Keeping up with my own desires and evollution, I have been more and more dedicated into the design of items revolving around a Rubber Lifestyle for myself, and to make it easier and more acceptable for people to embrace their lifestyle of choice freely and fully. My work as an architecture student is more and more turned towards the integration of all facts of life, kinky or not, into one single whole that is your life, through the design of lifestyle friendly kinky furniture and design items for the house, as well as full lifestyle oriented house projects. The first of such projects will start later this year, as a heavy rubber house design for a heavy rubber doll.

Along those lines, for over two years now I have been designing and making my own every rubber wardrobe. And receiving requests from friends and family for custom rubber items, and receiving the suggestion I should put an online store. And this year, the desire to bring this site back into life, and wondering how it is possible to both fund making new rubber, and fund the site, came to the answer maybe now my path in life is to bring both together as one thing.

A RubberMansion rubber shop won’t happen in the near timeframe, as I feel I still need to improve my craftsmanship. It is at least six months away, a project for the next semester, as it involves the tech side of putting an online shop running, and have enough material and portfolio to be able to do so professionally.  Maybe too much to tackle at one single time on my own. But it sparked the idea of using a crowdfunding plataform to achieve that.

So, I decided to use the Patreon Plataform to crowdfund my rubber designs. The rewards for those who pledge to help monthly are to take part on a Rubber Raffle, where at the end of each funding cycle, the item designed for that cycle’s offer will be designed and built for the winner of the raffle. I’m right now inclined on using an online raffle platform to draw the winning name, and the number of tickets is proportional to the pledge. Then, the winner will receive a custom sizing chart, and once filled in, the item will be produced and shipped ( shipping costs are included on the funding goals ).  Also, the bigger pledge tiers also give a discount code for ordering on RubberMansion ( even tho the shop is not online, I will receive custom orders and those coming from patrons will have a discount  – and once the shop is online, in the near future, the discount count will be valid for orders from current patrons – of course, once the pledge is removed, so is the discount – and the discount is only valid for the cycle following the pledge ).

To Pledge and take part of the Rubber Raffle, visit my Patreon page. It’s a way to help me improve the site and make some incredible rubber fashion, with a new chance to win some new rubber every funding cycle ( provided the goal is reached… the more the easier it will be ) 😉  I will be accepting suggestions and trying also to improve on rewards in the future as well, but first things first, let’s get things started.