the keys, a unique design lock and key pair that cannot be cheated. It’s simple as that, it goes on with or without the front shield whenever we are to walk out of the door, and our Owner decides upon unlocking when we’re back home. Usually, there goes a simple shield with nothing but an inner rubber padding.

            But since I do not live inside the house, mine is more for getting used to it, and usually shieldless, but for the toys. Which are not overly complex, just regular inflatable toys with a vibrator, mounted on a metallic shield that fits the opening on the chastity belts and locks in place by four small locks. But unlike the normal shield that needs a key to be open, the toys have a control box that does the locking and unlocking. And this is the secret in the box. It’s simple too, but has rechargeable batteries from a docking station, also controls the vibrators, the locks on the shields and is programmable. Also, it has a small air pump, and a rubber hose and wires run between my legs coated in a protective mesh of metal that prevents me from doing anything to harm the wires or the hose for inflation. Usually it’s used to set the training period, using a timer. And then, it just obeys the training Cycle owner programmed, and when it’s done, it unlocks itself and I can remove and go to sleep. But sometimes it will store a more “creative” programming, which is what makes me so worried and so horny.

            By instinct, I take my rubbery finger again into my clit, just to be reminded it’s safely shielded away from me. It’s a really clever and devious use of very simple and cheap technologies any technician could have assembled, but yes, only my loved Owner would be inspired to actually order such a thing. And have I told you it also has a random function? I simply have no idea how long those batteries will run for, but I remember I had to wear it once for work and it went on all day long. 

            I would be sitting working, and small vibrations on my pussy in a countdown manner from ten “hums” was the sole indication it gave me that it was going to be turned on full, making me run to the toilet, to better disguise the humming sound and cover my mouth from the orgasms, and then I decided to pretend what I really had was some stomach flu from something bad I ate the night before, which was incredibly humiliating, but better than the truth.

            I swear I never took so much tea and heard so many midwife recipes for getting better, and never had so many palms against my forehead saying maybe I should go home because I felt feverish and I was breaking sweat ( which I couldn’t, because I had an important piece of this new project to work on ). Oh yes, how much I love that maddening devious soul. My Owner will tell me to do that with a nonchalant smile across the face that once made me think it was a joke, until the penance for failing reminded me I am a slave and this is everyday, any day, any time. I have to enjoy pleasure all the time, and be always ready to receive it and enjoy it, because it’s never up to me the when or the how. Even when I am allowed to, it only happens because I’m allowed to, and that could be revoked any minute.

            So, I’m here alone and horny, and my family is several miles away. And nothing happens. What a devious evil mind, to keep me on my toes. Possibly this thing won’t do anything tonight and will just unlock itself in the morning. At least I have to admit my Owner understands it was a full long day and I am about to fall asleep, horny as I am. I’m just so tired. I pick a book to read, and as usual, a few pages down the road I’m fast asleep. Asleep to dream of rubbery people caressing me. And this pleasure… it feels so real… so…. so real I wake up, open my eyes and sure as hell the toys came to life between my legs. I’m being stretched slowly, as they take devilish cycles of vibration and rest, vibration and rest, and the pump reaches it’s programmed size and stops.

            IT STOPS! Oh no! Not this close! I’m here full, and I try rocking the belt for a while, already knowing it will do exactly nothing. It waits till my lust starts to go down, to start vibrating again. I get on all fours and start playing with my hard nipples, I pinch them hard, but I don’t manage to achieve the climax I wanted. I feel like crying in pure desperation. I need some release, I need it. I pick the remote and since I’m not going to sleep, I turn on the DVD with a rubber movie on it, and try to ride the presence of the toys inside of me, milking them. My Owner is smart, but not that smart, as I am learning a way around the cease of work of the toys, which is to use my own muscles to milk the dildo and the plug, something I am becoming an expert on, and give myself an orgasm. It’s hard and tricky, and takes time, but when they’re hard and full in me like this, all it takes is patience and enjoy the ride.

            Or maybe not, maybe Owner is still smarter, because the toys just stop and deflate after a while. Damn. I was so close, and now that they are smaller, I can’t simply milk them that easy, after the dilation went on for a while. Damn! DAMN!!!!

            I turn off the DVD, because horny as I am, I cannot get any release of any sort. Trust me, I have already also tried to use a hitachi on top of the whole belt, and it soaks the vibrations and doesn’t transfer to the toys. All I get is a vibrating belt against my own flesh on my belly and legs. I must have rolled in bed in lust for an hour or two, before my lust got down to something manageable, and I started dozing off again.

            For a second, I have a glimpse that this is going to be a hell of a night. I wanted to wait till they came alive again… because they must right? I mean, they have once, they will again. I mean, seriously, if you talk to my Owner for 30 minutes you’ll see that sweet grin hides a mastermind to make Professor James Moriarty feel like an amateur. So, I walk around a bit, and try to stay awake, planning to ride the next wave, milk it as hard as I can, and have as many orgasms as I can, hard, heavy and rubbery, and then fall asleep sound and heavy, and wake up tomorrow with a pleasing buzz on my pussy.

            And the minutes become what feels like hours and the weight of the busy day catches up with me and sends me into sandman’s domain. I open my dreamy eyes to total darkness and the heavy delicious scent of rubber. I feel a hand probing my ass, and my dream-made mouth opens a smile, as it slides slowly in… first a few fingers and the spin of the hand to adjust, and a few more… as I ease up and try my best to relax… and I wake up again, to more of the toys working on me.

            This time, I’m so sleepy and so confused and so dazzled, I cannot stop feeling the buzzing and the building pleasure, the inflation making me feel so full and ready, but all my plans, all my strategies of milking and riding and fooling my Owner have been foiled by my own misty dreamy sleepy mind. I start waking up and gaining some control of which way is up and that I have two hands and two feet, while the buzzer keeps driving towards my edge… my pussy aches a bit… which adds to my pleasure. I send two fingers inside my mouth and start sucking them as my other hand hunts my nipples, wondering how good will it feel when each has a piercing to be played with. The sound of my rubber encased body moving over the rubbery bedsheets fills the room and I start remembering the plan, the idea of milking the toys… and as soon as I get to it, they stop, deflate and go dead once more.

            My lips emit a loud scream of “NO!” in the middle of the night. No, this isn’t fair, I can’t orgasm, and I can’t sleep, and I can’t go on like this! I rummage a nearby drawer and pick the magic wand. Maybe this time it will work, and of course, it doesn’t. I bang it hard against the shiny metal surface on the risk of breaking the wand, in a futile, childish attempt to get some feeling inside. This is driving me crazy, I feel my eyes burning, my bones tired, and so much sand at every blink of my way into sleep. And again, I collapse.

            This time, I’m amongst my sisters, strapped on all fours in a wooden horse. One of them picks the hugest dildo in the wall… and strapping it to herself, she starts fucking my pussy with it, for my ass belongs to our Owner alone, and a riding crop on each hand, goes to drive fire on my skin at each smack. I feel the rush run in my veins and the pleasure of the pain take over. Another sister unzips her catsuit and lets me lick her pussy, while all three of us unite as family when… I open my eyes… I can’t even think anymore… my brain is fast turning into mush… the toys are hard at work again, big, thick, and vibrating with total disregard for my desire to sleep, to dream, to keep one of my sister’s dildo in me, while licking my other loved one. I cry, I’m alone here, and I’m not going to cum, I’m not going to sleep, and I bet Owner and my sisters are having a hell of a great night in the party. I want to be with them, not here. I roll over and hug the pillow trying my best to ignore what my body was born to enjoy. The bloody belt keeps at it… and doesn’t stop… and I’m coming so close… so close… no… wait… I try not to build on it… it’s gonna turn off anyway and send me to sleep anyway… it’s not… it’s….. ohhhhhhhhh…. a monstrous orgasm hits me hard, as the toys start adjusting their sizes in a programming done for me.

            I roll around, scream after scream leaving my lips, echoing with some of the neighbors screaming it’s frigging two am and they want to sleep. I get on all fours and push my head into the rubber pillows, sweat coating my body and making my hair stick to my face. I scream inside the rubber, captured by the scent and the lust and my ass high in the air just taking like a whore the ever growing invaders in me, while another orgasm hits me.

            I pant in pain, as my arms grow tired as my soul gets weary and my eyes want to shut, but the toys don’t let me, and I’m now awake, lustful, and shaken by a series of very hard orgasms that run from my cunt to my ass and reverberate in the whole fabric of my being.

            It’s intense, and hard, and I cannot even stand. My brain is nothing but mash and my arms are caressing my body uncaring for anything else. My lungs hurt so much, my legs ache so much, my pussy is so tired and exerted from so much pleasure. It hurts and hurts a lot and hurts good! And I want it to hurt more! SO MUCH MORE!

            And at some point in the night, not sure how many hours went by, the toys just decide to die, as they were told to, when they were told to, turning off this rubber doll, this fucktoy made of flesh and blood, and I instantly fall asleep. Just to wake up, to the ring of the phone. My rubbery fingers go for it, and my mind is too trouble to focus enough to touch one side of the screen and move the blinking slider. But with effort, I manage to, because I feel my heart wanting to come off my mouth when I focus enough to read “Owner” in shiny white letters with a small portrait of an evil demon smiling to me in a small picture.


            “Good Morning my doll, did you have a good night sleep?”, I hear on the phone.


            And  I manage to hold a few curses and a few desperate phrases of love, and the only thing that escapes my mouth is “I did sleep very well, my Owner. And about you and my sisters, how are you?”


            And I can feel a smirk forming across all the distance. But again, these are the people I love, the family I chose instead of the one thrown on me, and I couldn’t be happier. I enjoy the conversation, feeling I could almost reach them now, and when it’s over, I just fall in bed with a smile. It’s almost weekend, when I’ll be able to be with them. Just one more day at work and I’m free to be a slave.

            I look at the clock and it’s about time to get ready to work. I notice the toys are unlocked, and I slide them out, and reposition them on the charging station, and head to the shower, doing my best on trying to wake up. I’ll need some strong coffee today.

            After all, it was a very long night.

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