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Its hands and knees rest on the hard concrete floor while some wet pools remain from the afternoon rain, reflecting the hazy yellow light of the street lamps on the object’s body. It’s shine being the only way to tell its sensual feminine shape in the darkness of the back alley behind the heavy rubber club. Drops of water and beads of fresh cum slide down its black shiny legs leaking from its still hungry asspussy in a stream of lustful hunger, as its distended hole is now unable to close enough to keep those stallion seeds in. It can still smell the cum from its rubber enclosed existence.

Muffled moans echo against the dirty brick walls of the very narrow back alley, as another big cock is suckled from its mouth hole. Its ass continues to leak, begging for a big black cock to slide in… moaning in anticipation to the pleasure the special plug will give it as a reward.

Both hands are enclosed in heavy rubber inflatable mittens, useless for anything but to provide support for the object’s raised wiggling inviting ass, begging for even more of the abuse its rubber bound body so much needed. It’s mind unable to think straight, consumed by its own desires to be abused further, so well trained and disciplined by its Mistress into a shell for her perverted bizarre desires.

Its feet kept in knee-high laced up ballet-heeled boots, preventing it from even getting up for anything more than a few uncertain steps. Boots patiently tied and then locked with a big shiny padlock by a very loving but stern bizarre Mistress, now standing on top of her own 6” stiletto heels, holding the lash of her bizarre doll. Under the sensual strictly corseted rubber skin, a series of inflation and suction devices, coupled with electro stimulation and torture ones kept the doll on a permanent state of torment. The stallions, several of the club’s visitors, waited with their very hard wet cocks, surround the doll, looking down on its feminine wiggling moaning doll form, seeing nothing but a pair of rubber holes begging to be fucked. The doll would beg, if it could still think. But now it’s nothing but an object of need and desire for its Mistress, capable of nothing more than act on the behavior its Mistress programmed slowly in its dolly mind.

The Mistress thinks about the years of constant training and abuse needed to take her prized object to the complete surrender it achieved now. Slowly altering the doll’s persona so that first, it would never be aroused unless in the presence of rubber. Then, it would need rubber against its skin to even be aroused. More training made sure the rubber would need to be nothing but total, complete enclosure, or the doll would not even be able to achieve an erection. That was followed by ever increasing levels of chastity, so that now the doll was under permanent, complete chastity, relying on its asspussy as her only single mean of achieving sexual pleasure. That was coupled with permanent anal plugging and corset training, to ensure the doll had enough width and depth to receive her owner’s full fist in.

Slowly, the Mistress drove the doll into complete madness and back. Its pleasure now was completely controlled. Its body was completely controlled. Its orgasm was only possible after a special set of phrases were said, only by Mistress’s voice. The doll has tried cheating, has tried playing with the biggest most painful toys on its own, eager for pleasure. And such pleasure would never come unless Mistress decided so. The training was such a complete and perfect trap, the doll functioned as desired, permanently plugged, and the plug ensured it was permanently horny, but so used to the plug, it would be nothing but a constant source of submission and arousal and never of release, even more so with its shecock locked behind a clear plastic chastity lock. The doll would grow so horny exactly as designed so that thinking was close to impossible, locking the doll on a permanent loop of needs and desires that fit exactly what Mistress expected. The doll could think of nothing more than pleasing its Mistress… as pleasing its Mistress now was the sole reason it existed.

It no longer has a mouth and an asspussy, but holes. Cunts. And it knows those are holes, undifferentiated, fuckdoll holes. Always open, always ready for cocks. Holes to milk horny rubber stallions, hulky hard cocked men, horny and ready and rubbery, faceless because the doll cannot see well in its doll hood… its doll hood with lenses that only really up-close objects were saved from the lens blur, meaning the doll would only really see the very heads of the hard cocks in their way into its mouth… and anything else, it depended fully on Mistress pulling the leash… even more in the shadows and narrow space in the back alley of this club. The doll accepted it has become nothing but holes. It now loved it, as designed by Mistress. Nothing but a set of gapping wet cock sleeves waiting to please, so those studs could leave their seeds in its body. It was transformed into an object, a rubber thing created by its Mistress to please cocks. So well trained and addicted to a unique form of pleasure and release, its mind being too far gone to even consider anything else.

The training was a slow process. After the plug was in permanently, and a sign of belonging, of it being its Mistress’s property, the plug leaving caused a very severe and painful sub drop. The doll would feel empty without such a deep mean of permanent control it was used to. The permanent reminder it was nothing but property. So its Mistress would use the emptiness to further control the object. It would remove the plug and wait patiently until the doll would surrender and beg to feel filled again, anything to feel the fullness that meant its world had a center and its Mistress as it.

Mistress would then offer cocks to fill the hole. And the doll would thank for anything to fill it. Soon, it didn’t matter what was fucking the anal crazy abuse craving ass of the doll…. Anything was nothing but a tool for Mistress to further Her control over her object. The doll would thank anything sliding in her ass… after her voice was removed by a thick, tube gag sliding down its throat, it would still be unable to stop its mind from thanking its Mistress in the silence of its dollness. The doll now completely and totally depended on Mistress for even making base decisions about life. It was an object, a rubber toy, a cock sleeve.

And of course, She was there. Standing by its side, holding the leash. Back on the alley, Mistress was silently looking down upon her creation; all the indoctrination needed had already been done in the several months of hard training. The addiction to cock now consumed her, coupled with the need to be filled. The bulging pleasure the object now was only capable of feeling on receiving pain, anal pain most of all. Being constantly full and stretched to the point of painful spasms and pleasure. Mistress slowly created a perfect cock sleeve, from what used to be a closeted shy sissy slave.

Months ago, to test her creation, Mistress released the slave. The doll would have to surrender its rubber wardrobe, chastity, corset and plug discipline. Mistress simply released the doll. The first thing that happened, the doll was scared on the prospect, so transformed it was. Then, it tried to take the chance, as it became used to being so horny and aroused, to enjoy as much pleasure as possible.

It could play, as it wanted with its shecock it was dead, useless. Unable to a single erection without any rubber. Not any rubber, dressing up would not do. Buying new items, would not do. It did not matter that it tried to cheat by using ever growing and thicker dildoes. For a month, Mistress left the doll to understand what she had been taken. And regardless of how much the doll tried, it would not feel pleasure. Just the complete emptiness of having its ass filled by something other than what Mistress decided would fill the doll’s now permanent needy for control holes. Mistress achieved her goal, complete and total control above any margin of questioning. The doll came begging again… painfully… until Mistress simply said one word of power “cum rubber dolly, cum”, and the doll started oozing its own shecum over the hard floor… unable to hold herself… not needing to touch… not needing to be hard, moaning so loudly the doll wished for a gag, that was soon to come. Mistress’s control was now complete and permanent. Forever a doll.

By design, the doll can no longer understand pleasure without the searing anal pain Mistress constructed it to crave constantly. Meaning those big cocked man stallions would be nothing but a tool to degrade the toy and reinforce its role in life as nothing but holes… as it needed something bigger, thicker, harder. Mistress made sure now pleasure became permanently linked to an addictive cycle of anal pain and frustration, unbreakable by the arousal reaction the object had to cocks and rubber and of course, Mistress. Object was already on a stage the presence of each would instantly make the doll crave its rubber skin, enclosure, torment, and harder and harder to think as each step of wrapping itself again on it’s shiny black skin would send the doll further into control of the body.

After all, this is what the doll was constructed into. A back alley whore, sucking and fucking for free, for nothing more than cum. Sliding a big black cock in its mouth, suckling, letting its rubber coated tongue roll around the shaft, letting it force it’s way down its throat. Mistress sees her doll with a smile under her own doll mask, pleased to see the switch flick inside her object’s head, from person to doll, to object.

Its shecock was locked away, inside a plastic tube hidden under the inflated pussy lips, kept permanently away from any pleasure, away from any stimulation of its Mistress caressing the fake rubber cunt. It has been locked in permanent chastity for months now, meaning anal pleasure is its only hope of any form of release. Its ass bulging with need for an orgasm, renewed at every stallion that would force his way in. The very special inflatable cunt plug in its asspussy would enforce it, giving the intruding cock a very sensual, plump hole to fuck, pushing the pressure of the intruding cock out against its prostate just enough to keep the doll on the verge of an orgasm, the tube gag in its mouth and throat preventing any speech.

The lovers would almost shoot in pleasure just to the sensation of entering the ribbed, inflated hole. The hungry hole of the doll would try to massage the cock coming in, but all it managed was to chew on the rubber plug already deeply installed in. Its inflated walls would keep the doll wide open and painfully stretched.

This doll is a silent object, only capable of moaning in pleasure and constant, permanent, painful frustration. The doll hasn’t tasted cum this night yet, through the thick rubber padding of the dildo in its mouth, but the smell brings back the memory of the taste, as designed, making the doll even hungrier on its efforts of self frustration seeking a taste that will not come unless if allowed by its Mistress, and its ass being pounded, with the plug rubbing and pressing hard against its A-Spot made the doll moan, louder and louder, its body quivering, unable to remain still.

Doesn’t take long for all the cocks to be milked… the doll moaning in ever growing lustful frustration, coated in white cum, its face and body a whorish mess. The human object inside coated in the beads of sweat which keep building up on its legs and hands, a filthy whorish toy, loving the permanent abuse and lust the denial of pleasure now meant. The stallions leave, thanking the Mistress, who asks them to be back next week for more, as she sees her whorish doll still needy and aching for release, the perfect cock sleeve, always hungry, conditioned and disciplined into a wanton rubber whore, unable to speak or decide, or even beg for more.

Inside it’s heavy doll hood, earplugs are embedded deep in its ears, repeating its Mistress’s voice’s chants.

“You are a rubber object!”

The toy moans, arousal taking the best out of it as designed by Mistress.

“You exist to be a hole for cocks!”

The toy moans again, nodding emphatically, knowing it prefers this mind numbing, aching state of constant arousal than the life that an orgasm is… and already familiar to its state of lust being so heightened, no orgasm would mean freedom, but just pleasure followed by an even bigger hunger and need for abuse than before. No rest, no release. As designed by its Mistress.

The Mistress won’t speak to the toy, the pre recorded indoctrination is all it needs to listen to. She simply gently tugs the leash and takes the doll into the club in time to continue its training and indoctrination, furthering its incapacity to be anything else. Mistress knows she still has much to do, she wants to slowly remove what her object is as a person. Make it nothing but a doll. Sometimes, an object pretending to be human, pretending to work on its job. But nothing but a doll pretending to be human. Never a human playing as a doll again.

And she knows she is almost there. Just a few gentle nudges in the right direction, as she presses the heel of her boot in the toy’s cunt hole, making it moan loudly for her pleasure.

Yes, her very own Bizarre Rubber Objekt. Soon, to receive its doll name, and once it’s done, she knows there will be no undoing it. But tonight, her object needed bigger things in its holes and it has been such a good toy, Mistress decided to give her toy a little reward.