A teaspoon of sugar

I move around, the TV program is horrible. I hear the squeaky sound of rubber again. Oh, I love this sofa. All the furniture in the house is rubber coated, but this sofa is not only red rubber, but also, so comfortable. The kind you don’t know if you doze off in, or get so horny you can’t sleep. I look over my shoulder, and Claire and Thalia are busy with their things and I undress quietly under the blankets and start playing with myself, feeling the redness of the sofa touch my skin. It’s so good, and I’m so wet… and sick, but far from dead.”

A Very Long Night

“So, I’m here alone and horny, and my family is several miles away. And nothing happens. What a devious evil mind, to keep me on my toes. Possibly this thing won’t do anything tonight and will just unlock itself in the morning. At least I have to admit my Owner understands it was a full long day and I am about to fall asleep, horny as I am. I’m just so tired. I pick a book to read, and as usual, a few pages down the road I’m fast asleep. Asleep to dream of rubbery people caressing me. And this pleasure… it feels so real… so…. so real I wake up, open my eyes and sure as hell the toys came to life between my legs. I’m being stretched slowly, as they take devilish cycles of vibration and rest, vibration and rest, and the pump reaches it’s programmed size and stops.”