The three dolls walked down a white tiled corridor, that ended in a descending cargo-style elevator, with collapsible metal doors to close it. Once in it, 2 pressed one of the first buttons, all white and showing deep sign of use, which turned red once selected; and within seconds and a small jerk, it started descending deeper into the complex. 6 was still heaving after the recent session, and still struggling with accepting what she has become. Her whole body was being reprogrammed, but her old mind was fighting back. Master knows what the end result will be tho, he always do.

Now that 6’s body has been redesigned in all senses as that of a rubberdoll, there’s no doubt on what the end result will be. In a struggle between reason and willpower against the pure, raw, lust of a rubberdoll, reason and willpower don’t even stand a fighting chance.

The elevator stops in a dark wharehouse-like enviroment. Few greenish lights cast an eerie mood over the concrete walls, making ocasional yellow and black painting visible. On booths shaped in the walls, all darkened and lit by the greenish glow of monitors, there are contraptions similar to gynecological chairs, and vacuum cubes, with metal shelves filled with heavy tools and toys of pleasure stacked for ready use. This enviroment isn’t so big, but it’s oddly silentful, with the ocasional moan coming from a corner, a sound that is somewhere between male and female. 6 fights her lust and wanton obedience just for long enough to see a human form in shiny white rubber, with huge breasts, completely strapped to one of the ( maybe 3 ) chairs in this room, it’s skin seeming to pulsate and alter if you look closely. 6 gave a step on it’s direction, when 4 touched her left breast, making her body lust so much, that she let out a loud moan… followed by more moans from the white doll. In that state, 6 was easily guided to one of the chairs, one on the far right wall, and placed in it, with her arms strapped high above her head, and her legs high up on stirrups.

Noticing their sister was now starting to enter a trance, indulced by their other bound white rubber sister, 2 and 4 proceeded on binding 6 to the chair with several very thick, industrial rubber straps, making the squirmishing doll moan on her own. Master was following the whole procedure from his chambers, on a monitor. This is a very crucial moment on the indoctrination procedure, for the other dolls may fall in the chant, and join bound 6 and 5, the white rubber doll under final indoctrination now, in their deep moans and lustful state. After all, that’s what rubberdolls are meant to do. But 2 is a high level drone, and she gains pleasure herself on imposing on younger dolls discipline and submission, and that part of the doll programming jumps in as 6’s rubber pussy starts to ooze over the table. And 4, being a novice doll to 2, follows her sister, as 6 is a novice doll to her, giving her for the first time, the pleasureful experience of indoctrinating a sister doll.

Wet by the moans herself, and driven by the pleasure of disciplining a new novice doll, 2 fetches a long dildo-shaped rubber contraption, that seems to lube itself. She starts inserting it into 6’s wanton mouth, already with blow rubber lips to accept the intruder. The phalus slides softly down the slut’s mouth, setting itself deep on her belly, and inflating. It will provide the doll with the constant feeling of oral abuse, and getting used to the feeding tube; while at the same time, keeping her nourished during the procedure, which may take days. Then, she simply points for a long, dual dildoed, very heavy set of rubber panties, that 4 picks for her, kneeling before handing to her older sister.

A hidden catheter is placed in 6’s urethra by 2’s experienced hands, before the monster dildoes slide effortlessly into the slut rubberdoll’s pussy and anal entrances. 2 then connects the panties to a stern looking corrugated rubber pipe that ran alongside the chair. Finally, 6’s feeding tube was connected to a very heavy gasmask, a special one, with special lenses. The connection was made, and a special, white gooey feeding liquid started oozing inside the insatiable doll’s tummy, leaving her with the cozy feeling of being fed by a giant amount of Master’s cum, and the gasmask was tightened in place by 2 and 4. Before leaving, 2 inserts two earplugs inside 6’s rubber ears, and connects them to the gasmask, and the gasmask to the computer panel on the side. It’s monitor starts filling the room with a green phosphorous light, almost at the same time the doll started it’s indoctrination programming. She moaned deeply, as 2 and 4 left the room with the paced sound of their ultra-high heels.

6 opens her eyes, and is inside a warm, cozy, protective rubber womb. The smell of intense rubber, industrial cum coated rubber, fills her nostrils causing her great pleasure. Master is there, she can’t see him, but she can fell him, his smell, his taste, his presence, his rubber. Master is everywhere.

“Welcome 6”

6 tries to speak, but it’s useless.

“Yes, it’s useless to speak, your mouth is no longer a mouth, but my fuckhole, you understand?”

6 tries to nod, but the straps prevent her from doing so.

“As you were warned, once given the syringe, this is my lifestyle. Now, there’s no turning back. More and more you’re changing into the doll you have always craved to be, owned, controlled, a sweet docile rubber sex toy, that I can train and use as I see fit”

6 felt her legs getting warmer, and wetter, as her pussy started sucking in the dildo with hunger. She would be kneeling and sucking Master’s cock right now, if she could.

“The moment you injected the syringe, my special serum started altering your body, and your brain chemistry. It no longer matters if you were male or female. After a few months, it’s impossible to tell, as I alter your bodies so much, to my desire, that you become what I want. You understand doll?”

6 was collapsing with pleasure. Master was using specific words to tune in her doll nature, her doll space. He knows what this does to her, and that’s why he’s not showing his presence, because it’s crucial that any part of her old self still resisting, understand her true nature, and fall in, following the sweet stream of rubber lust.

“I could easily brainwash you, but if I were to do that, I could have simply used a lifeless robot. I’m Master, I want true slaves, that surrender to me, as my much prized rubber dolls, whore sluts who live for my pleasure, and for the rubber pleasure, to serve me and anyone I see fit, as I desire, in ANY way I desire. You understand that my doll?”

6 shakes against her restraints, nodding, both her doll nature, and her old nature. There’s no old nature, only the doll. Only in the past, a doll scared to embrace her path, and now, a doll, freed by the power of rubber and her lust for Master. And even if this inhumane level of lust and pleasure, impossible before, is created by Master, it’s a gift she must cherish, because He, and only He can give her pleasure. She understands.

Master follows the progress from his chambers, metering her brainwave and hormone levels, and is pleased by the level of understanding and acceptance 6 has. She was the correct choice after all, and will be a good doll.

He presses a button on the console, and sexual images of bizarre rubber sex start projecting into 6’s headset, of pee covered rubber cocks, as the mouth intruder starts tasting like pee, sending 6 into a huge wave of pleasure as the dildoes start to vibrate. 6 sucks wildly, images of strong, muscled, rubbermen peeing with their huge rubber cocks over her and her sisters. The simulated fantasy mixes with her bound reality in her lustful brain, indoctrinating her for the rest of her days, with new images of lust and desire, imprinted in her very soul, unlocking the doors for 6, the perfect, lustful, rubberdoll.

6 reaches an unearthly orgasm, almost breaking free of the straps… her now giant clit, hurting against the confinements of the industrial rubber panties, proving that any thinner material wouldn’t resist and create the sort of pain and pleasureful sensation of confinement Master wants for His doll. Her mouth, hurting from the intruder, engorged lips sucking relentlessly. After what seemed like hours, a computer in a secret rubber chamber emits a soothing sound, while 2’s mouth slurping sounds were filling the room, riding Master’s always thick, always hard, rubber shaft… “Indoctrination Phase 1 Completed, initiating Indoctrination Phase 2.”

“Good… soon you’ll have another slut sister to serve Me along, 2”

The kneeling doll would have smile, if her modified cock-sucking lips would allow her to, 2 was happy, she has a new novice sister to train and teach and discipline. This last though sent even more powerful waves of lust to her 12” clitty that she was stroking while sucking Master’s cock, and she purrs in rubbery pleasure.