It’s a dark night, with clouded skies. Not a single opening to let the full moon shine upon the earth. Some unexpected problems kept me at work, leaving office much later than I am used to. The cab I took didn’t know where to go, and I decided to give up and asked him to stop, before the fare got outrageously high, but now I know this was a bad move, as I stride across this deserted part of town. To be honest, I have little idea where I am now. I have lived here for the last four years, but basically going from home to work, and don’t know my way around well in any place other than those two. And now, I am certainly far away from my usual route. I think I can spot a bigger road across a dark alley on my left, and I decide to walk into it.

As the sounds from the street I was in are left behind, I feel a cold breeze brush against my face. Fear races down my spine, and I start to regret coming here. That’s when I come across a van, parked in the shadows, with two pitch-black creatures loading a body bag into it by the side door. And instead of running away, I freeze. They are very big, and scary, with no eyes to be seen. They are probably wearing shades or goggles, and their heads are clearly hooded, but with plastic, from what I can see. The body bag moves, and I see someone is there. Now, I want to race, but my legs don’t want to move. I just stand there, seeing they nod to each other, and then walk towards me, cutting my both exits. A third shape comes from behind the driving wheel, with a sort of gasmask on it’s hand, and as the other two hold me, this big, but feminine form puts the mask’s face against mine, and turns on a valve. I try holding my breath, but scared as I am, that’s of literally no use. My heart races as if it was about to jump out of my chest, and my legs are about to crumble. My only effort is to try moving my face away, with no real success, until I let go and feel the strong scent I would grow to be very familiar to, and very needy of, the scent of rubber. Within seconds, my vision fades, and my mind is filled with dreams… for how long, I can’t tell.

I feel something in my mouth, something spongy, and my jaw hurts… I notice I can’t close it, before I notice my hands and bound behind my back, and my feet are tied together. Opening my eyes doesn’t help much, as all I can see is darkness, and I feel some sort of goggle over them, and the rubber band around my head. As I wake up, I try to move to a more comfortable position, but I notice I can’t, I just wiggle around like a worm, on some tiles. I didn’t notice before, because I guess I warmed up the tiles I was laying over with my body heat, but now that I change my position, I notice how cold they are, against my naked ass, my naked body, my naked legs. And now fear takes over me again, as I finally noticed I am completely naked.

Steps, from heavy army-like boots, approach me. They stop just before my nose; I can smell the scent of rubber from them, a very strong, industrial one.

“_ So, this is the new unit you picked last night?”

“_ Yes Doll Maker 3.”

“_ Couldn’t you simply discard it somewhere else? This body will take a lot of work and money into it, to be reshaped properly. Not to mention we have no studies on if her personality would fit the transformation. That’s not how we work here.”

“_Yes Doll Maker 3, but we had little choice. It appeared from nowhere into the abduction site, and saw the whole operation. We did what we considered wouldn’t put the hive at risk.”

“IT”? They are calling me a “it”? I try to speak, but all that comes out are muffled hums and unintelligible protests. I move without leaving the spot, like a worm with no sense of direction.

“_ Well, the operation would be compromised if we did let it go now. Since I see you already started the procedures, go ahead and prepare this new unit for full conversion into a rubber unit. We will see what we make of it later on.”

“_ Yes Doll Maker 3. Thank You Doll Maker 3.”

Then, they walk away again. They male voices were strong and decided, my mind is forming an image like those I saw yesterday. Big strong men, going around kidnapping people for their deviant pleasures. What kind of mess did I get myself into? I am no longer scared, but mortified. I feel hands, rubbery ones, grabbing me by my feet and shoulders, and lift me. I try to fight, and move, but it’s of no use. I am carried to a flat surface, like a surgical table, and my arms and legs are unbound for a brief second, just to be bound again on shackles.

Lubed tubes are forced into my nostrils, down until they get to my throat, and cemented there with some rubber cement afterwards. Their presence annoys me greatly, but not as much as a catheter being forced up my urethra, and a tube jammed into my ass. I can hear the pumps being pressed, and the balloons inflating inside of me, until they are painfully secured. I panic again; fighting the intruders with the little power I still have, hungry and cold, naked and fragile.

Uncaring to my protests or little resistance, rubbery hands start coating my body with a strange goo. I can feel it forming a very thick coat over my skin, reacting against it, sending me a warm feeling. In a matter of a minute, every inch of me is coated on this, my nose, my mouth, my whole face and head. If not for the tubes, I wouldn’t be able to breathe, but I now somewhat thank these intruders. The hands stop, probably happy to see how I am coated, and stop. The thick substance prevents me from hearing anything anymore, but my skin starts to react to it, making me start feeling hot, and aroused, calmed and relaxed. I wonder if I am bring drugged, about what’s on this thick goo, but those wonders wash away, and my lust grows stronger and stronger, and a voice forms inside of me, asking for more, a voice so strong it makes all others remain unheard, including the voice of reason. Like an addict, the more time passes, the more I want, and the more I resist, the more I want to surrender.

Unseen to me, black rubbery creatures start gathering around the table, looking at me, commenting how much I seem to have liked the goo. From outside, I look like a doll, encased in a dark gelatin, all the hair in my body being removed, dissolved, forever. Something in this substance is permanently making me hairless, and wanton. I would pleasure myself now, if not bound in shackles on an X position. I lost track of time on how long I stay this way… but after what seemed like an eternity, the goo starts to dissolve, and my gelatinous cocoon disappears, leaving me still horny and unfulfilled.

“_ Pick it, and take the new unit to be fitted in a training skin.”

They call me “it” again, but I couldn’t care less. Those strong rubbery hands release my arms, but instead of fighting, I start caressing myself.

“_ Hmmm, an eager unit. Calm down, little one, you will have plenty of that later, on your new life”, someone says, grasping my hands with some strength and preventing me from going any further. I cherish this state of arousal, this state when I am turned into a wanton slut.

They drag my squirming body around, and put me down. A cold, hard, piece is fitted like some underwear, around my crotch and waist. I can hear the sound of a lock going on, and the giggles of my rubbery manipulators. They put me up and place me inside a tube now. I feel pressure on the air coming inside my nostril tubes now, almost being pumped into my lungs, as they are reattached to an air intake. The tubes are more than annoying now, as they are drying in place, but I am still too horny to care. I am standing, my hands shackled above me, and my heat still driving me mad with desire. I feel another tube being connected to my gag, and suddenly, fresh water starts pouring in. This water has a strange taste to it, not that I could stop it, but the more I drink the hornier I feel. Maybe there is some substance in the water too.

I hear the tube close, and some synthetic voice can be heard outside.

“Initiating cocooning process X0001”

Steps move away, as a thick spray takes the entirety of the chamber. A wind forms, but soon I loose sense of the environment, as more and more drops of this tick gooey spray adhere to my skin, coating me uniformly, if I could see, in pitch-black rubber. It gets thicker and thicker, drying at contact, not giving my own skin a single moment to relax, relentlessly becoming heavier and stricter. And I am enjoying every second of it. The coldness of its touch makes me warmer inside, despite the hard crotch piece, I feel like a volcano, oozing wetness under it. I just want to fuck and be used so badly, my brain literally floating in my own sluttish lust.

Robotic hands now remove the gag and goggles, before it’s too dry for it to take place, but that doesn’t relieve me. I am bound, inside a blackened tube, no lights come in, and I still can’t pleasure myself. Two hard plastic pieces are lowered and placed on each side of my neck, connecting and making a click and then whirling sound, as my neck is held in a stiff position. Next, it’s placed around my waist, and inch by inch, my waist feels a forced, painful and pleasureful constriction. I moan inside my cell, as I feel my body reshape into whatever they want me to be. I hump the air with my loins, wanting to be fucked or fuck someone. Anyone, anything. Something is lowered from the ceiling of my chamber, a round rubber tube, which is offered for my mouth. I open it gladly, and feel external rubber lips, still wet from that liquid rubber, adhere to my ones, keeping my mouth opened, in a round O shape. Next, tinted lenses are attached to my face, covering my eyes, giving me an insectoid look. I only moan. I no longer speak, just moan.

“Cocooning process X0001 completed”, the computer voice says outside.

The chamber is open, and I am released from the shackles. I can finally see, even if my sight is incredibly restricted and the lens are still tinted. I can only tell shapes and spaces, not details. Two rubber forms are waiting for me, and help me sit on some sort of chair. I try to grab them, to caress them, to seduce them, but they just move silently, grabbing my hands, and after applying some liquid rubber to my fingers, ease them into thick heavy rubber mittens, long to my elbows. Then, ballet boots are glued and laced to my legs. Then, they leave. Again.

I am horny beyond belief, I try to rub myself, caress my hardened nipples, but I feel nothing. My senses are taken away from me, my new skin makes me nothing but a rubber doll. I try to fight the hardness covering my crotch, denying me access to my release, but I just fall from the chair on the floor. Then, someone strong and big comes before me. I can’t tell if it’s make or female, the voice leaves a hint of both. It’s shape seems to have big breasts, but something protrudes from it’s crotch.

“_ Do you want to pleasure yourself?”

I try to speak, but nothing coherent comes out. I just nod, desperately, while on all fours on the ground.

“_ You are no longer human, male or female. You are a thing, a pleasure doll, a unit to serve and pleasure. You can only achieve pleasure now, from pleasuring others. Do you understand?”, he/she speaks.

I nod again. I am desperately, I will do anything for a good shag now. The creature comes closer, and rubs a cock on my rubber mouth. I can feel it’s heat, somewhat I can even taste it, before it comes inside of me. No sense comes from my body, but somewhat I know it all in my mind. I feel I am such an erotic creature, each step he/she comes closer, I feel the heat inside of me increase. I surrender.

“_ Pleasure me, unit”

I take his/her cock inside my mouth, and start sucking it… and as I do so, I start to feel overwhelming pleasure. It flows, washing trough my soul, bringing new feelings and sensations I have never experienced before. I suck like a born cocksucker, I don’t care, I don’t know myself anymore. The person who existed a few days or hours ago, is changing, like a larvae inside the cocoon. Something on the core of my soul tells me to resist, but the pleasure and desire to surrender to the transformation is too strong.

“_ Good unit… I was wrong about you, you will make a fine unit…. Now, it’s time to take you a step further…”

Thick goo sprays into the back of my throat, and starts flowing inside of me. I suck eagerly, something telling me I should get the most of it I can. It’s taste and smell is so divine and wonderful, I’m intoxicated. After a few seconds, I feel no longer in my body, but floating in a sea of ethereal pleasure.  I feel I’m swimming in a sea of cocks, all intruding my by pussies and asses that form on my body. I no longer have gender or sexes… I am a sexual object, a sexual creature, I exist for pleasure. The pleasure is so intense and so mental I for a second fear a heart attack.

The rubber creature I suck, moans with pleasure, still feeding me it’s divine fluids… I suck every bit of it, feeding from it, being renewed at every drop… until the biggest orgasm I ever experienced in my life took hold of me. I tried to keep sucking, as spasms shook my body, and make it hard to even stay kneeling and sucking. My now useless hands try to grasp the rubber cock, but I fumble and fall to the floor, white goo running down my cheeks, coating my lips, running down my nostril tubes, as I shook and trembled on the floor, still experiencing rubber heaven.

“_ Take this unit to it’s first indoctrination session. It will be a fine addition to the hive.”, my dream rubber creature said, and left. I stay there, still sucking at every drop of good, and slurping at every sensation I can grasp, while they pick me up and transport me away, into a new life.

The end… for now.