A teaspoon of sugar

The story you’re about to read is a work of fiction, delving in the themes of fetish and human sexuality, as well as alternative ways of life and display of love. This is a work of fiction with explicit sexual content and language, intended for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. All the names, not restricted to, but including, characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All sexual activity in this work is consensual and all sexually active characters are 18 years of age or older.

Do not proceed if these subjects are either illegal in your country of origin, or might cause you shock or discomfort.

This story was originally written as part of a set of stories named “Die Gummihaus”, which are set in the Real Life RubberMansion universe of stories, in which the games take place. This particular story was Chapter 2 on that series.

            I am so sick today it’s not even funny. I have no idea how I got this cold, but the day has been spent in bed so far. I didn’t want to bother my family, but as soon as I mentioned on the phone I was not feeling well, my sister Claire jumped into the car and now I have to get up and reach the intercom to let her in. I can’t get up without feeling dizzy, and I can’t spend a whole minute without sneezing and sometimes shooting disgusting things in all directions I face. I press the button and her familiar sweet and cheery voice gives me a smile.

            “Hey little sistah, let me in”.

            “You vorgot the password” I say in this nasty sickly voice.

            “Let me in or I’ll give you a hard spanking!”

            “You promise?” I say giggling a bit while pressing the button to unlock the building door, and open my own apartment before crawling my way back to bed and finding a comfy spot in the blankets. I pick the notebook again and go back to trying to think on this project.

            After a while, Claire walks in and goes straight to the windows, opening the shutters wide and letting bright sunlight in. I spare her from “It hurts us” jokes and just complain a bit. “You’ll suffocate here locked up like this. And can’t you drop that friggin notebook for a second? You’re sick!” she says on her caring, but bossy big sister tone of voice. Then she comes to me and leans for a kiss, but I divert my mouth.

            “Are you crazy? You’re gonna get it too!”, I protest.

            She places a finger under my chin and moves my head to face her beautiful green eyes, saying then it would be the two of us in bed, and kisses me, making me feel almost good. Would be very touching if I could have held that next sneeze down. She laughs a bit and takes the notebook from my hand, with the screen covered in the contents of my last sneeze.

            “You stay under those blankets, and I’m going to pack your things. You’re going home with me.” she says while bending over and making the latex of her skirt stretch over her ass, while she roams my drawers, picking some totally non-sexy clothes and tossing in a bag.

            “No, I’m fine, I can stay here and look after myzelf, it’s ok”, I say, in a totally futile attempt not to create any problems, but I should know better, her mind is set. When she’s like this, not even our Owner will cross her. When she goes all protective, everyone just lets her do her things her way and wait over. There’s an inside joke in the family and with close friends about Nurse Scarlet. Oh yes, that’s Claire’s slave name, Scarlet. When she joined the family, she had this beautiful thick red hair, fiery and actually a bit over the top red. Owner once mentioned naming her Scarlet after that, even if now her hair is more of a brunette. I’m Snow by the way, joke being because I went for blonde so many times, my hair got almost white. Right now, I’m half white and half brunette tho, because Owner decided I did so much shit to my hair, I would let it grow and rest for a bit, before it was decided what to do with it. And there’s Shade, our other sister, who is also blonde. I never got why Owner decided to name her Shade, but there must be a reason somewhere.

            Actually, my naming ceremony was kind of lame. I mean, my sisters have nice names like Scarlet and Shade, and I figure I’d also have such a cool name, then Owner presents me to the family and friends as “Snow”. What the fuck! Snow? That is such a silly name. It bugged me for a while, until I figured out the pun with the hair was just a pun to hide the fact Owner felt I was too naive and that would never change. It doesn’t matter how much of a pervert I am and how much I would go straight to hell by religious standards… I was… am… incredibly innocent for a lot of malices people have. I’m easy tricked, easy fooled and I’m often inclined to trusting people. A white should. Flawed, but pure as snow. And for that, Snow. And Scarlet got her name because she’s incredibly headstrong, impulsive and you swear you can feel the heat when she’s angry. Scarlet Fire.

            Vera… Shade… Owner never said why she’s named Shade. Nor did she. She’s the most reserved of all of us, and is given to spending time alone, and I think when she opens for me I’ll be truly part of the family, something that hasn’t happened yet. She also loves to write, which makes her studio off-limits when she puts that small sign saying “Knock at you own Risk”. Owner is the only one who does so, even Claire learned to keep away. And Claire is the kind of person who gets anywhere she bloody wants, and that’s why I am whipping snot from my notebook screen and packing my pencils and notepads and notebook to take with me, and a small snapshot camera. There’s no way to discuss with Claire when she’s like this.

            She finishes packing what she decides I’ll need, and turn to me. “Ready little sister? Time to take you home.”

            Yeah, right… home… I don’t live there, but she always refers to it as if I already did. I guess she never realizes how much it hurts me when she acts like this.

            “Sorry, I know how you feel,” she says “but it is home, for our whole family. And we won’t have you alone here when you need us. Besides, it’s much easier for me to take care of you while you’re there, than having to stay here, that place will fall into pieces if I let Owner and Vera get into my kitchen”.

            I burst into a laughter I cannot avoid. I love Claire, she truly feels like my sister, when she’s around, it’s like a missing piece of my soul gets into place. Her kitchen. She has no doubt about it. And I love cooking, but Claire turns it into an art, like everything she does. She never goes halfway in anything, it’s all or nothing. I remember once I tried making us all burgers. The place was a mess when I was done, like the stove here is a mess most times. I take very good care not to dislodge the whole civilizations of fungi that grows in some hidden spots.

            Claire was not happy at all, and got me to clean it all up, but first she put me into TE with Gasmask and a very nice bottle of air, plugged me hard, and kept behind me holding the pump to my plug and dildo, nonchalantly sitting on a chair, while I cleaned her bloody stove to perfection. When I complained, all I got was a butterfly gag and inflatable mittens. Don’t ask me how I managed. It was hell. And those mittens were ruined. She gave them to me as gifts, I have them somewhere. At some point I wanted to joke about having it framed and hang in the wall with a sign saying “Reminder I should never ever mess Scarlet’s kitchen… EVER”, but if I even joke about it, I’m sure she would do it for me. AND place it on the wall facing my bed too.

            And if you think I had fun, stop there, I had orgasms… several of them… and really hard cracks of that crop across my ass, that did hurt despite the thin rubber every time something fell to the floor. And with the mittens, it did happen. Trust me… it did happen. At least I learned never to cross Scarlet. Owner walked into the kitchen to get a glass of wine, got a laugh and asked me if she was putting me into my paces. I gave that pleading look of the puppy who took a crapper in the middle of the living room, but all I got was “Scarlet is senior and this is for your own good. You be grateful she’s taking time to make you better.” and went up to the office to look into some paperwork from clients while I felt the plug get way bigger way fast and took the hint.

            “Zorry zister… I’m in a downzy mood…”

            “It’s ok little one… you want me to carry you to the car?”. I just pout and nod. I give it to Claire, she’s fit and way stronger than you’d figure a girl her size would be. She just leans down and picks me up in her lap with a minor “humph” while I hold the small backpack with my things and she carries me off the door into the elevator. Yeah, I didn’t need that, but it felt good, and I like being pampered and I’m sick. And Claire is loving enough to know that. Feels good to have a family. But it’s also good to have a nice reminder Scarlet is still human, as she’s puffing by the time we get to the car. After all, I’m not as small as I’d like to be. I lean forward and kiss her.

            “Love you little one… now let’s get you home”, she says as she closes the door and walks to the driver seat. And that’s my big sister, mean when she has to, and loving when  we need to. She can burn to punish or become incredibly warm when it’s a cold night. Owner couldn’t have gotten her a better name.

            I keep myself wrapped in the cozy blanket all the way home. The Home, the family house, is a big place outside of town. It’s not exactly rural area, more like the suburbs if you had bigger lots and more privacy. Yes, you drive some more and you actually live the city limits, but it’s been very long since they had farms and horses and stuff around here. Now it’s a bunch of families who lacked to be in touch with nature while still being on a driving distance from the city. Both Owner and Shade work downtown and drive there everyday. I’d join in the family wagon if I were living here, as I also work downtown. Scarlet on the other hand, runs her business from home. She has a catering business and also,  has a small online shop for rubber items and keep a community site. How she accomplishes all that alone, is beyond me, but she does.

            We get past the front gate and she parks the car in the driveway a while later. Auguste, a stray cat she adopted years ago, comes and starts rubbing himself on me.

            “Hey Auguste!”. I say while leaning down to rub his shiny fur. This is weird, Auguste is never this huggy touchy, he’s a tomcat that comes and goes as he pleases and only gets this purry with Scarlet. I guess it’s his way of saying “I know you’re sick, enjoy while you can”. Can’t help that putting a smile on my face, as I leave the car and take a deep breath of the clean air of the woods that surround the house.

            “Come inside, I’ll be cooking us a nice soup!”, Claire says as she leaves the car and picks the bag in the backseat, and comes to aid me on to stumbling towards the front door.  I wish I wasn’t sick, Claire’s garden always smells so good. There’s always roses and flowers and nice smelling herbs and organic stuff growing, always, everyday. She helps me get to the big rubber sofa in the living room, gets me a nice rubber pillow, and finally roams into HER kitchen to put a kettle to boil. Auguste roams in and goes straight for the kitchen, knowing today is cooking day and he’s gonna get some scraps if he behaves.

            “You have your belt on?” she shouts from the kitchen. I mumble a yes, but she doesn’t hear. Her head pops out of the door and she asks again. I just nod and she disappears again. “I phoned Owner and was instructed to remove it. You’ll be down to comfy things until you get better, and I will make sure you’ll get better, do you hear it missy?”. I just nod. She comes with a key.

            “Do you have to remove it now? It’z cozy in here…” I say, grabbing the blanket and wrapping myself in my comfy pink cotton cocoon. She just nods and I toss it aside a bit and lower my pants, exposing the nice shiny metal belt around my waist and between my legs. She takes the key and unlocks it, removing the belt and going away faster than someone should move on 5” heels, into the laundry with it.

            “You’re awfully wet down there for someone so sick…”, she says while going into her kitchen, with a wicked smirk on her face.

            “It’z the rubber in here… I’m always wet when I’m home”. I reply, trying not to sneeze… but yeah, the sound and feel of the pillow and sofa do get to me. “I’m sick sister, not dead”. I wish I could smell something tho.

            “Hmmm… maybe I should think on something to keep you comfy and cozy and warm… shouldn’t I?”, she says, popping her head from inside the kitchen, followed by a vicious smile that I know better not to trifle with if I want to avoid being educated in things I know too well yet again. Scarlet is our big sister, both me and Shade have to obey her. She’s the heart and soul of the whole family, and keeps us together… headstrong and caring as she is. Shade is older in the family, smarter and reserved and doesn’t get into as much trouble as I do. But I always have to say something smart, and I should know better Scarlet always has the final word. Not today, am too sick to be the smart ass. All I manage is a very sick mumble and go for the bag, not finding it anywhere. “Oh, your bag is in my bedroom, you sleep with me tonight. That way I can keep an eye on you.”, she says, before sitting on my side with a mug of some strong smelling tea she made from her herbs.

            “But my notebook… I told my boss that…” and she places a finger in my lips, shooshing me.

            “I’ll call your boss and tell him you’re too sick to be working from home. And I’ll get you back to work in a day or two faster if you don’t strain yourself doing stuff other people can do too.”

            I would complain, but she’s my big sister and I’m too sick to debate. I just nod, and she picks my phone and goes into my address book, finding the one of my work and phoning in sick for me. Some people there think Scarlet is my girlfriend. She has lunch with us when she’s in town. She stops by the office with snacks and kisses and plays with my hair uncaring about anyone there. And in seconds, got friends with everyone. She even knows everyone by the name! She says she has to keep an eye on me when she has the chance. I love when she does that, but she’s always in rubber, which, even if tasteful, make people remark about it afterward.

            Anyway, I heard compliments from one of the guys at work that I have a very hot girlfriend, and I guess that’s the talk there, so, nobody finds odd when she calls. You know, she’s so much open and honest and herself about it all, nobody seems to care. She can get away with stuff I know I can’t. I bet if she got a job in town, she’d be in rubber everyday, all days, and people would not notice. It would be as natural as anything else. She makes it natural. It’s such a distortion of reality, you’d be amazed.

            Seriously, she even got one of the secretaries to attend a much, because Scarlet is so natural about everything Scarlet is, that the girl asked if they could have a private chat… and opened up about being kinky and curious. And Scarlet is not one to turn down anyone asking for guidance. And now this girl is being mentored by my big sister. Yes, she now knows I’m Owner’s slavegirl and Scarlet’s sister. And now she gossips with me about the hot people she finds in parties, and asks me stuff about the lifestyle, that make me want to blush and hide under a rock. Remember, I’m SNOW. At least Owner never played me in front of her ( or not that I have noticed ) because I think I would have a really hard time getting back in the office and seeing her smile. But that’s Scarlet. She always puts the best of her out, and people love her for it. Trust me, wouldn’t work for anyone else, I guess shouldn’t work for her, but does because she doesn’t care if it does or not.

            And she notices I’m stalling to take the tea. She gives me her big sister stern look that she’s too busy to spend time here making me drink this tea, but I should if I know better… and I start in small sips.

            “HOLY FUCK! What’s in this?”, I ask. It’s so bitter it’s hard to swallow. I’d rather swallow her pee than this. She knows that for a fact.

            “Herbs. Honey. Good stuff. Drink it and don’t let it get cold”. She leans forward and kisses my sweaty forehead and gets up and heads back into the kitchen… I can see she’s gonna start her day.

            “But it’s so bitter… can’t you just put some sugar?”

            “A teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down? Sorry little one, but it would oxidize the good things I want in you. Think of it as medicine. Now I go into the kitchen because I have a dinner to organize tonight, and Thalia will be here soon to help. But I’ll make some dinner for Owner and Vera, and will leave some soup for you. And more tea. Watch some telly and rest, ok? Love you”. She gives me the most tender kiss and off she goes.

            A while later her partner, Thalia, arrives on the backdoor, with a load of boxes. I peek her with the corner of my eye into the far end of the kitchen ( the house is laid so the kitchen and living room become one big thing, Claire made it a strong point on getting this house I think, and spend a lot of the family savings in renewing it into something most chefs would dream on having ). Thalia greets Claire, they talk a bit, and she comes and kisses me on the forehead.
            “Wow, you’re hot! How are you hanging?”

            “Like cap…” I reply, after a big sneeze. “Nothing on TV, and Claire won’t let me get my notebook. Or draw. Or anything but sit here and sweat it out.”

            “Well, you should know better than to cross your big sister. Do as she says and you’ll be up in no time. I gotta help her now, but I hope you get better.”, she says before she leans forward and kisses me again. I’m getting tired of these forehead kisses. She goes back into the kitchen and I can overhear their conversations and laughs and jokes while they work.

            I love my sister. Claire had some hard moments in her past, everyone says. Before Owner, before us. She deserves all the good things coming to her now. And she’s a great cook. The best I have ever met. She was offered a restaurant of her own many times, but she usually kindly turns the offer down. Privately, she says the family is her number one concern, and to have a restaurant the way she wants, is a fulltime commitment, and she already has one with us. Catering allows her to cook her food, have her fun, and say no when she wants to. Work from home, sleep over when she feels like it, and cook her amazing food when she feels like it. She met Thalia in a munch at a friend’s home. She’s slavegirl to a Mistress who is Owner’s friend, and soon they became almost part of the family. Our extended family perhaps. She feels like a loved cousin. Thalia is also a killer cook, and they became impossible to tell apart ever since. I used to think I was a foodie before I met those two.

            I move around, the TV program is horrible. I hear the squeaky sound of rubber again. Oh, I love this sofa. All the furniture in the house is rubber coated, but this sofa is not only red rubber, but also, so comfortable. The kind you don’t know if you doze off in, or get so horny you can’t sleep. I look over my shoulder, and Claire and Thalia are busy with their things and I undress quietly under the blankets and start playing with myself, feeling the redness of the sofa touch my skin. It’s so good, and I’m so wet… and sick, but far from dead.

            I catch myself biting my lower lip, my hands moving under the blanket while I just let it all sink in and drive myself to an orgasm, when Claire pops around to pick my mug of tea.

            “You haven’t finished your tea, little one” she said, as her palm goes to my forehead. She looks down and sees the leg of my pijama crawling from under the blanket, and smiles. “Feeling peckish, aren’t we?”

            I blush. I shouldn’t blush, she’s my sister, she’s seen me naked, and worst than naked. I know her taste just like she knows mine. But there’s something about starting to play with myself alone, that makes me embarrassed I’m caught midway. And yeah, Scarlet never minds on breaking down my barriers and exposing me to the world. That’s my sister, never ashamed of anything. She’ll wear her rights and wrongs to the grave.

            “Maybe little sister… we should get you properly suited up to sweat it off, huh?”, she said. I only blushed. She sat by my side, and I felt just so comfortable, while her hand went under the blanket and started playing with me, while she leaned into my ear and said “There’s no way of fighting who you are… you feel sick and I’ll help you feel better… just enjoy yourself while I work… but let me help you really make the best of it”. She kissed me and stood up. “Thalia, you take care of things for a while heh? I’m going to help little Snow here with something”, she said before going upstairs. She returned a while later, with a broad smile and a transparent rubber sleepsack, and some gloves. She unzipped the sack opened and said “You want me to shove you in or you’re gonna get up your sick ass and at least help me here?”.

            I smile, nod, and get up… and she helps me get the gloves on… and then, step inside. This sack encloses all of me, and she zips me up to my chin, and helps my hands out through some hole on the sides, and back into the sofa. Then, she picks my pink blanket and tosses over me. I look wide eyed to her, but she only says “All more reason for you to drink your tea, don’t you agree? Call me when you need to go to the little girl’s room”, and with a kiss to my forehead, telling me she’s sorry she’s busy tonight, and then she goes back into the kitchen. Thalia was smiling her ass off as I can hear they talking about how cute I am when I bush about being horny.

            What puts me off is how natural Claire looks at it all. For her, putting me in this sack for me to play with myself while enclosed in rubber because I feel sick is natural as breathing. And Thalia agrees, they’re really best friends, no doubt about it.

            But I still find this whole naturally towards lust very puzzling. I mean, it’s all new to me. I was raised to feel shame and guilty, so I’m always puzzled when they’re so natural about it, no shame, no guilt. You’d be awed too if you saw Claire take a client call while masturbating in the office chair. Her voice casual and normal, and her pussy taking in her fingers. So casual and normal as if she was playing with her hair, or drumming a pen on the table. She constantly says I have a lot to learn from her. Owner says even Shade does. She is just so well adjusted with her sexuality, it does put anyone off. Except maybe for Thalia, who is used to it I guess, and Owner.

            And funny, contrary to the suspicions and gossips that roam the local scene, Thalia and Claire never played. Never ever. They see each other naked, our families get together at play often, and got used to sniffing each other’s pussy juices as often as they smell their cooking. And still, I never saw them even kiss in anything but a friendly way. It’s funny to see two self contained sexual batteries, ready to unleash on someone else, when the time is right, but are really just friends. I’d even say they aren’t even curious about it. I think that’s what aggravates many people who don’t have it and start the gossips. Which makes me constantly review a lot of pre conceptions I had before joining this family, and thank the heavens at how lucky I am every day that Owner took me in. No lies, no cheats, no egos, no selfishness, just plain truth and honesty, love and lust. That’s how Owner defines why we succeed when so many fail. Owner says when I achieve that, I’ll earn my true collar.

            And Claire is a very vicious slut. She knows it, as she put me dressed as this, knowing what would happen. Her sisterly love is a training all in itself. I barely noticed I was playing with myself while thinking about life, as I am playing now… so close to orgasm, and still… thinking about serious stuff and feeling sick. But the serious thinking stop when I come closer and closer to an orgasm… and I scream in lust and pleasure from the sofa… followed by caughing so hard Claire comes by to check on me, and just when I start to feel like dozing off, she takes her hand off my forehead and kisses me in the most sisterly way… whispering in my ears she’s very proud of me and now I should sleep a bit.



            I wake up with the sound of the front door opening. Owner and Shade walk in and see me in the sofa, while Scarlet is there greeting them and picking Owner’s suitcase. They walk to me while Scarlet goes into the studio, and then out into the kitchen again. Vera and Owner sit by my side on the sofa, dislodging a very grumpy Auguste who I think curled up by me, and Vera puts the palm of her hand in my forehead.

            “She’s still feverish… maybe we should take her for a doctor”, Shade says.

            “I’m happy your sister brought you home, Snow… how are you feeling?”, Owner asks.

            “Like crap… “, I mumble, trying to wake up. I try to sit up, but Shade insists on me laying down, and her hand goes into the blanket, opening the zipper.

            “Scarlet is crazy, you’re gonna boil being that feverish inside a sleeping bag and under a blanket… it’s cold, but not THAT cold…”, She says, with real worry in her voice while firing accusatory looks toward the kitchen.

            “It’s ok, she wanted me to sweat it out…”, I mumble.

            “She was missing some rubbery fun to feel better, and I only felt this would help. And makes her drink much tea. Besides, she was already wrapped like a mummy in that pink thing she loves. I’m not crazy, you know!”, Scarlet’s voice comes from the kitchen. We all break into laughter. 

            “Ok little one, if you’re feeling comfortable, you stay like that, but don’t strain yourself.. you’re home now, and we want you well”, Owner said, before kissing me hard and deep, and then getting up and going upstairs for a long shower. Shade stayed there with me, caressing my hair, as I placed my head on her lap.

            She leaned toward my ear and whispered in something meant only for us to know “I worry sick about you, you should know that. You’re my little sister, I love you” she added, ending with a kiss on my forehead. I could feel the lipstick mark sticking, Shade always wear ruby red lipstick, always. I wonder what would happen if that color stopped being made. It’s her trademark, and when she kisses, she always leaves a mark. She once said it’s her way of branding those she love.

            “Shouldn’t you go take a shower and rest a bit? You were working all day…” I say, but she smiles a tender smile I never saw on her face.

            “Scarlet has work tonight, Owner has some things to look over, and you’re sick. Someone gotta watch over you, little one.”

            And while Scarlet was finishing packing the stuff for tonight’s dinner, and would soon go for a shower and get into her Chef’s garment, her only concession of cotton in her whole life, and Owner would get busy looking over some contracts and paperwork, Shade didn’t shower or undress… and just took care of me in such a loving way I never expected of her. She’s younger than me, but still I do feel like the younger sister here.

            Later on, Scarlet came over and left some instructions on what I should eat, and what I should drink, and when to take my temperature, which Shade dismissed because she knows how to take care of someone with a cold. And then, Scarlet said goodnight to Owner, and us, and left with Thalia for the dinner. Owner came down eventually, later on the night, had dinner with us, Scarlet’s delicious soup with yogurt, and we watched some movie together.

            I woke up when they were taking my naked body to Scarlet’s bed. I wonder how far down the night this is. I look up to the three loving shapes around the bed and say I love them. “We love you too, little one”, Owner says, and gives me a deep loving kiss, before kissing Scarlet and Shade and leaving the room. Shade and Scarlet sat in the bed, one on each side of me, in their sleeptime catsuits and hug me, pulling a blanket over our bodies.

            “You don’t have to sleep with me”, I mumble, feeling like a child.

            “Oh, but it wouldn’t be fair, would it? We’re sisters, we look after each other… sweet dreams, Snow”. Shade kisses me, embraces me with her rubbery body and turns off the lights. I feel Scarlet whispering goodnight to both of us, and hugs me, I feel her rubbery body against my back, while her hands go for Shade. Later down the night, I could swear I woke up and saw Owner standing on the doorway, with a hot mug of coffee, smiling down on us, before going back to burn some midnight oil.

            All I know is that I slept better than I had in a long time, protected and loved. This is my family, odd, kinky and crazy as they may be. Love being the glue that holds us together. Such an intense and true love, it makes me feel safe enough just to be myself.

            We’re true sisters, the three of us, bound by love, not by birth.

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