CLICK – Parts 1, 2 and 3


The story you’re about to read is a work of fiction, delving in the themes of bdsm, powerplay, discipline, fetish, in a horror and or fantasy setting that does not represent the real world; including body horror, loss of control, corruption, infection, mind and body transformation, mad science or scientists, science as magic and/or fringe sexual desires. They do not reflect a desire to see similar events outside of the scope of fiction written for sexual pleasure and exploration of a fantasy element.

This is a work of fiction with explicit sexual content and language, intended for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. All the names, not restricted to, but including, characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All sexually active characters are 18 years of age or older.

Do not proceed if these subjects are either illegal in your country of origin, or might cause you shock or discomfort.

CLICK – Part 1: Opening

“Don’t just be a good sissy! Be a Perfect Sissy! The NEW EXCLUSIVE cage design of the VIOLET™ 2.0 ensures permalocking capacity, remote controlled by your dominant, linked to fingerprint on their mobile phone. Each VIOLET™ 2.0 has a control chip with UNIQUE cryptographic capacity, ensuring it CANNOT BE HACKED or TRICKED OUT OF LOCK by clever horny gurls. Also, the rubber-like texture of the cage can be tunned by the app to dampen shocks and vibrations, making the usage of even the strongest toys against the clit, useless.

VIOLET™ 2.0 uses a unique and patent-pending generative evolutionary incremental locking system dependent on our patent-pending carbon nanotube structure, making it impossible for voluntary or involuntary escapes. Now matter how much of a magician your sissy believes to be, once you hear the CLICK, that clitty is locked FOR GOOD!”

He kept looking at the announcement. It was now on every site he visited looking for new horny stories. It was surely becoming popular, and many keyholders kept asking for this specific cage to play with. Of course, he fears the prospect of being locked up by others. Scared and deeply aroused. And the images of perfect gurly sissies locked in cage, perfectly feminized, added more and more to the unrealistic dream scenario. Rubbery, shiny pink and black sissies, begging for release, touching themselves, stroking the nub of the cage to no avail. One video on an X-tubster site shows a sissy trying to orgasm with a magic wand strong against her clit, just to find out almost an hour later, she is only getting horny but not enough for release. At one point, her fully feminized throat lets out a girlish yelp, as apparently her dominant was notified and sent out a warning squeeze on her sissy balls, all wrapped in the blackness of the cage.

HOW could it work? How something could be like this? His horny mind was still inquisitive and wondered about what he saw. How could it work like that? Were these sexy video gurls faking to sell a product and being paid to perform on camera by an advertiser? How could something solid like a cage squeeze? It was small, there was no room for a battery. It looked just like an open-ended rubber sheath. So many people vouched for this as magical, but he was afraid of making a purchase to receive just a thicker pair of rubber sheaths, and be disappointed. But how could so many people be in it? And why only sexy sissies, female looking ones, seem to be making photos and videos with this cage?

Arousal, just like alcohol, is a horrible shopping companion. Yet another sensual dominant refusing to play on camera, or even talk, without that cage firmly locked around his gurl-cock was enough to get the credit card out of the wallet while stroking his sorry clit in excitement. The site was enticing to say the least. Tons of shades of pink and black, with large well-polished images of sensually rubber wearing sissies, bending, fucking, sucking after the mandatory age of consent walls have been left behind. He browsed over the page, the specification, the brightly colored texts explaining the unique features of the device and its innovative NanoTEG power source, as well as the advantages of its carbon nanotube structure for making it impossible to cut or damage and yet thin and light… he ignored all of that and edged deliciously through each number of his credit card and security code, until the purchase was confirmed. Moans and begs of hornier sissies being fucked while locked blasted through his earphones, as he closed on an orgasmic explosion coating the floor of his home office in white, thick cum.

Instant guilt washed over his mind, and after cleaning the floor, he tried to cancel the pricey order, to no avail. The site had no purchase regret policies and was not based on his country. For all purposes, all he could do now was wait.

He walked home late that day. It has been a long day at the office, with extra work. Upon checking the mailboxes by the lobby, he was surprised to find a small brown packaged box with discrete VIOLET™ 2.0 written on the content’s description. His heart raced, and despite being tired and spent, he did not even care for making even a sandwich. Instead, the package was ripped open in seconds, showing a much sexier, high-end luxury box, with the actual black cage resting inside a cushion of pink velveted plastic, like a small jewel. Picking it up, it was ethereal and feathery in weight and build. There were no visible bulges where a battery or electronics would be. It really looked very much like a rubber sheath with a single pink gem encrusted on the ring where the lock would usually be.

Also, the usual USB cable dongle typical of other smart toys was nowhere to be found. The only remaining items inside the box were a very small, square shaped step by step sissy manual in pink, and a much thicker, book bound, black covered, silk textured also square shaped manual, called the “Owner’s Manual”.

He flipped over the pink one first, being mostly illustrations on how to put the cage on. It was indeed very simple; you press the pink gem until the open base ring of the “sheath” became pliable and opened slightly. A tiny vibration would be the sign it is ready to use. Then, you pull your forehead back, insert your “little clitty” as the manual put it, inside the tube portion of the sheath, then your balls into the sack of the cage, and tapped the pink gem twice. The sheath would shrink to size, and enter cage mode, waiting for an owner to take charge. To remove, IF UNLOCKED, you just tap the gem twice again and remove. The manual went on saying it did not require cleaning or shaving for the cage’s innovative carbon nanotube material would permanently work on “perfect prissydom” and keep the sissy smooth and clean at all times. But it stated the results of dead hear and skin cells would be conducted by the material to the surface of the sheath, creating a dust-like material that would require regular cleaning. Soap and water were recommended. A unique ID was printed on the last page, and that was the whole of the sissy manual.

He was already very horny seeing the little thing on its pink pillow, and picked it up, dropping his pants and boxer shorts, and without even washing or shaving, he did as instructed and felt the rubbery texture smooth over his already wet, hardening clit. He wondered if being hard was an issue, but the sheath seemed to grow to accommodate. He tapped the gem twice, and a sudden pressure grasped the very base of his cock, with a gentle discomfort that felt like a cock ring. A small vibration took place around his balls. Looking down showed him nothing, with his tie and work clothes still on. He stripped naked and went into his bedroom to check on the full length mirror by his wardrobe. The sheath was actively wrapping like vacuum around his cock and balls, pulling his balls apart in individual pouches. It was very snug and started feeling much thicker than it actually was. He almost creamed himself from the restrictive pleasure, and went online, looking for a play partner.

On the usual forums and chatrooms, it was not hard to find one. She felt like a money dom, which is usually a red flag, but she was willing, interested, and more importantly than not, he was that horny. Looking down, caressing his cock, he didn’t even care how it just felt like the most expensive, high tech cock sheath he ever had. It was a deeply erotic experience, having his cock this enclosed, this hard, this horny and needy for cumming. She asked him for the unique ID on his sissy manual. He went fast to pick it. For a second, he did stop to consider the risks of handing this ID to a complete stranger.


CLICK – Part 2: The Owner’s Manual

When we last saw your hero, he was lost in lust chatting on a BDSM chatroom to a complete stranger, a dominant woman who was pushing all his buttons, asking for the ID on his VIOLET™ 2.0 cage. His little hardened oozing cock was harnessed inside the black shiny rubber-like cage. The only piece dissonant from the sea of blackness wrapping around his cock, was the pink gem, brightly shining under the room lights. The cage wrapped around his cock, like a vacuum sealed sheath, unmovable, unchangeable. Even his little testicles were properly wrapped, but held in a gentle grip, as if rings were placed on each ball, keeping them taunt and separate, wrapped tightly, a tightness that added to the sensation. Images of black and pink rubber sissies flooded his mind nonstop as the dominant seduced her way into getting the ID.

“_I know you want it, you should just be a good gurl, and give me your ID so I can make your night all the more special.”

“_Yes Mistress,” the sissy would respond on the chat “but how do I know you will unlock me after we finish play?”

“_ Oh, this is very simple, I will never unlock you. All I can promise for you is the pleasure of permanently being aroused for me. By me. As a real sissy.”

“_ That does sound so sexy… so hot…” and so extreme, a piece of his still functioning brain told him.

“_ So… give me the ID… this only works if you surrender… your clit locked… your pussy trained for business….”

“_ Yes… “he wrote caressing his hardened cock… he was unaware his hand should not be sliding over a simple rubber sheath with the easiness it is right now. Unknown to him, his precum is oozing through the pores of the cage, filling his nostrils with the scent of lust, as well as lubbing his cock as he goes. He tried several times to cum… but something was keeping him on a state of constant edge.

“_ Are you plugged, sissy?” the dominant asked.

“_ N-no Mistress… I just got home, the need to cage was overwhelming, I just needed to feel it…”.

“_ That is a good gurl, but you need to be plugged to feel pleasure. Go, plug yourself with the largest plug you can insert. I’ll wait.”

He stood up and raced to his bedroom, leaving his laptop on the sofa. His nervous fingers opened the special drawer and pulled out a big shiny metal plug with also a fake pink gem at its base, and with some care and lube, went inside. He felt he was dirty, but did not care, he needed to be full… he needed to obey. A part of his rational brain told him this was moving too fast, the testimonies on the cage were of impossible removal. And weird enough, impossible but no complaints of abuse, common to such toys. The rational side of the brain was told to shoosh as he walked back to the sofa, plug tight in pussy, and leaking precum from the unopened tip of the cage. The rational side of his mind tried to stop the body and see how it could be happening without a single slit, but the bitch in heat needed to fuck. To be fucked. To serve. To obey.

“_I am back Mistress, and plugged.”

“_Good Gurl!! How does it feel? Move your asspussy muscles around the plug, describe the sensation to me in detail.”

“_ Ohhhh… it feels amazing… when I contract my muscles I can feel the plug against my sissy spot… it is a big solid steel plug, it feels heavy and strong… when I move my muscles it is pushed inside, like a solid rod… moving against all the right spots…. “ he said while caressing his forehead with a single index finger while moaning bitch-like on the sofa, unaware of the mess he was producing.

“_Hmmm…. Good… this is how a sissy should feel… now…I need your ID code to move to the next level….” She said on the chat window.

He did stop for a second. He pondered for the risk and said “fuck it… worst case I can just use a reset code”, and went over the box, picked the quick start manual, and started typing each letter of the code…. AZ7… 89X… 99ZA7…&&… and his eyes caught a note on the bottom of the manual, after an asterisk that was by the end of the code, as a warning to read the follow up text.

“WARNING: The cage once locked CANNOT be reset. IT CAN ONLY BE UNLOCKED BY THE OWNER – THE PERSON WHO LOCKED THE CAGE BY SOFTWARE. The Patent Pending Technology of the VIOLET™ 2.0 makes runaway sissies a thing of the past!”

He froze. The rational part of the brain felt smug, but still had to contend with a lust filled mind fed by a throbbing sissy cock wrapped in tight rubber and a lovingly moving steel plug.
“_ Sissy? I can see you are typing but nothing comes up… I need that ID… I promise it will be amazing…” the dominant said.

The sissy felt split, cock oozing precum down his legs… asspussy chewing on the plug… just 3 more letters and press enter and it would lock. The mind was rushing feverishly with images of fucking and sucking. Of impossible rubber futanari fucking in total rubber enclosure. Of serving cock and pussy. Of being showered in cum.


He mustered enough willpower to shut the lid of the notebook close… he tried to jerk himself off into cumming, but it was impossible. In sheer frustration… he double tapped the cage, felt it go lose around his cock, and removed it, just to find his cock instantly went flat, as well as his arousal. He felt immense frustration, as if he failed an orgasm, and was still needy to cum, but that was gone. He lay on the sofa, ignoring the heap of mess his asspussy just made from chewing on the plug. Without knowing, he was riding the plug as well as massaging it with his horny needy muscles, and now… sheath cage in hand and plug in ass… his mind was still feeling the punishment of the failed orgasm, but was starting to clear.



After a long shower and tidying up, he sat down on his office desk, Owner’s Manual at hand, and opened it. And started to read it, shocked by the prospect of what could have happened by surrendering the ID to an unknown dominant.

At first, the Owner’s Manual did not cover the cage itself, but the sissy. It was not an Owner’s Manual for the cage, or its properties, but for the sissy you own through complete control of the cage. It describes, slowly, features useful for training, the capacity of the nanostructure. The NanoTEG power source means simply, the cage draws its energy from surrounding heat, which is always positive, even if not being worn, as the energy from heat in the environment, even if minimal exists… but once locked, from the body heat of a sissy, as long as the sissy is alive and well, that heat is enough to power up all the functions of the cage. It was designed to be fully functional at normal body temperature, including but not limited to, reproduce its material from available carbon-based sources.

The cage once locked, bonds to the sissy and starts the process on linkage. It is a Harmless Process™ ( patent pending ) of fusing with the skin of the sissy, making the cage not only unremovable, but also connected to the neural tissue of the sissy. At first, it can fully control arousal, frustration, heat and be programmed in cycles. The Owner can then turn on features that will be incrementally built over time, such as neural integration. Over time, the cage could in fact, change the sissy’s outlook in life, through training, and reward based inductions. Or punishment based, depending on what is the goal of the Owner and the sissy’s acceptance of the cage’s role in her new life. The cage could fuse with clothing, as long as it is carbon based, such as but not limited to, latex rubber and leather, and not only replicate its outward look and feel, but expand to become a full body cage. Also, alter body chemistry, send messages to the sissy’s brain directly, replace what the sissy is seeing, forcefully throw the sissy into a haze state of input. That means, the sissy can be, at any moment, tuned out from where she is, and sink into her visual cortex feeding her brain directly with hypnosis or brainwashing. The same goes for hearing. This is limited due to the high energy required and afterwards, will need a dormant stage to recharge, meaning it needs at least 7 days from the time of locking to be available at the Owner’s Menu on the Owner’s App… to build up the neurolink needed for that… and at least 8h of recharge after each 1h use. The cage can do anything short of taking control of the body and moving it against the sissy’s will. Also, the cage had two start up modes… edge and limpdicksissy. The cage always went straight into edge mode. Orgasm is impossible, but arousal is permanent, the cock is kept hard, but no matter how much is done, nothing will ever bring an orgasm unless it is an anal one and the capacity for anal orgasm is unlocked by the owner. The limpdicksissy is engaged by the Owner under password, and can only be undone by the owner. The cage will shrink, and gain the qualities of a steel cage. No sense of touch will ever take place, no arousal from the cock can happen. Anal arousal will be increased constantly, and anal orgasm can be unlocked by the Owner, but the cock is for all facts, dead. Then, the Owner can select a shrinkage program, with the final stage being flat.

It brought a chill down his spine. He tried to get up from the desk in shock… unsure to believe if what he read was real or just science fiction. He was now fully aware of what letting anyone lock that cage could have as a repercussion, if this is real. But edge mode seemed real enough. He got up and went to the living room.

Picking up the unwashed cage from the living room floor, brought a rush of arousal and need through his body, almost as if touching it sparked a need. His cock stirred in his underpants… he wanted to put it on and experience that again. The wrapping of his balls, as if each had its own ring around its base. The rubber sheath around his cock… edging forever. He shook his head and washed it, even if it was absurdly clean as if no precum ever touched it, and after drying… fighting the arousal from just touching it, he tossed it on his toys drawer and went to sleep.


His dreams were filled with images of arousal and need. Of rubber dominatrixes and masters, fucking, sucking, being held in tight bondage, of gasmasks…. Of feverish need to be under control. He woke up in the middle of the night and opened the drawer. He looked at the cage, his cock, hard and need… and considered putting it on again. He closed the drawer and lay back in bed, hoping for the morning to come soon.


CLICK – Part 3: Hunger

The last time we saw our sissy hero, he tossed away his very own VIOLET™ 2.0 cage into his most forgotten drawer, dark and under a pile of clothes, after being scared by the Owner’s Manual into no longer wanting to try it on, ever again. But, he tossed it away… instead of throwing it away. Because even if his rational mind told him in every single way, he would be in danger for daring to play with the toy again and better be safe than sorry, his mind was still a sissy’s mind, and as such, constantly horny and needy for surrender and control. Something the scared sissy in his very early stages of embracing his true nature, still struggled with and was still unable to fully accept and embrace.

But ignored, muffled, in profound denial, is of course, not the same as inexistant. The sissy at night would come out of the denial locks in very vivid dreams. Horny sweaty rubber dreams. Needy, delicious, cock filled rubber dreams. Dreams the sissy would wake up from horny, hard, and with vivid imagery inside his sissy head that could not be shaken away. Scared of how much he craved. After the short experiment with the cage, such a sexy cage, such a deliciously textured cage, the dreams only got more and more intense… more vivid… more submissive… more rubbery. The dominants became more predominantly male. Masters. Daddies. And the environment more black and pink and shiny and polished rubber. Everything smelled of rubber. He always woke up to wank to an unsatisfied orgasm with milder and milder pleasure each time.

The first of such nights, he came… making a mess… and after a shower, went back to bed to find out his dreams seemed to have continued from where they had stopped. He was inside a small bare concrete room, locked behind a rubber padded door, made from what seemed to be some form of metal, heavy, unwielding. The sissy could not look away for in fact, she was strapped to a gynecological chair, legs open, ass exposed, opera length latex gloves wrapped over her white silk skin, in shiny pink all over ending in a black band of thicker black rubber. Similar colored stockings were on the HER legs. The black shiny cage with a sparkling bright, lit, pink gem, was wrapped around HER sissycock. SHE… she woke up, sweaty, still hard, still horny. She tried… she… SHE? HE! HE! His female self-image scared him but the raging hard on would not go away… precum had already stained his boxer underpants. He could not help himself and came a second time to vigorous wanking against the silk of the red boxer shorts… wet, precum stained silk sliding over his cock… the smell of precum and the foaming of the material against his fingers… sticky… so disgustingly sticky… so deliciously sticky… such a manly smell that aroused him so much… he kept stroking, rubbing, moaning in heat until exploding again inside the shorts… the lust subsided for long enough for the shock to set in.

HE, he was very sure he was a HE, and kept repeating HE HE HE in his mind for the feeling of safety and comfort on repetition, went for another shower, cleaning again his flacid cock and throwing the sticky foamy, white stained boxers on the washing bin, before returning once more to bed. Going through his special drawer, selecting a pair of silky pink panties, with white lace accents and small bows all over, he wears them not to return naked to bed. Something HE surely did, without thinking about why.

He was immensely tired, and his mind did not take long to wander… back to the dungeon, and the blinking pink light of the Gem, moaning in pleasure, his hard sissycock trapped in the cock shaped, but apparently solid, cage. The sissy’s mind did not have time to wander before Master came inside. Master, that was His name. There was no doubt on the sissy’s mind about who He was and how she should see him. Her lust started to build upon noticing the large bulge, hardening and growing upon seeing the bound sissy, under the thickness of a very thick black rubber catsuit and apron. His thick black industrial rubber gloves, very lose around his already gloved hands, caressed the sissy’s inner thighs. The breathing behind the M-10 gasmask felt very masculine and aroused. The sissy’s mind started wandering, but she noticed her mouth was trapped and filled by an inflatable butterfly gag, puffing her lips and cheeks out painfully into comical proportions. The Master was smiling under the sensual image of the gasmask, SHE was sure. He silently moved to another bulb, hanging from the sissy’s asspussy, pumping it once more… once more… the sissy moaned inside HER gagged mouth… Master kept inflating HER pussy to the limit, making a small bead of precum form on the very tip of her caged sissycock… moaning as it inflated… until He rapidly deflated and pumped it back to full. Deflated and back to FULL. DEFLATED and VERY FAST, BACK TO FULL. Each cycle bringing the sissy closer and closer and closer to a prostate needing to explode from a very anal and sissified sissygasm.

“_My my… my little sissy seems very eager to be fucked… aren’t you, little one?” a strong, dominant, alpha but loving and tender voice came from behind the gasmask. If possible, little hearts would be visible inside the sissy’s eyes, because it was the voice of Master, and sissy loved her Daddy Master.

Unable to speak, the sissy nodded slightly, as much as the straps holding HER to the rubberized padding of the gynecological chair allowed. The single dangling overhead light, bright on HER eyes, dazed her ability to look Master in full, but she was shredding HERSELF in need and desire.

Master smiled once more under His gasmask, SHE was sure… and resumed, with a stronger, rougher, more decisive pace the cycles of fast inflation and deflating, of FULL and EMPTY, FULL and EMPTY… FULLER and the sensation of emptiness would be even stronger and more devastating…. FULLLEEERRRRR…. Once more She wakes up. SHE? HE! HE….IS COCK was hard again, oozing precum, leaving a large stain on the pink panties. Hands on cock… hands automatically on cock… wanking… wanking… wanking on edge for a long time, needing… needy… the foaming of the immense quantity of precum eases the role of lube, but something is missing…. “Fucking was so good… being filled was so good…” was in his mind, and in what he called internally just experimenting… like he always does when needing anal, he want to THAT SPECIAL drawer, picking up his 8” realistic dildo, lube, and started slowly… then not so slowly… to fuck her….HIS HIS HIS asspussy harder and faster while gingerly caressing the tip of his much hardered and painfully tense cock, just the small skin of his forehead under his big pink gland, through the wet foamy pinkness of his panties. He moaned loudly, taking longer and longer to cum, longer than expected, even with anal, but it was so good and intense… she was… HE WAS sure he would now cum so hard sleep would be sound and solid. But that orgasm did not come so easily… at some point he let go of his cock… HIS cock… he was sure it was HIS cock… and shoved all her energy on his asspussy… moaning… ass high in the air, fucking, while dry humping a pillow… perfect… that’s it… so close… SO CLOSE… HARDER… she came with furious screams of unashamed pleasure, exploding inside the panties… and barely being able to remove the dildo from her asspussy… uncaring of the mess… uncaring of the slide trail of cum and lube coming from the slit of her pink panties for assfucking… and collapse instantly, smiling… uncaring for cleaning… before dozing off, she could only think about next time wearing rubber panties for bed.
“_ Welcome back my little sissy… seems you made a mess of yourself… should we continue?” Master said, quite pleased with the amounts of cum coating the naked belly of the horny sissy, a privilege that would from now on become rarer and rarer, until the sissy learned to crave for earning the privilege of cumming from Master’s attentions.


The week went on with the sissy’s sex drive working in full overload. Going to work, she would catch herself looking at male crotches and daydreaming of rubber fucking. At work, she checked her cell phone to keep on sexy horny chats on chat apps and engaging with a few dominant rubber daddies, always making sure they lived a bit far away so she was safe from her home and distance.

She would daydream of Master, the one from her dreams. The faceless strong Master, wrapped in rubber. Her shecock would harden and throw beads of precum. She started wearing the rubber panties she had to work, because even if she loved the smell of dirty precum stained panties, it was starting to draw attention from her coworkers. And passersby. She would get home, undress for her rubber panties and sometimes a catsuit, and come online and wank wank wank, talking to several dominants each night. Cumming unsatisfying, tasteless, void cums. And then go to bed, each time in more and more rubber, for Daddy. And be fucked all night long, sleeping or awaken, the new 9” black rubber dildo being her new lover and companion. Each night would be more and more exhaustive and little by little, she would stop correcting her own gender image and be less scared. And more tired over the day when not thinking of sex. Thinking of rubber fucking, delicious rubber fucking, was becoming norm… seeing people and thinking they are in rubber, fucking her. Seeing guys and thinking of them in rubber and sucking. The part of her brain which was scared of this, was slowly becoming drunk on the lust of needing and the unyielding reality that only fucking with Daddy at her dreams, brought her true release. So, the lustful drunkenness was now a near-permanent reality.


And then it is a Friday night. And she could have the whole weekend locked in for herself. She shaved her body completely, put on makeup, and her sexy pink rubber dress, much like a Victorian maid dress, long and heavy, with pink rubber panties with strategically placed zippers, and 4” heeled boots, with 1” platform making it an effective 3” training curve, black, laced over her pink latex stockinged legs. Pink elbow long pink rubber gloves, disappearing into the ballooning sleeves of the maid outfit, completed the look. All she needed was a rubber hood, but each step to their moment. She was read to come online… the dildo was ready, playing with stranger daddies would be the warmup for the event. She even set up her webcam this time.

Until an idea flashed in her mind, to try the cage again. She could lock it, and set herself up as the owner on the app, and have both the enjoyment of being locked and the risk free reality of being her own cage Owner. She smiled and proceeded to her evil brilliant plan.
Upon picking up the cage from the drawer, it felt alive. Still wet and shiny and perfect and the pink gem sparkled just like in her dreams. She opened the zipper in her panties, and sitting on her chair, she parted her legs and with ease, slid her shecock in. A short double tap on the gem made it shrink and close around her cock… the familiar delicious sensation of each ball being wrapped in its own sack and taunted while being pulled apart as her cock started hardening inside the rubber sheath… the gem pulsated with brilliance.

Hands shaking with drunken arousal… she installed the Owner’s app… opened the control portion… tapped in her own code… and locked… CLICK…. the flush of sensations from her shecock made her almost faint… her vision became blurry, she was so horny… her cock felt like being squeezed hard… she tried to stroke but from the outside, it felt like stroking an unfeeling stone cock from a statue… no sensation… solid hard, like steel… her balls felt trapped in steel containers, taunted and kept away from any sensation… any similarities with rubber were gone, it looked and touched to the hands like rubber, but acted like the strongest solid steel cage… She panicked and went back to the app to unlock, but the app was now filled with images from cocks, rubber cocks, horny images… the text was impossible to read… words without meaning… she could no longer read the app… she dropped the phone and let out a frustrated moan of arousal.

“_Since you cannot do anything about it, better go online and have some fun!” her horny drunken mind screamed in horny aroused frustration. She sat on the computer to seek out the first daddy of the night, while the cell phone sat on the floor, close to her bed, the unlock button on the screen, clearly visible to anyone… anyone but a locked sissy. Daddy waited for her in her dreams.


What happens now?

A – The sissy finds an online Daddy, she is so stupid and horny, she blabbers out about self locking and so not being able to give him control. She is so horny He lives close by. She gives Him her address… and He is able to come over and after fucking her in a hard rubber training sessions… unlocks the sissy from her phone, giving her a stern lesson on play safety… and asks if she wants Him to lock her instead.

B – The night dreams come, with the dream Daddy on the forefront… the sissy starts learning to live and be trained by her mind’s Daddy on the next week… in a mix of reality, dream, and insanity scenarios in which she finds the cage to be more than just a toy

C – After some long fucking sessions, both on camera and with the dream daddy… the sissy tries to unlock the phone, with no luck, and goes for the manual… opening it, she notices all words, texts, images are all scrambled or replaced by horny arousing images of sex, making her want to fuck more. In a moment of lucidity… she manages to call the help desk from a number found on google, since the website also seemed like a horny fuck site… and calls Help Desk for help


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