A van drives down the streets of a deserted neighborhood downtown; it’s darkened windows only reflecting the lights outside. There’s no living soul out at this time of the night, and there’s no living soul actually residing where the van is headed.  Racing between abandoned buildings and warehouses, it stops facing a big green metal gate, where a white X was painted a long time ago. The gate opens slowly, activated by the driver, and the van moves in, towards what seems to be a giant parking space with spots marked on the asphalt floor with white paint. The gate closes, as two shiny black rubber female forms, with the numbers 4 and 2 printed on their foreheads walk out of the van, parked over an X on a corner of the warehouse, moving towards it’s rear door, and polling a moaning rubber cylinder from inside. They rub their bodies against each other, fondling and moaning for a few minutes, before returning their attention to the inflated body bag that carries a lustful 6, and taking it to a set of stairs, climbing it downwards, swaying their hips sexily as they do so, their every movement, translated into lust.

After descending a few steps, a heavy steel door closes behind them, insulating the staircase from the outside world. The greenish fluorescent lights glow over their heads, as they move, taking the rubber encased form down into a white and green tiled corridor, and into the left on a hospital-like door. They enter what seems to be a clinic, and leave the body bag over a metallic surgical table. As they do, a male dominant rubber creature walks from another door. He’s big, tall, muscled and well toned, every muscle and curve on his male dominant body showing under the lights with a special shine. His presence makes all of the dolls moan, and become more lustful than usual, including the one inside the body bag, still on an early stage in her transformation, but already responding to His presence. 2’s mouth starts to seem to inflate and become a round O, ready to take in his cock, oozing thick saliva making it a very inviting fuckhole. He smiled, knowing what His presence did to His toys, and enjoying the response the new, even if unfinished one, was having. 2 and 4 knelt slowly, without taking their rubbery eyes from His cock, their bodies hot from the lust that consumed them, their long clits oozing lubrication on the floor, also from their pussies and assholes. All their fuck holes, as Master calls them, were ready for penetration if He wishes so, as they should always be on His presence.

“Open the body bag”, He commanded. Both the dolls stood up and walked towards the bag, deflating it slowly, making 6’s moans even more audible in the room. Once the zipper was undone, Master finally could see His latest creation, looking at Him in pure lust, not knowing what to do, taken by a frenzy of pure lust, by setting it’s eyes on Him for the very first time. Slowly, He moves his thick rubber gloved black hand to 6’s body, while it’s frozen with exasperation. He caresses her naked skin softly, paying attention to it’s reaction as He does so, smiling under His gasmask, aware His hissing sound makes 6 even more lustful, taking away any memories it might have from it’s previous life, and replacing it with utter lust for Him, and desire to serve and please above all, matching the response already programmed in it’s body.

“What a sweet doll… you want to cum, don’t you pet?” He asked, looking at the doll under His control, trying to speak, trying to use it’s mouth for anything other than sucking His cock… to no avail… it’s tongue is now engorged and lubed… it’s lips, blimped up, inflated into a round natural ring gag, luscious lips made for sucking and being fucked hour after hour, but not to speak. Not unless Master commands 6 to, but 6 is just now realizing that. Only wet, unintelligible sounds came from those lips. “Just nod your head, slut”. 6 started to nod, with great difficulty, due to the complete tension that was waving over her every muscle, her every cell, her mind, flooded by images of Him, of His cock, shooting inside of her body. “You may cum, my doll”, He said.

With this, 6 started to shake, shiver, her hands, caressing her luscious body, taking her whole giant clit on her hand, and stroking it up and down, her own lubrication coating it now, making it much more wonderful… she was coming closer and closer to the most incredible orgasm of her life… but never achieving it. She was unable to cum, no matter how hard she tried. She looked at Master, who was taking great delight from her puzzled eyes, and looked towards her sisters. “2, 4, you may please your sister”. Both dolls nodded, and panting heavily, both stood on her ultra-thin impossible heels, and with her 17” corseted waistlines, moved towards the table, playing with 6’s body in ways she never experienced before. The sound and slippery texture of the rubber gloves, getting in and out of her wanton vaginal and anal holes, was overwhelming. She was reaching heights of pleasure impossible by humans, but still, she could not climax. 6 looked at her sisters with pleading eyes, as they worked her clit, ass and pussy with their rubber bodies. And they responded with more vigorous assaults, to no avail, she could not climax. Master started to laugh at the doll’s puny attempt.

“You don’t understand slut? Your lust is so high, you can’t think? So let Me show you why you can’t climax, and never will”, He said as he unzipped His catsuit, letting His immense hard rubber coated cock come out. Under the dolls’ hungry eyes, He slowly slid it into 6’s mouth, which instinctively responded with a loud moan and a insatiable sucking. She was feeding on His cock, her eyes closed, nothing else existing, all the pleasure roaming her body, was nothing compared to what she experienced now, sucking Master’s cock for the first time. Her whole body was her mouth, her mouth was now a sex organ, the most important in her body, the most pleasure full one, filling the room with her slurping sounds, her sisters fucking her ass and pussy with their gloved fists, but that pleasure, not meaning anything compared to this.

Any normal man would have reached his climax and shot his cum just by touching the lips of Master’s rubberdolls for one or two seconds. Master on the other hand, rode her new unfinished doll with more rigorous demands of someone used to far higher levels of exquisite pleasure. ”Suck me slut, harder, harder!” He commanded, as 6 discovered her new swollen tongue reacting to Master’s voice with a life of it’s own, acting as He programmed on her new instincts, sucking, swirling under his shaft, for several minutes, until He exploded inside her mouth… and then, she reached an earth shattering orgasm. 6 could feel every fiber of her body shake and tear, every muscle spasm, her mouth being in pure fire, as His pleasure juice slowly ran down her throat, making the pleasure deeper and deeper. She sucks his cock, until flaccid, feeling like time stopped. Her body shivered in spasms on the table, feeling now the intense pleasure her sisters are giving her, irresistible rubber pleasure. Then, Master withdraws His cock, zipping it back in His catsuit.

“4, 2, you can let 6 go now, once she recovers, take her to the indoctrination room and start the process”, Master said, before leaving. All 3 dolls follow Him with their eyes. 4 and 2 walking back, letting 6 spasms on the steel table, inside the deflated rubber bag. 6 still shivering and shaking from the deep orgasm she just experienced, feels her whole being drained, a complete void and emptiness she can’t fulfill. She looks at her sisters, who are also recovering from Master’s overwhelming presence, her lips and fuckholes back to normal size and readiness. For the first time in hours, 6 felt pain and soreness, or actually, was not so lustful that she could actually notice them. She was starting to recollect her mind, going back to being her old self, but it only lasted a few instants, as her lust started to build once more, taking her to an altered state of mind Master calls “doll space”, which He designs all her rubberdolls to have their bodies keep them at, physiologically, at all moments.

In a few moments, 6 was filled with desire for Master, and to please, without questions, without the capacity to experience a full orgasm without Master’s pleasure, and knowing it fully. She inserted one of her fingers into her mouth, hoping to find some of Master’s cum in there, but it was gone. And she was fed, and happy for pleasing Master more than anything. 2 came towards her, and took her by the hand. 6 sat on the table, and then, stood on the hard white tiled floor, and followed her sister out of that room, while 4 picked the empty bag, and followed them.

Master was at this moment, smiling on His chambers, watching it all on a security video, assured His clients would mostly enjoy His new creation, once finished. He just needed to figure out a few final details about 6’s body, that would soon be permanent. Maybe she should be red, for a change. He smiled, as the little doll didn’t notice soon, she would be hopelessly the most advanced sex toy in the planet today.

Continues in “Indoctrination”