The Slut Chip:: Chapter 1 – Sissy Doll Fifi

John has always been a submissive and otherwise unattractive man. In his late 40’s and still singled, his family has always worried about him. Unsuccessful, in an average job, living in a small apartment he rents, he seemed to spend much of his time on his own. And spend his money in ways oblivious to them.

What nobody else knew, is that John led a secret life as a sissy slave to dommes around the world, and often traveled to spend time under service and forced feminization. But John was never fully pleased with the results. It always seemed to him that he wanted more and more each time. And a while ago, his sissy friends introduced him to the incredible world of heavy rubber.

He had just returned from his vacations in Switzerland, where he spent weeks under the service of the most strict rubber domme he has ever served, and is actually sad that cannot be every day of his life. If only he could find a way of making those weekends las forever. But now he was lost in unpacking his rubber luggage. Opening the bigger bags filled the room with the delicious aroma of used cum smeared rubber.

Naked but for pink rubber panties and a plastic cock trap, he decides to let the delicious aroma linger a bit more and goes trough his mail, until he finds a package with no sender, and “fifi” on the destination name, and his address. He freezes. Maybe someone found about his playtime and fantasies and now sent several photos by mail, with a threat of sharing with the world unless he started dishing out money.

He rushed to his bedroom and opened the package to find nothing but a pink rubber collar with a pink ribbon on it’s back, and a small ring on the front, and what seems to be a computer chip on the center of the ribbon. Dangling from the collar’s front ring, there’s a heart shaped tag with “Fifi” on it.

Puzzled, but horny, he sets it aside and goes to the computer to check on the sissy sites he visits, and talk to other sissy friends. He opens his mailbox and there’s an Email from a Master he talked to a long time ago. He claimed to be The Master from the Doll Salon, and capable of training John into the sissy of his dreams, if he gave up his life and moved into the salon like his other sissy slaves. Details of the training in cock sucking and being fed sissy juice were presented, and John would earn his living by serving men and women of acquired tastes. Regardless of how much that aroused John, it was never to the point of accepting to visit, because there was always something scary and dark on those Emails, and made John afraid of talking to a nut job, because all that was too fantastic, and he never heard of a Doll Salon.

The new Email said it was futile to try to hide from the salon, and his time in Switzerland showed them he would be a most perfect candidate for a new process they are developing. And ordered him to put the pink collar on his neck, with the ribbon facing backwards, and come on a special chatline in the salon site, for chatting with The Master.

That did puzzle John, but his sissy cock took the best of him, and before he knew, he was on his computer, with the collar around his neck, and clicking on the link, and entering the password that was assigned to him.

In the Salon control room, a computer message flashed in front of Master’s computer, while Candy was between his legs, sucking his cock. He smiled and started chatting to the new sissy, thinking it will be fun to test the new toy.

“Hello Fifi”, he writes.

“Hello Sir… thank you for the gift”

“Oh, I knew you would love it. And I can see you have it on. A very obedient sissy slut”

“Thank you Sir”, John, soon to be Fifi, replied, wondering how He could know.

“I’m sure you noticed the chip in the pink ribbon… that didn’t even make you even slightly curious?”

“Yes Sir, but you told me to wear it”, John replied. Actually, John inspected it, and saw no power source, and assumed it was there just for show, and would mean a hot chat with a Master and a very good orgasm for his sissy cock, after possibly a webcam fun.

“Good Girl, time to turn it on and show you how it works, don’t you think?”

“Yes Sir”, John replied, his sissy cock already going stiffer.

Master pressed a button on the console, and a long script started running fast on the computer screen. On the other end of the line, John noticed he could no longer move his body. His cock was getting painfully hard, growing in size and width, from red to purple, and straining the simple chastity device, breaking the plastic trap he had around it. John felt all the pain, but nothing escaped his frozen lips. His cock kept growing slightly bigger than it ever was, and started shooting cum, giving John a most powerful orgasm. After it was done, it went flaccid, and John could see his body getting up, turning off the computer, going for the box in which came the collar, and pulling it’s cardboard base out and retrieving a hidden plane ticket. His vision was starting to blur for some reason, as if his eyes were being forced out of focus, and he could not read anything.

Next, John stripped naked, went to some drawers and dressed as a normal boy, with a scarf around his neck to cover the collar, and a coat to so the scarf won’t arise suspicion, and after finishing dressing up and getting his papers, his body turned on the gas on the kitchen, tossed all flammable things he could find around the house to the floor, paying particular attention to soaking the computer in alcohol, and then setting it all on fire before leaving.

John wanted to scream, but no word escaped his lips. He kept walking to the airport. He would soon find out the forty miles would be nothing to stop whatever was controlling his body.

John arrived at the checkout, and boarded the plane without problems. He notices he doesn’t sleep, drink or even pee, even if he is thirsty and can feel his bladder is incredibly full and causing pain. The plane lands and John silently gets up and walks into this new airport. He can’t tell where he is. His eyes are not focusing on anything beyond a new inches from his face. And now that he is out of the plane, a ghost sound starts to echo in his ears.

“Sissy Suck Cock. Sissy Loves Cock. Fifi is a good sissy”.

He cannot stop listening, it’s there, but he doesn’t know how. It’s the only thing he can listen to now, all other sounds fall mute, and his eyes start to hurt from the strain of not focusing on anything. He is oblivious to the fact the chip now gained access to his nervous system and is capable of sending audio feedback into his brain directly, and turn off anything his ears catch. He knows his body is moving, but he can no longer keep track of anything, everything is a blur of motions and colors and the chant in his ears.

He moves, or better yet, his body modes in a very smooth way, avoiding everyone in his path, and walking as if familiar with the surroundings, leaving the airport and moving to a deserted part of town, walking towards a black van and opening it’s side door, walking in, and sitting down between two pink sissy dolls.

The van takes off and heads toward The Doll Salon.

John didn’t need to be dragged in. The new chip design on the collar was finally perfected. In the last few trials, it would fail before the sissy was out of the plane, and the dolls would need to be delivered after the subject. Master loved to see the new sissy think she could take on two of his sissy dolls any day. The ultra feminine form and extreme heels did hide well trained and strong sissy sluts that would do anything Master told them to. In these cases, hide in plain urban clothes over the pink rubber and bring in a new sister with any means necessary. The last attempt tho, proved more successful, the sissy was under control all the way till outside of the airport, and then the sissy dolls needed only to drug the new slut and pull her inside the van. But with Fifi, it was perfect, Fifi was still controlled by the chip, hours after it was activated.

Master considered it could also be due to the subject’s initial deep desire to become His property and worship His cock. But nevertheless, each failure and success helped perfect the design, and now it will only need a few adjustments. Fifi would be the first of a complete new line of sissy cock sucking rubber dolls.

Even tho Master loves the conditioning and feminization, this is faster and could be more profitable. There’s a new market for faster transformations, and even tho Fifi is destined to a brothel, as the first functional prototype. The brothel is run by one of Master’s partners, which already accepted in providing detailed information on Fifi, and keep her under constant surveillance. If it eventually breaks down, Master will provide any needed maintenance. For his own pleasure, Master loves his normal low tech sissy sluts, he thinks there’s nothing like the contrast between heavy pink rubber and red cock sucking lips and warm flesh to make a blow job feel perfect. But a few clients had been asking for this, and now the technology is perfected.

Fifi will be the very first, and since the technology is not yet perfect, she will be made into a heavy rubber sissy slut. The reason being for a German Master who wants his current boyfriend to be remade into one over the weekend, and Fifi will make a perfect test bed for that. Ruby suggested calling it “InstaSissy”, but Master opted for the more simple and interesting “The Slut Chip”, something capable of creating a forced indoctrinated sissy over a weekend instead of over months and years, like Ruby and Candy were.

It’s amazing to see Fifi walk down the staircase, and into the special transformation chamber created for the Chip. She undresses, tosses her clothes into an incinerator, and then sits on the gynecological chair in the center of the room for chip insertion. She lay there, with legs on each stirrup, and an open mouth, saliva running down the side of her lips.

John would be scared, if he could listen to anything but the sissy trance, or see anything but blurred images. Now the pain is so sharp from the ceiling lights and dry eyes, that he wishes he could close his eyes, or even blink, but he can’t stop being extremely horny by all this. His body is betraying him.

Master is smiling in the control room, with Candy’s warm lips sucking his rubber covered cock. He would love to know what Fifi is thinking right now, how Fifi is feeling. Of course he could just erase her brain and override everything, but what’s the fun in that? No, Master wants Fifi’s body and mind to become her new training ground into a perfect cocksucking rubber sissy. So that someday, you could turn off the chip, and Fifi would be identical to the sissy doll in the chip, a complete programmed slut, shaped over the years and trained and indoctrinated every second of her life.

With this idea in his mind, he presses the start button on the LCD screen, and the machinery in the room come to life. John of course, can’t listen to any of it. He only sees a darker shape come over his immobilized head, and feel something that tastes like cum against his lips. It’s the chip implantation system, starting to do it’s work.

First, it’s metal arm descends from the ceiling, and a tube made of shiny pink rubber, with “Sissy Lollipop” written in white on it’s sides, slides in, oozing a variation of the sissy juices, both to lube it’s entrance, but also to induce a drug high on the sissy. This variation of the juice also makes the sissy mouth become numb and sterile. The tube keeps feeding the sissy until it’s floating in sissy heaven.

Next, the tube keeps sliding in, until it touches the end of the throat. There, slowly, a very thin needle made of a special alloy starts to crawl into the sissy skin… moving into her spinal cord and bending upward… crawling into her brain, and continuing to unroll. Around twenty two miles of nanometer thin wiring compose the actual Slut Chip. It envelops the brain in a permanent web of nano alloys, and controls all functions, from higher to lower functions. When the chip is in place, the entry point is cauterized, and the tube comes off, leaving the sissy with it’s mouth open in a round O.

John couldn’t feel a thing. He was lost in sissy heaven. He never used drugs, and nothing could get him ready for the pleasure involved in consuming this new version of the sissy juice. Master was on the control room, quite happy with the results achieved so far. The console was on automatic, the first time it would run like this. He just enjoyed, as lights flickered on the screen. The chip responded to radio, and the computer started downloading it’s basic operating system into it. It was designed so that the sissy’s own brain would work as storage, making it also way more effective, without deleting anything. As soon as the download was finished, the chip would boot, and the pink ribbon collar would no longer be needed.

Fifi laid there lost in pleasure, it’s sissy cock big and hard in the middle of the room. Cum oozed from it, while a cock-like extension came down from the ceiling, and docked with the sissy mouth. It extended inside till it reacher her lungs, and started helping the sissy breathe. Master loved using phallic shapes whenever possible, but this time it was wasted on the new sissy, oblivious to it all. Then, a hose descended and it started oozing a pink cum-like substance all over the sissy, coating her whole skin with it. A very chemical smell filled the room, with a pink vapor, but the pink stood still, enveloped by it on every inch of it’s body, since it crawled under the body, and even around the sissy’s peachy asspussy. Fifi, as John would soon learn to refer to herself, couldn’t feel a thing. The download process was almost complete, and some of Fifi’s memories started to become part of John, without erasing him. Now Fifi learned of Master, and of the Salon, and of her sisters, without forgetting about her former life.

After a few minutes, sprinklers on the ceiling started showering on the sissy, washing her and taking the pink goo down some drains on the floor, and exhausters vented the fumes away. The sissy had her skin red and hairless. The breathing dildo detached from the sissy mouth and went back into the ceiling.

From the control room, Master noted down on a pad how vicious the chemical was, while Candy was still sucking his cock hard, desperate for his cum to feed her. He sat back and noticed the system start up, and the red sissy open her eyes for the first time under control of the chip.

The sissy got up from the chair, and removed the pink bow collar. The arms descended with a very vicious looking black rubber body mold. It consisted in two halves, a front and a back one, lined with a special rubber that would breathe and constantly clean the skin, bonding with it for life. Sissy Fifi held her arms up high and her body straight, while both halves came over her body, and with a mechanical sound, locked in place. Her pathetic shecock went into a rubber milker, built into the suit, that exposed only the rubber coated head of her shecock as the clit of a rubber pussy. It was complete with a set of electro stim electrodes and a rubber collector at the end, that would collect cum and pee and for anyone outside, it would give the impression of a very big black rubber pussy dripping all the time. That drippling was a special anti-septic lube that would keep the sissy cock clean at all times. With a voice command, the chip, which integrated with the body suit, would unlock the shecock and allow it to grow to fullsize and become hard, extending outside of the pussy. But everyday, it was just locked away from sight.

In the sissy’s ass, a plug was lodging itself in, and kept extending inside, until connecting directly to the sissy’s stomach. Then it stretched until the asspussy was wide enough to take an arm. Fifi would scream in pain, if her brain wasn’t soaked in lust and pleasure and need for cocks now. Also, not much would ever come down that way ever again, since the sissies are fed a cum-based diet, and the very enriched sissy juices, but in case something came out, it would be retained until the chip would find the proper time for discharging and cleaning again on the same ever-flowing lube. Unlike the normal sissies, the heavy rubber dolls have an always open rubber pussy, always trained to milk anything, and with inflatable and suction properties provided not only by the sissy, but also, by the specially designed body suit.

Around the slut’s waist, a corset that would constantly and forever progressively cinch down. It would never stop. Master would be able to stop the programming at any time he chose, but for now, he was happy to find out how much he could go down on this sissy. This time, he would desire the most bizarre of shapes.

The bodysuit also sported two bizarre torpedo-like tits that would inflate under command. This rubber was sensitive to touch and the nipples are hardwired trough the chip directly to the sissy brain. Master was quite pleased with this achievement. They became like real tits for the sissy, the new rubber skin, linked directly to the brain, so that she would be a real living rubber fuck toy.

Around the neck, the suit had a neck corset of the most severe shape and structure. A black smoke started arising from the seams of the bodysuit, as the rubber permanently fused to the skin, in what would be the most painful of experiences, if Fifi wasn’t floating in lust and pleasure from the sissy juices. The robotic arms raised the sissy in the air by it’s waist, and more arms came with two halves of a smooth thigh high thick rubber ballet boot, locking it in place, with some smoke also coming up the air. Then, the next boot. The sissy was then lowered on the floor, where it stayed still, in perfect balance.

Fifi opened her mouth, and the arms came down with a long, rubber tube, and it went inside the slut’s mouth and down it’s throat. It came over it’s teeth, and locked in place with a special glue. It was it’s new cocksucking throat, similar in design to the new asspussy, but it was a rigid tube that used it’s teeth and tongue just for fixation, and had it’s own tongues, for maximum stimulation, and electric stimulation pads. It was also linked and controlled by the chip directly. It fused with the mouth, creating a perfect fuck hole.

Next, injections with a special permanent fluid came to it’s lips, and started blimping them. Within minutes of painful and patient injection, Fifi had huge lips. Always open, Always in a silent “O” shape. Huge beyond human proportion, exaggerated, bizarre.

These arms receded, and more came placing two sides of a rubber doll head helmet over the sissy’s head, rendering a faceless rubber and plastic shield over the sissy’s face, leaving only the lips exposed on their perfect cocksucking position. It also locked in place with a black smoke and mechanical sounds. She then raised her hands in the air, allowing for thick elbow long rubber mittens to be be installed, leaving all her fingers fused into one single glove, except for her thumbs, in a smooth, doll like hand. More black smoke gave away the fact it was fusing to the doll’s skin.

The sissy walked into a booth on the next wall, when a new cycle started. Sprays started applying an increasingly heavier coat of liquid rubber over the sissy. Fifi was pink, by Master’s preference, but any color could be selected. The process took a few hours, but what came out of the curing process, was a perfect fucktoy.

Two big pink rubber pussies, ready to take anyone, always dripping a clear rubber-scented lube, inviting for being fucked. The mouth, a pink rubber fuckhole, always open and inviting. It’s tits, two big torpedoes extending off the slut’s chest. The waist, already curvy, but Master knew it would go down to impossible thin sizes. Like any other toy, the nose had no nostrils and the eyes were blank. Master would leave it like that, but the brothel wanted a fuckdoll that looked like an inflatable one.

Fifi walked to the chair once more, and sat down, this time for a set of painting arms to start airbrushing it’s face with doll-like features. Now she was receiving eyebrows, eyes and red cocksucking lips, painted with rubber on rubber. Fifi needs no real eyes, the mask feeds her with images and sounds trough the doll chip directly into her brain. All she feels actually, is controlled now by the chip. Who she is, is controlled by the chip. When the doll making chair was done, Fifi was a perfect fuckdoll, not very different from what you’d see in an inflatable one, except it was made of perfectly pink, high quality perfectly shiny rubber. It had no hair, and had “FiFi” tatooed on it’s forehead. A barcode was also tatooed on the back of it’s neck.

Lastly, an arm was lowered from the ceiling, with a very shiny pink heavy collar, and placed it around the doll’s neck, with a pink bow on the back, and an O ring on the front, in shiny metal, contrasting to the overall pinkness of the doll.

Fifi got up and walked out of the room, into a rubber lined crate, and was turned off. John tried to get up once the high was ended, but found himself panicking in darkness, unable to move, speak, open his eyes or listen. The only thing that persisted, was this incredible lust, that he could do nothing about, but try to cry tears that would never come out.

The crate lid closed, docking a rubber cock with the doll’s mouth, and sissy juices started flowing to feed the doll. It would be locked inside the crate for about a month now, testing for stability of the system. Meanwhile, John was locked into a state of a virtual reality provided by the chip. John was no longer able to sleep. His brain would act much like a computer, always running, and when his attention was not needed at his body, which happened constantly for the purpose of training, John was put into a dream-like trance, where he would live whatever Master had programmed for his training.

These dreams would involve many cocks, many men, and drowning in cum. Slowly, over the course of the next month, John forgot his previous name, and have little importance to his previous life. He would answer to Fifi automatically, and love being the voluptuous rubber creature he… she… it… saw itself as on it’s dreams. Fifi also learned to obey it’s Master. Fifi’s programming was becoming more and more absolute.

The crate was opened at the brothel, and inside, there was an image of pure sexual desire. The rubber tits inflated even more when the crate was opened, showing the doll was now fully functional, and a long moan indicated it was turning on. The brothel owner couldn’t help the instant hard on he got by seeing Sissy FuckDoll Fifi. Master opened a huge smile upon seeing this, and handed over a tablet like device to the brothel owner.

“Here, this will help you keep check of everything. Of course, my unit will answer to voice command. F1F1, adding new operator.”

From inside the box, came a synthetic voice from a voice box on the doll’s helmet, making it sound as if it was coming from the doll’s mouth, in a very feminine but cold voice.

“Unit F1F1 acknowledge Master. Waiting for voice record of new operator.”

Master gestured for the brothel owner to speak.

“Uh… hello doll… I’m your new owner….”, he said.

“F1F1 identification protocol complete, image and thermal records added to database. New Operator: Owner. Access Control: Administrative Level 2. Sissy FuckDoll F1F1 is at your service, Owner.”

The mix of mechanical and sexual did put the brothel Owner on a strange place.

“Level 2? I though I was to fully use this bitch”, he protested.

“Yes, but it’s still a lease, and it’s still my property, which I must remind you not to break, I have grown fond of this unit over the last month. F1F1, load vocal package: faux french. Load new name: Fifi. Load new self designation: cunt. Sex Mode: safe. Stimulation level: 3. Reserve F1F1 designation for operator access only.”

“Oui Maitre”, Fifi now said on a very sluttish fake french accent.

“You can dress it on a rubber french maid outfit if you want. Of course, the boots and mittens are permanent. But I can send Candy with a spray kit anytime for a change of color. Next model will have this solved, I’m tinkering with automatic color changes. There are some ways to embed pigments that react to electricity on the rubber, and make the color change at vocal command, but it’s still far too incipient to use on an actual model. F1F1 is my prototype, so, make sure it’s always under camera surveillance, because that data could be priceless. And remember, it’s designed to return to this doll box whenever it needs it’s recycle time. Candy will come once a week with it’s nourishment, so you don’t have to worry, just leave the access door to the doll box open at all times and F1F1 will be serving your clients most of it’s time. You can set a timer if you want, to have her work within the timeframe of your brothel.”, Master said.

“Ok… so… how does it work?” the brothel owner said trying to get a grip of the tablet software for controlling the doll.

“Voice command. Remember it was designed around a human sissy brain. There’s a sissy slut in the making inside this delicious rubber cocoon. When you command, the doll chip will use the sissy brain to perform, and those fantasies to make it an even richer experience. The brain gets a reward, a huge pleasure reward for providing excellent feedback every time a man cum inside of the sissy slut’s holes. And that provides the conditioning I need in my sissy doll. The goal of this experiment, if you will, is to see if I can make the perfect sissy fuckdoll overnight, and let it train itself over the months, until I have the perfect sissy doll, and the chip is nothing more than a high tech collar and a very good way of giving reward.”.

“I see… and it has to be a sissy, you say?”

“Any man. Or woman. Not that I need the chip, you know who Ruby used to be, don’t you?”.

The brothel owner nods and gulps, knowing Master is not a man to be crossed. Unless you want to spend the rest of your days worshipping his cock. Or any cock he so desires. A man who stole from him is now a happy sissy rubber mare used for making stallions happy in a horse farm across the country.

“I’ll give you an example. Fifi, please, suck this man’s cock till it hurts and he shoots in your mouth.”

“Oui Maitre, cunt obeys”, it said in it’s faux french, and gets up from the box in one smooth gracious move, the sucking sound of the plug leaving it’s ass, filling the room.

The brothel owner gets apprehensive, since the word hurt was mentioned. Fifi much lovingly unzipped his pants, and pulled his pre-cum coated cock out. Fifi’s human brain was taken for the ride, not wanting to do it, but unable to do anything, and as it was starting to smell that delicious scent of precum, lust started to build up. Fifi slowly guided the cock into it’s mouth, and the internal rubber lining started to inflate, so it would accomodate it perfectly. The brothel owner started moaning, as he noticed the throat of the slut was perfectly lubbed, and ribbed rubber. It inflated, and he could swear he had the sensation of not only one, but three tongues were rubbing on his cock. A slight mechanical pump sound could be heard on the room.

Master looked at him and added “The throat and ass have a device derived from a cow milker. All cum will be stored at the end of the milker, and since F1F1 is working on safe sex mode, it will later on discard it all and do a self cleansing. In trusted mode, it would feed from your cum. Don’t worry, that drooling you’ll constantly see, and I’m sure, will also leave spots on your floor, is a lube, but also a cleaning agent that will make it perfectly sanitized for public usage, no condoms needed. Actually, F1F1 would just destroy them, considering it’s design.”

The brothel owner nodded, looking down to the pink rubber slut moving forth and back on his cock… making him moan… his legs arching from the pleasure and his muscles spasming. He supports himself on the doll’s head, which keeps a steading sucking, while he kneels down and lays on the floor from the intense pleasure. Fifi’s multiple tongues and the milker working on the cock is something like he never felt on his life, not with women, men, sissies or sex toys of any sort. He can’t make up words. Master smiles, noticing a chance to taking over the brothel and gain a new sissy on the long run. But not now, not yet, but he cannot resist the urge to take over another human being and turn into nothing but a stupid bimbo sissy slut. But this one would be made the traditional way. And would come for him begging. “F1F1, increase to level 4 during the next 30 minutes.”, Master commanded.

“Oui Maitre, level 4 engaged”, the female voice said, without letting go of the cock, and the eStim units inside Fifi’s mouth started working. The milker increased it’s sound and force, and what was a suggestion of a milking pump on the background, now became a very audible sound, turning the doll’s mouth into a vacuum pump milking the cock painfully.

“Stop! Stoppp!!! OHHHHH!!!!”, the brothel owner begged, trying to dislodge the doll from his cock with little success… the pleasure being so overwhelming and mixed with pain, it shocked him. But he could not deny his increasingly lust for this. Not before long, he came hard inside the doll’s mouth, but that did not make Fifi stop. Fifi’s brain was receiving a jolt of pleasure and feeding the chip with desire for more. John was long gone. What existed now was Fifi, a slut sissy who wanted cock, craved cocks, and would not let it’s first real cock, after a month of sucking digital ones, go away so easily. Master was the only one capable of ending this, but all he did was smile on his creation.

The mechanical sucking continued for the whole half hour, the brothel owner now spent and drooling.

“Level 4 completed, Maitre, cunt sucked hard on the cock. Should cunt let go?”

“Please do, Fifi”, Master conceded.

Fifi left the cock, and stood up… Fifi’s brain was soaked in lust and pleasure and wanted more cocks… it would ravish the next one with twice the hunger. The brothel owner was almost sleeping in the floor. His cock was purple and still big and hard and pounding. Some cum started dripping out now, flowing down the delicious cock down his balls.

“This is level 4. It goes up to 5, but I guess it takes a real man to ride her at 5. Level four is what my sissies do when it’s needed that one is enlarged. I think you could enlarge your cock considerably by giving her a few more rides at 4 every day. Would you like me to give you access to set that?”

The brothel owner shook his head, trying to get up from almost unconsciousness. He mumbled a few words, then managed to sit on a nearby chair, put his cock back inside his trousers and zip it back closed.

“She….”, the brothel owner started saying.

“IT…”, Master corrected.

“… is the hottest cock sucker I have ever seen… how much you want for it?”

“It’s not for sale, as you already know. Wanting to dodge our current arrangement?”

“NO… Never…I just…”

“It will stay here for the next months… you can ride it anytime you want. Just be careful not to become addicted. You would find that most unfortunate.” Master volunteered, to throw in more bait.

“Maitre… where can cunt discharge?”, Fifi asked.

Master looked around, opened a toilet door, and pointed to Fifi. “Here Fifi, you can discharge here”. Fifi nodded and walked to the toilet, starting to ooze lube down it’s mouth, until what seemed to be a sack of sperm came off it’s cocksucking lips and fell down the water, followed by more lube. When it was done, it cleaned it’s mouth, leaving it perfectly lubed and shiny and inviting. “Fifi will return here after every client to discharge, remember to keep these doors unlocked. I assume you’ll want to put it to perform right away”. Master suggested.

The brothel owner nodded and took Fifi out into the waiting room. Master smiled. With the constant video feed, he would have access to much blackmail material for new sissies. And many would soon become addicted to Fifi, and never again be able to have pleasure without that cocksucking mouth and asspussy of hers. And some would love her improved rubber cock.

Master silently opened the fly of his rubber pants, letting his thick cock out, something Ruby noticed and got on her kneels instantly, sucking. Master’s mind was racing. He was considering improving his other sissies on similar fashion perhaps. If the slut chip was successful, there was no reason to chip his other sissies. And permanently encase them in rubber as well. And maybe, also improve his own body. He already had plans of turning the brothel owner on his face for the world, a normal sissy without improvement, still able to pass as a man, while he could spend his whole time inside his little Doll Hive.

Yes, that idea appealed immensely to him.

To be continued…