Part III

Clark was outside the Salon with his sissy clitty hard, and his sissy ass begging for cock. Come to that, his mouth also craved cock. He was a pathetic horny creature, leaving a huge wet spot on his pijama shorts, while trying to spot if anyone was inside the Salon at all. It was early in the morning, so, not many people were outside yet, as the sun had just come out. But here was the pathetic rubber sissy with the voice of Master trailing forth and back on it’s mind.

After what looked like an eternity, Clark bent over to peek inside, cupping it’s sissy hands around it’s sissy face, when in one sudden motion, Clark felt the pijama shorts being pulled down, and a hard hot cock being rammed inside his asspussy. He gasped and lowered his hands, looking Master’s reflection on the window. His strong make features and mustache, wearing black shades, and a tight fitting rubber catsuit showing every curve of his male body, while his thick gloved hands grabbed Clark by the waist. Master stood there motionless, looking the sissy into the eyes, and saying nothing, withdrew his cock and started walking down the side alley, saying nothing but “Come!”

Clark was overpowered by Master’s presence, and took a second to notice the sidewalk had some of his own sissy cum over it, and automatically, Clark knelt down to lick it. Only after realizing he had just collapsed to the floor to lick his own sissy cum from the dirty ground, he got up with tears and followed Master without a word, his pijama shorts humiliatingly around his knees, making him walk like a duck.

Master was waiting by a heavy black steel door, with no openings, and several serious locks from the inside. It was thick, and looked soundproofed. The wall outside of it was simple, concrete and nothing more. A few trashcans were by it’s door, like any backdoor to any alley, for any normal business. Clark looked down, the atmosphere damp and old, and a black steel spiral staircase went down. The sissy instinctively walked in, following the staircase down, until he was on a long dark corridor, that took him back at a very familiar setting. It was a pink room, with a few doors leading in different directions. A spiral staircase led upwards, to where he considered could be the Salon, and the deep sweet scent of rubber came back to hit him hard.

Master came right afterwards, locking the pink steel door to the corridor behind Clark, and walked past the sissy, opening a door by the left wall, and hissed inside “Prepare this sissy slut doll for me, 14. Strap it to the chair, and then back to storage with you.” and went up another spiral staircase, without looking again to Clark, who still had very vivid images of that hard rubber cock entering his asspussy, and the delicious cum he licked from the floor. He could not take his eyes from that delicious hard rubber cock.

A pink faceless rubber creature walked out of the door, effortlessly walking in ballet heels. It was bald, and had a huge number 14 painted in white over it’s forehead, but as far as Clark could tell, the hood went smooth over it’s face, almost like the visor of a biker, and the only anatomical part to be seen, was an oversized red mouth, open with a tongue moving inside. It looked rubbery, had red and engorged lips, always open. Clark considered this could be part of the hood, but something way more bizarre should be going on, as he noticed the lips twitched. This poor wanton creature had it’s lips injected with silicone, to become huge cocksucking lips. 14 could moans, or say guttural sounds, but anything requiring usage of her lips was impossible. Not that 14 tried anymore. It’s teeth were removed and replaced by pink rubber ones, and it’s mouth, surgically altered never to close. The hood meets the flesh smoothly, to create the illusion of a single doll face. The tongue had 3 big ball piercings, to provide extra stimulation, and, not visible to Clark, 14’s mouth had been fitted with special paddings, to create the perfect fuck hole. On each side of 14’s head, Clark could see small handlebars, that Master could use to get a proper grip of the slut’s head while fucking it’s mouth. That mouth altered just for cocksucking and nothing more, and no sound came from the doll, except from the sound of a gasmasked breath.

14’s neck was enclosed on a very severe neck corset, also in pink rubber, with huge D rings from all sides. Clark could see no zippers or laces, because there was none, the neck corset had been moulded around this neck and sealed forever.

Further down, the doll had Double E cups for breasts, surrounded in perfect shiny pink rubber. Each big nipple had a big ring to it, which dangled with a small cowbell as 14 moved.The huge breasts made a great contrast with a severely cinched down waist, no more than 20” and a delicious ass.  The corset also showed no sign of laces, locks or zippers, having being cast into the doll’s body, over the previous training corset. It’s body was trapped into a mesh of very hard rubber, stainless steel panels, and stainless steel boning.

Around her hips, 14 had an open front rubber frilly dress, with many layers of pink and white rubber, but letting the full front exposing a shecock’s head. Not a full cock. Also, not balls. 14 had it’s cock surgically altered to be nothing more than a shaft protuding from where a cock would be, completely encased in shiny pink rubber, and engorged, oozing precum down it’s legs. Master could very easily had managed to give 14 a rubber pussy, but Master liked his sissies with shecocks that shoot when they cum. 14 is the closest to feminine Master would ever allow one of his personal Sissy Slut Units to become.

Clark could not see, but 14’s asshole was also rubber sealed, and kept constantly open and wet. More surgery allowed that part of the Sissy’s precum flowed into it’s ass, keeping it always wet and ready for Master. And 14 was so well trained, it could take two whole fists inside with lust and pleasure. But 14’s hole was just always big and open enough for Master’s cock to feel a good cockmilking embrace. A kinky rubber pink pacifier was kept in, to plug the slut, and a small chain dangled from it, connecting to a piercing on it’s sissy shaft. That was so that, after being used, 14 could easilly find it’s asspussy pacifier and re-plug itself. And, oblivious to Clark, was the two dozen hidden probes and electrodes hidden in the doll’s suit, ready to be activated by Master at any time, powered by a small device on the slut’s corset, that Clark could only see as a pink rubber bow on the back of the doll, that held enough power for hours of continuous stimulation, being recharged by night when the doll went into storage.

Standing before Clark, was an image of rubber sissy perfection, and Clark was incredibly hard and horny. 14 walked to a wall, picked a pink leash and diamond incrusted pink collar, and placed it firmly around Clark’s balls, who didn’t protest… and tugged hard. Clark screamed in pain and tears, and knelt down. 14 nodded, and threatened to pull once more. The man Clark once was should have been able to get up, remove the pretty collar, and smack that bizarre creature down, and make a run for it. But that was the man Clark. Now, there’s sissy Clark, and Clark suspected that name would be gone any moment now. And the sissy Clark is a subservient creature that only suffers in pain and tears and begs for more. Understanding the message, Clark got up and lowered his head, following 14 into the door to his right.

The chair was there. He knew the chair. 14 undid the ball collar, and Clark smiled and walked to the Chair and sat on it. No straps were needed this time. Like Ruby had predicted, Clark like any other sissy rubber unit, would be very addicted to the chair after the first ride and would mindlessly come back for more. 14 inserted the plug into Clark’s ass, and produced the cock shaped gag to his mouth, which he eagerly took. The helmet was set in place, and the feeding and enema tubes were connected. Then, 14 walked to the console and entered a few instructions on the computer, while white rich cum flowed from it’s own shaft to the floor. After she finished setting the computer, she knelt down and started cleaning the floor from it’s own cum.

The programming was different now. The plug in Clark’s ass grew bigger and gave Clark a big enema, cleaning the slut completely. Then, it started moving forth and back, shooting sissy juices inside of Clark’s hungry ass, sending the slut into another wanton high. The images were of rubber covered sissies, now, some as extreme as 14 and some even more extreme, without arms or legs, just mere fucktoys for their owners, being fucked, and used, and coated in delicious cum. Clark moaned, as the programming went on, telling him his name is now Candy. A muffled “YESSS” filled the room, as 14 left the room.

14 walked back, moving in a impressive speed for anyone on ballet boots, to the room if left when Master arrived, a simple pink tiled room from ground to ceiling, with diffuse pink lighting. There were 10 similar racks, doll storage units, some empty, some closed, meaning a doll was stored inside, with it’s upper shell moulded into a slut’s body, making a closed storage unit to seem to be a kneeling rubber statue. 14 walked to it’s storage unit, kneeling on the soft rubber cusion, as it’s shaft was captured by a sucking tube protuding from the cushion, starting a soft sucking sound. 14 felt trapped, as the pressure grew and a moan escaped it’s sculpted cocksucking lips, as it’s hands trailed the chain,  releasing it’s ass from the pink rubber pacifier, and impaled itself on a huge veined black cock, wide as a fist.

14 moved it’s ass backwards, making sure it took the gigantic cock to it’s base, all inside… and heard a locking mechanism click, as the tip of the rubber cock inflated painfully, locking the slut doll in place. 14 moved her body forward, inserting her hands into hollow spaces in the cushion, holding the cock-shaped handles inside, and making the spaces inflate, as moulded mittens into the cushions, making sure the doll won’t be able to stand.

Then, it moved it’s cocksucking mouth forward, and took in another black rubber cock, mounted on the wall ahead. 14 moaned again, taking it all in, deep-throating it, until it hit a spot in the back of her throat and inflate, locking the doll and making sure even it’s air was provided by the storage unit. A jaw-like device than sprang from the wall mount, as two halves of a very hard black rubber collar, and locked around the doll’s neck. That also connected the data port to the isolation hood 14 had locked on. The hood permanently fed 14’s mind with programming, the voice of Master echoing in it’s ears, and images flashing in the screens before it’s eyes, all day, all the time. Master could zone 14 out with a video, make it deaf, blind, or keep her in a world of hardcore rubber porn with a switch of a button. The storage unit reloaded the batteries and updated the programming.

Finally, the hard rubber shell descended into 14, enclosing it’s body and securing it in place. From anyone outside, only a shiny black rubber statue resembling a kneeling cocksucker could be seen. Inside, a rubber doll unit was being cleaned, fed, programmed and stored for usage. Before it’s eyes, images from the last time it served Master were transmitted, as well as the audio of Master telling it how much of a good cocksucker it is. 14 moans in lust, as it’s fed cum directly from the dildo, and it’s ass is filled with Sissy Juices. The cushion 14 was kneeling on, as well as one the hard shell, had inflating panels that were pumped full now, securing the rubber doll in place for the long term storage. Tens on the clit and anal stimulators started working their electro magic, making 14 moan aloud.

Meanwhile, the rack on 14’s side starts opening, with the top lid sliding upwards, revealing Ruby, who wake up from sissy wanton dreams, letting go of the feeding cock with some reluctance, as the wet sound of the clitty milker being retracted from her still hard clit makes her shiver, as it does every morning. She stands on her 6” high heeled boots and moans, as her hard rubber clitty is still giving her good memories of being sucked dry, and her cum re-fed to her, while she walks out of the doll storage, and climbs up the spiral staircase into the control room, kneeling by Master’s feet and kissing his cock adoringly.

“Good Morning Sire”, Ruby said before sliding the delicious rubber cock into her mouth.

“Good Moring Slut. Seems the programming of Candy is going well. I want those normal clothes disposed of, and Candy in the student uniform first thing after this session. How many are in the next batch?”

“Four with Candy, Sire”, said Ruby, stopping the sucking for just long enough, her ass craving cock too.

“Good… Good… I already have a few prospective buyers with very specific needs, we shall see that this batch turns out really good… now… suck me hard, Slut, I need my morning cocksucking!”

“Yes Sire”, Ruby said, working harder at the delicious cock in front of her, moaning with delight as the precum touches her tongue, igniting several pre-programmed responses in her mind, while Candy moaned downstairs to the image of cum filled sluts with gigantic tits and bizarre cocksucking mouths.

Ruby became an expert cocksucker, even more because Master also trained hard, and can endure the longest periods of pleasure without allowing HIS sluts a single drop of cum. The morning sessions for Ruby were an actual challenge, but she never managed to make Master cum without HIS own desire to do so. HIS self control was absolute. Still, Ruby tried with abandonment. She knows Master forbids her from ever using her hands to grab his cock, all his sissy sluts should be perfect cocksuckers using nothing but their silicone enhanced mouths. And Ruby was an expert. She kept sucking and feeding with abandonment, until Master interrupted her.

“I have to go meet the new clients. Make sure the new batch is prepared to perfection. It’s early, let Candy run a little longer on the chair, before you bring the other sluts in and start the training”, HE said, while getting up and moving out of the room, leaving Ruby kneeling on the floor, with her lips still moist from HIS precum, and her tongue wanting for more.

Unlike the other sissies, Master made Ruby into an Operator, a Doll who makes Dolls. And Ruby became very good at it. Ruby got up, and pulled a doll chair closer. The control room, as any room in the Salon, had two kinds of chairs. Human chairs for people to sit on. And doll chairs, with big thick plugs on the seats, for dolls. Dolls were forbidden to ever sit on anything other than a big fat cock, be it flesh, rubber, metal or anything else Master decides. Being filled was a constant reinforcement that they were owned and taken by Master.

Ruby, a doll who had to go outside the walls of the Doll Salon, or had to pretend to be the hairdresser for the facade, had to use other means of making sure she never sits without a big fat cock in her ass. To that effect, anytime Ruby has to attend such unsanitary facilities for a rubber sissy doll slut, made sure she wore special panties ( over her pink sissy rubber panties, of course ) with the hugest of plugs.

But now, Ruby was on the Salon and was able to indulge in the proper facilities for a slut doll, and sat on the big rubber phallus on the center of the seat, with much joy and pleasure, and pushed the chair forward using her expert ass, while stroking her sissy clitty, and looking up the settings Master had input for the chair.

She moaned, as the stats glowed on the screen, and to her expert eyes, she knew very well what Master intended for Candy. Either she would go for a very wealthy, very exotic buyer, or Master had special plans. The joy of transforming the little man into that, was already filling Ruby’s body with much lust. Even tho all dolls are built to be the ultimate submissive fucktoys for Master, he build the Operators to be dominant dolls.  Currently, Roxy and Ruby, who took turns in watching over the dolls and even operating on them with extremely expert hands. That way, no outside help was needed.

Roxy entered the room now, and sat with wanton lust on the chair beside her sister, and kisses her, sharing some of the cum from the storage unit. They stroked each other’s clit for a while, then Roxy adjusted her weight to take the most she could of the huge dildo on her doll chair.

“Master had to attend to clients, but look at what he has planned for Candy!”, Ruby said, turning the LCD screen to her sister.

“ Oh MY, Candy is a very lucky Bitch! Oh Yes, Very Lucky indeed!” Roxy said, beaming, while slowly riding the chair up and down with her expertly trained ass, and slowly stroking her sissy clitty, like the wanton whore she is, always horny, always looking for sex, and always submissive to Master.

“Candy is a very lucky Bitch, indeed!” Ruby replied, also stroking her own sissy clitty and sloly riding the chair with one high heeled leg perched up against the console trying to reach her A spot.

The dolls moaned, while Candy was starting her transformation on the chair, locked in a room below.

End of Part III