760 walked trough the night, avoiding running against people until it arrived on a deserted parking lot. There wasn’t much to it except it was deserted. People avoided it with the natural care flies avoid spider webs, or hares avoid wolf dens. It, because what used to be Michael from any analysis, and despite it’s past, is in no way to be labelled male or female. It’s a creature that exudes sex, and is intensely female in essence and form, but is in no way human. Male and Female are human concepts, concepts grounded strictly on the bounds of this planet, and what 760 became is nothing of the sort. It was now part of a Hive, created to serve it’s Queen.

760 went past the open ( if you could call open something that is broken and rusty and grass grew around it ) fence, and directed itself to the shadows in the single square building on the center of the lot. There was no silence, no scent, nothing to give away the huge complex that goes underground. Even workers who dig the city’s underground tunnels instinctively avoid the place. Even the city planners cannot fully pinpoint this location and let it be. It doesn’t collect taxes, but somehow, nobody seems to notice. It just feels like a dead spot in the map no one sees when passing by. Unless the Queen wants that someone to see it.

Inside the concrete building with barred windows and decaying painting, there is a single room, half taken by a black rubber pussy, big enough to engulf a person, and now, invitingly open for 760, with it’s red shiny rubbery vulva pulsating with life. 760 walked in, and was enveloped by the rubber cocoon, and swallowed down, it’s body being cleansed and the clothes dissolved, until it’s released into one of the upper levels of the Hive. Here, the wishes and desires of the Queen permeate every square inch of the biomass underneath the city.

760’s insect like eyes grasp the totality of the Hive now. It’s a complex structure, much like an Ant’s nest, a hollow, underground rubber cave, with bioluminescent pods hanging from a high vaulted ceiling, and around this central open core, that extends several floors downwards, there is a spiral walkway-like structure against the walls, as if a giant staircase spiraling down towards the bottom. 760 now stands at the top of this, with a few drones with similar features walk past it.

Connecting certain points of the spiral descendant walkway, there are semi-transparent tubes, glowing a greenish light, in which drones flow up and down, as liquid elevators for creatures with no need for breathing. At specific intervals, much like the patterns on how leaf branches grow on trees, tunnels burrow sidewards, disappearing into the shiny living walls, and more bioluminescent blobs form high on the tunnel walls. Not all drones are the same color anyway. The majority is shiny black, with the mouths ( all 3, resembling pussies ) in distinct red, permanently wet and hungry. But some are blue, red, yellow and even white. Some resemble males, with huge, inhuman cocks protruding from between it’s legs. Some are even less human in appearance, looking like insect hybrids, zealots and guards.

760 moans in pleasure, it’s mouths hungry for completing the process. It hears now the Queen speaking directly into it’s mind. It walks to one of the elevating tubes, and is engulfed into the greenish liquid, and flows downwards. It passes the bottom of the cave, and flows directly into a hidden chamber, in which several extremely tall, muscled and big breasted creatures roam around. They have seven eyes in their tall skulls, six symmetrical and one on the crown of the head, in the same insect fashion as 760. Their features are those of women, tall women, wearing some sort of hat that is actually still part of their heads. Their bodies are made of the same black shiny rubber as 760, but with several blue, yellow, red and green strips running around in patterns. The scen of rubber now would be overwhelming to any human inside this web place. The atmosphere is so thick, a shallow fog forms on the ground. They have no hands, but rather blogs resembling mittens, with hungry pussies on them, and each has a huge cock that grows from their groins into their breasts, constantly oozing a white liquid.

And in the center of the room, high up in a throne, lies a much bigger creature, alien, insect like. Her body resembles a woman, with big torpedo like breasts, and long legs and arms. But her arms end each in a mass of blue tendrils, and her legs end in thin ballet-like points, without heels. And between her legs, a huge rubber cock, but with a pussy at it’s base, instead of balls, a sign of adaptation to convert the creatures of this world. Blue energy flows from her eyes, leaving sparks in the air. The Hive Queen. Her extended head growing up in the same fashion of a crown, her body, the deepest shade of black. She must be over 20′ tall, and she gets up from her throne, leaving a sucking noise. In the throne where she has been, lies a rubber cock, oozing cum, as one of the other creatures rush to it, sealing it’s pussy mouth around it and sucking with pleasure, feeding itself from the produces of the Hive. The Queen walks in impossible pointy feet to 760 who moans and kneels, unable to hold the deep pleasure in it’s brain.

“Welcome, my object. Feed.” the Queen hisses in 760’s mind, while Her Royal cock extends towards 760’s mouth, who captures it and feels the latex in it’s lips melt and become one sealed rubber mass with the queen’s cock, which extends further inside of it’s body. 760 no longer has a stomach or any human organs, it’s body being an alien hybrid of human and living rubber, but the Queen spurts it’s nectar directly into the drone’s body.

The other creatures of the room, whose minds 760 was now used to, M1, M2, M3, surround it and start caressing it’s rubber body. M1 walks behind the queen, and impales her with it’s own cock, moaning aloud in the room as it’s balls increase to the size of volley balls, and cum starts spurting into the queen, which increases the flow into 760. M2 and M3 move behind 760 force it to kneel, and take her two other pussy openings. Then, the ground reshapes itself, growing around 760, linking with it’s arms and legs, binding them, making 760 momentarily part of the Hive Structure. The drone can fill it’s body becoming part of the walls, it’s mind becoming that of an object, no more important to the Queen than Her throne, or the walls surrounding Her. 760 is an object. 760 is nothing but a tool to serve the Hive and please the Queen.

“Yes… You are Unit 760. You are an Object. A Rubber Tool to serve the Hive and Your Queen…”, M2 whisper mentally into 760’s mind. 760 is no more human, just a drone, a servant of the Hive.

They keep filling the drone with royal nectar, and programming it’s mind, until 760 is release from the Queen’s cock, and it’s mouth returns to it’s original overinflated pussy shape. M2 and M3 also withdrew their cocks from the drone, as M1 did from the Queen. The floor started lowering, releasing 760 from it’s embrase, and freeing the drone.

“You are a Cum Milking Unit”, M2 whispered into 760’s mind. “Your task is to go out into the world, and harvest cum for us. The Queen feeds on Human Cum, and produces Royal Nectar. The Hive Feeds on the Royal Nectar, and serve The Queen. We are the Rubber Maids, we take care of The Queen and store some of the Royal Nectar in our bodies, to feed the Drones such as yourself when needed. You were created to harvest Human Cum for our Queen. “

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”, hissed 760 while caressing it’s own voluptuous rubber body. 760 turned and walked again towards the entrance point of the elevator tube, and was transported again to the Pussy Entrance of The Hive.

760 walked into the night looking for cocks to suck. It wouldn’t be hard in this city. The Hive have been in the same spot for over thirty years and no one ever noticed, and the males milked by the units get addicted to the intense sucking only a Drone’s pussy mouth can give in a human. A mix of the special Drone Saliva, which works as a lube, and the mouth, and the rubber pheromones, makes the males unable to sleep unless they are milked.

They only grow happier as their cocks become hairless, smoother and bigger, and their balls grow to fist sizes. The Queen had attempted bringing some subjects into the Hive and mutating them into Cum Producing Cows, but they eventually mutated into Zealots, the huge cocked guardians of The Hive. The Queen then perfected the Drones into the perfect sex toys for human males. And made sure the saliva contained a drug that addicts the subject to the milking. The Queen still refers to them as Cows. Hew Man Cows She says to the Maids. Dirty, useless but from their precious cum.

But when 760 roams the night, she goes to the dark alleys where her Hew Man Cows are already horny, hard, some new ones trying to stroke their cocks to no use, unable to cum without the perfect pussy mouth of the Drone. Some tried to stay married, but how to explain to your wife that you’re constantly horny, always hard at night, and no matter how much effort she puts in it, he will never ever cum. She cannot compare to the rubber pussy mouth of a Drone. And slowly, their cocks would keep growing, until reaching a size no human female could ever pleasure in her pussy.

After a while, some even bring friends for the best sex in their lives, to fuck the dirty whore… and they also get instantly addicted and become another cow.

Soon, the cows try to regain some position, by calling the Drones their “precious rubber whore”, or “kinky slut”, “bimbo”, but no matter what, they’re cows, lining up in the black alley for the daily milking. Most, used to the feeling and company, oblivious to others, are already with their shiny hairless 20” cocks outside of their pants, stroking, too horny to think, waiting in line while 760 lays on the floor, besides 3602, another Drone already milking the cows, and parts her legs. They raise her, hungry for rubber pussy, fucking her in all her pussy mouths, feeding her, filling her hollow torpedo tits with their precious cum to feed The Queen.

After being milked, the cows just feel sleepy, and drift home for the best night of sleep they ever had, just to feel the same urge for being milked the next night. Even being a bad part of town, the usual thugs and criminals instinctively avoid these spots, where the cows are milked for The Hive, and any male who wonders in there, either only sees a scene of hot kinky sex by depraved people, or becomes another cow.

760 and 3602 feel their breasts full with hot delicious cum, and all cows were milked, and they kiss, evening the excess load 3602 had, and both wander back to The Hive. 3602 is now happy it will be a more efficient milking machine, now that The Queen created a new Drone to help. It had been very successful in creating new cows, and The Queen has been very happy with it, but it was running on too much cum every milking, to the point much was spilled on the way to The Hive from overflow. Now with 760, it will be easier and maybe, 760 will become 3760 someday and create it’s own milking station. And The Hive could grow and make the world right.

3602 dreamed Drone dreams.