Objekt – Part 1

“The Mistress thinks about the years of constant training and abuse needed to take her prized object to the complete surrender it achieved now. Slowly altering the doll’s persona so that first, it would never be aroused unless in the presence of rubber. Then, it would need rubber against its skin to even be aroused. More training made sure the rubber would need to be nothing but total, complete enclosure, or the doll would not even be able to achieve an erection. That was followed by ever increasing levels of chastity, so that now the doll was under permanent, complete chastity, relying on its asspussy as her only single mean of achieving sexual pleasure. That was coupled with permanent anal plugging and corset training, to ensure the doll had enough width and depth to receive her owner’s full fist in.

The Slut Chip – Chapter 1

“Master is smiling in the control room, with Candy’s warm lips sucking his rubber covered cock. He would love to know what Fifi is thinking right now, how Fifi is feeling. Of course he could just erase her brain and override everything, but what’s the fun in that? No, Master wants Fifi’s body and mind to become her new training ground into a perfect cocksucking rubber sissy. So that someday, you could turn off the chip, and Fifi would be identical to the sissy doll in the chip, a complete programmed slut, shaped over the years and trained and indoctrinated every second of her life.

A teaspoon of sugar

I move around, the TV program is horrible. I hear the squeaky sound of rubber again. Oh, I love this sofa. All the furniture in the house is rubber coated, but this sofa is not only red rubber, but also, so comfortable. The kind you don’t know if you doze off in, or get so horny you can’t sleep. I look over my shoulder, and Claire and Thalia are busy with their things and I undress quietly under the blankets and start playing with myself, feeling the redness of the sofa touch my skin. It’s so good, and I’m so wet… and sick, but far from dead.”

A Very Long Night

“So, I’m here alone and horny, and my family is several miles away. And nothing happens. What a devious evil mind, to keep me on my toes. Possibly this thing won’t do anything tonight and will just unlock itself in the morning. At least I have to admit my Owner understands it was a full long day and I am about to fall asleep, horny as I am. I’m just so tired. I pick a book to read, and as usual, a few pages down the road I’m fast asleep. Asleep to dream of rubbery people caressing me. And this pleasure… it feels so real… so…. so real I wake up, open my eyes and sure as hell the toys came to life between my legs. I’m being stretched slowly, as they take devilish cycles of vibration and rest, vibration and rest, and the pump reaches it’s programmed size and stops.”

Rubber Sissy Panties – Part 3

“A pink faceless rubber creature walked out of the door, effortlessly walking in ballet heels. It was bald, and had a huge number 14 painted in white over it’s forehead, but as far as Clark could tell, the hood went smooth over it’s face, almost like the visor of a biker, and the only anatomical part to be seen, was an oversized red mouth, open with a tongue moving inside. It looked rubbery, had red and engorged lips, always open. Clark considered this could be part of the hood, but something way more bizarre should be going on, as he noticed the lips twitched. This poor wanton creature had it’s lips injected with silicone, to become huge cocksucking lips. 14 could moans, or say guttural sounds, but anything requiring usage of her lips was impossible. Not that 14 tried anymore. It’s teeth were removed and replaced by pink rubber ones, and it’s mouth, surgically altered never to close. The hood meets the flesh smoothly, to create the illusion of a single doll face. The tongue had 3 big ball piercings, to provide extra stimulation, and, not visible to Clark, 14’s mouth had been fitted with special paddings, to create the perfect fuck hole. On each side of 14’s head, Clark could see small handlebars, that Master could use to get a proper grip of the slut’s head while fucking it’s mouth. That mouth altered just for cocksucking and nothing more, and no sound came from the doll, except from the sound of a gasmasked breath.”

The Needle Part 2 : The Hive

“760 walked trough the night, avoiding running against people until it arrived on a deserted parking lot. There wasn’t much to it except it was deserted. People avoided it with the natural care flies avoid spider webs, or hares avoid wolf dens. It, because what used to be Michael from any analysis, and despite it’s past, is in no way to be labelled male or female. It’s a creature that exudes sex, and is intensely female in essence and form, but is in no way human. Male and Female are human concepts, concepts grounded strictly on the bounds of this planet, and what 760 became is nothing of the sort. It was now part of a Hive, created to serve it’s Queen.