This story contains heavy adult contents of highly sexual nature, and should not be read by those under legal age.

Fucktoy deals with bdsm, lesbianism, brainwashing, mind control, bizarre body modifications, enforced enslavement and loss of identity. And of course, lots of rubber. This is not an example of what I believe to be a balanced relationship and is a mere fiction exercise, and also those are taboo topics, so if you are sensitive about those areas of human sexuality, I advise that you do not continue reading.


Chapter 1 – Broken bones

It would be easier to start this story by saying “Melinda was walking down the street when…” or “Sandy received a strange package”. It would be much easier to go on. But with such unique stories as this one, I always have a hard time to start. Maybe I should start from the start, but that would make for an awful long story. No, I will start just by when Jennifer and Alyssa met.

Jennifer was not your average dominant woman. She was very much the queen of the fetish club. Her eyes roamed the attendees with much love, but she kindly ignored the number of requests she had to dominate men and women alike. She didn’t get interest in just anyone. It took a special person. It took Alyssa, whom she had never met yet. Not until today. Jennifer was clad in her special catsuit, tailor made for her slender and perfect body. People assumed she was a swimsuit model, and asked her about appearances in magazines she had never even bothered opening. Jennifer was a writer, and spent much of her time at home, caught in adventures and stories, and wondering about life, love and everything else. Her desires didn’t fall in the common category. She was a lesbian, and has always been. She didn’t find out in college after some weird experiment, she always knew, just as she always knew herself all too well. Her self confidence made almost every single person she met, react submissively to her, and in a while, during her previous relationships, her desire to dominate her lovers was not something she could hide. And that lead to the discovery of her many fetishes, some too bizarre for most fetishists tastes. She delved into extremely heavy and bizarre rubber. And in nights like this, she thrilled herself into looking into the mirror and wonder where did the human element go, and where did this gorgeous rubber creature took over. Her life was perfect, all she needed was the right slavegirl who didn’t run away at her first session.

The last one was Julia. Her body was near perfect, but her mind left much to desire for. She couldn’t keep a single conversation for more than fifteen minutes without getting confused and turning back to TV. And in bed, Julia refused much more than dressing in light rubber just to look pretty, despite Jennifer’s natural overpowering dominance. Julia just didn’t get it, she was too stupid to truly enjoy the intricate extremes that roamed Jennifer’s mind. So, their relationship ended with a note on the bedside the morning after Jennifer opened her heart, her lust and her fantasies, and Julia simply said it was no longer fun and she would like to go to sleep. Jennifer woke up in the sofa with dried tears and found a new stock right after reading the note.

So, now Jennifer was sitting on the rubber club, shiny and smiling inside her gasmask, enjoying the erotic atmosphere and letting her mind roam on new ideas to explore, when this little girl, smaller than she is and very much a doll, walked towards her, with her hooded blonde hair and blue eyes.

“_Hi”, she said, with a drink of scotch in her right rubbery hand. She was actually blushing under her clear rubber hood.

“_Hello little one, would you mind sitting with me?”, Jennifer smiled and moved aside on the table, letting the girl ease her body to sit with her.

“_Thank you. I saw you looking at me from over the club, and I felt like coming and saying hi”, she managed, while sitting down, her pussy obviously from the way she moved while the rubber did slide on the sofa.

“_I am very pleased you did. I am Jennifer.”, she said removing the gasmask, and letting the girl roam into her dark chestnut eyes.

“_I am also pleased to meet you Jennifer, my name is Alyssa.”.

Jennifer felt her heart bubble inside her chest, and they talked the whole night. Jennifer had met other girls in the rubber club, but with none, the chat went so naturally where it should go. As if by telepathy, Alyssa knew what Jennifer liked, and Jennifer seemed to resonate to every word. Before the night was over, they exchanged business cards with phone numbers, but didn’t went to sleep together. Jennifer was very sexually charged, and by arriving home, she indulged in her favorite inflatable hood, plug and vibrating dildo for hours. But right at the club, being properly asked out by the buttler, and parting ways, she was too taken by Alyssa to even consider asking to go to bed with her right away. She would learn over the few next months, she would never ask Alyssa for anything. She was just starting to understand the true nature of their relationship, and the true nature of herself.

Over the next weeks, they would chat for hours on the phone. Sharing dreams and fantasies, ideals and ideas, more than Jennifer ever considered sharing with a woman she would be in love with. Love? When this word came to? Jennifer believed in love, but experience made her think she wasn’t suited for that word, like many lesbian women are bound to believe in such erroneous ways as taking too much time to find the right person. But yes, Jennifer was in love with Alyssa, and it was evolving fast, and growing in proportion. They were more than sex partners, or lovers, they felt more and more like two halves of the same coin, and it didn’t take much, until Jennifer asked Alyssa to move into her house.

The day Alyssa arrived, she was shocked. It wasn’t big by her standards, being someone used to living outside London, but for downtown standards, Jennifer lived in a mansion. An old worker’s house, refitted for her desires. A main floor for regular visitors, a second floor which was her working and living space. And a third floor destined for her desires, which took much of her resources as a good, but not best-seller writer. Alyssa suddenly felt outclassed by this, but walked inside the house, as if she owned the place. Jennifer followed with her things, and the door closed. In a few hours, she was already comfortable, and they were sleeping in bed talking. Just talking was their favorite way to spend time. And they ended up talking themselves to sleep.

The next morning, Jennifer woke up to the sight of a very pretty Alyssa, in one of her rubber dresses. It was victorian in style, fit for a Baroness, or Countess. She was not completely covered, as her head was left outside, but it didn’t hide how heavy the dress was. Jennifer was creaming her panties at the sheer sight of that. Alyssa had a riding crop in her hands. Something inside Jennifer shifted. She looked so cute, so beautiful, so fragile. But something fierce burned within her, which made Jennifer want to protect her, but at the same time, serve her with all her strength. And something switched inside her head.

They exchanged looks, Alyssa looking right into Jennifer’s eyes, who looked back with her full desire. Alyssa knew she had taken Jennifer. She only needed to push her the last final inch into the path she had seen when she first set eyes on her at the club, and confirmed her instinct on the weeks of long conversations and meetings. They were meant to stay together, and now they know it. Both their previous bad relationships have just washed under the bridge, while she walks towards the newly born slavegirl.

“_ Hello little one”, said Alyssa, remembering what Jennifer said at the club, when they met, and her feelings. Her confidence glows out of her eyes, and now Jennifer feels incredibly outclassed herself.

“_ Hello… “, Jennifer said, finding herself very comfortable in such a weird position for someone like her, with confusion taking over her every step.

“_ How do you feel?”, Alyssa said while sitting on the side of the bed, caressing Jennifer’s body, inserting her rubber coated finger into her pajamas, and caressing her already hard nipples.

“_ Incredibly horny…”, Jennifer said. Nothing was more true, as her panties didn’t hold the dampness from her heat, leaving her with a big stain in her pajamas.

“_Well, why don’t you get undressed now, and get into the shower? I have prepared something for you upstairs… we exchanged vows of love last night, but now it’s time for us to take the last step, the last bond, don’t you agree, little one?”. Jennifer only nodded, and stripped naked, and moved into the bathroom. She noticed the tub was full and foamy with bubbles. “Don’t get used to the royal treatment little one, but I think considering what you’ll experience today, you’re up for one small treat”, Alyssa said, walking in.

Alyssa sat, while Jennifer cleansed her body. No words were exchanged. None needed to. She saw the enema kit hanging from the shower head, and she saw a hair removal lotion on the sink. She didn’t complain, just floated into her deepest, darkest fantasies, and accepted her true nature. When she was finished, Alyssa asked her to offer her ass, and she received a full liter enema. She would learn it would be, for the rest of her life, part of her early morning rituals. Alyssa inflated the bulb of the enema plug, and sealed it tightly in, after carefully inserting it into place with her well lubbed black rubbery finger. Then, the warm solution flowed in. Alyssa smiled in pleasure, as Jennifer so easily took to the submissive role, with things she had only this far, done with few other girls, and dreamed of doing with others, ignoring in the most surprising manner, she was just waiting herself, to be one of them in the hands of Alyssa. The tub was being drained, just as Alyssa applied a thick gooey lotion to Jennifer’s scalp and extremely wet pussy. She took the chance down there, to caress her clit just enough to almost make the brilliant strong mind go blank, and then applied the goo. Her tummy did hurt, and her pussy and scalp were on fire from the substance, but she didn’t complain, she just closed her eyes and let go into the world of sensations and desire. Pleasure was now everything for her, and that pleasure was her pleasure pleasing Alyssa. Alyssa smiled, and opened up the shower, taking away all her hairs, while letting the enema go with one quick pull on the plug.

Jennifer let out a scream of pain, as the thick plug was yanked out, but Alyssa smiled in sadistic pleasure. “The plug was well lubbed, I would never hurt you, but I will give you pain when it pleases me”, she said, smiling, knowing Jennifer’s body was now flushed with ever increasing lust. She finished showering the lustful bald girl, and turned the shower off.

“_Dry yourself up, and meet me upstairs, we have one last arrangement to make”, she said before leaving the bathroom in her shiny 5” spiky black high heels. Jennifer was still recomposing herself. Her body wanted a quick orgasm, just one, but she wouldn’t dare displease Alyssa.

When she reached the third floor, the heavy oak door was opened, and Alyssa was sitting on the throne. In front of her, on the rubber tiled floor, was a complex array of rubber clothes from Jennifer’s own collection. Just, all ordered for her slaves to wear and use. She wore them on occasion, but to test how far was safe, and what she could do, she never actually got any of those pieces on in the slave capacity before. Now this changed everything.

“_ Well little one, I guess you know where it leads now”, she said smiling.

Jennifer nodded, and walked forward thrilled to get into those items. This was new for her, but she was enjoying every single bit of it, and went on with the script many slavegirls did with her before. Getting dressed, playing, ordering chinese. She was so wrong.

“_Stop. Kneel.”.

Just two words played something inside the core of Jennifer’s soul, and she was kneeling before she realized.

“_ You must understand Jennifer, this isn’t a game for me. We shared so much. Our mutual fantasies of rubber life, of becoming a doll, a rubber object, and how blissful and wonderful that life could be. And now here we are, one last step away from it.” Alyssa said patiently, to someone who still didn’t fully grasp the meanings behind them.” I am not your Domme, I am your OWNER. I own you. You know it, I know it. I take what I want, and I want you. But I don’t always keep what I take. Are you worth keeping, little one?”

Jennifer felt her world crushing down, she just nodded as a sort of panick took over her body, the fear of loosing her. She knew Alyssa meant every word she said. She knew every one of them was true as well.

“_ So beg me. I want you to beg me to take you, and turn you into my private rubber fucktoy.”, Alyssa smiled. She knew Jennifer’s spine was broken by her first phrase, this was just twisting the knife. But she enjoyed twisting the knife. There’s something natural slaves such as Jennifer don’t understand about natural sadistic dominants such as Alyssa, which is the fact they enjoy emotional pain just as much as physical,  as long as they’re the cause of it, and they can do as much as they can, as long as they can, with full control. And Alyssa was feeling her pussy getting wetter every second for Jennifer’s pain-filled eyes.

Jennifer was still shaken, shaken by all this, by the change of position, by the sudden submissive side of her soul Alyssa was able to tap into so easily, and now, from an irrational fear of loosing this woman forever, and not being able to be taken as her fucktoy.

Screaming in tears, Jennifer fell to her feet, kissing her boots, begging “Please Mistress!! Please, don’t discard me! I want to be your fucktoy! Please, make me into your fucktoy! I’ll serve you, protect you and love you forever!!!”, as tears ran down her cheeks, sliding from the shiny rubber boots, and hit the floor making small pools of pain and confusion. Alyssa was very pleased.

“_Don’t cry little one, I want you, and I’ll keep you. I’ll make you into the most perfect rubber fucktoy to step in the face of earth”, she said smiling, as she leaned down, and took Jennifer’s face in her gloved hand, kissing her softly, and whipping her tears. Jennifer started beaming in irrational, purely emotional joy, shaken, but all fears put behind, as she knelt again, whipping her tears and smiling, kissing her Mistress’s hands with need and love.

“_Enough, now it’s time to bring out the real you…”, Alyssa said, without giving Jennifer an instant to reply, and produced a gag from the pile on the floor, quickly fastening it on the slavegirl, who didn’t protest, accepting it quite readilly. It’s an inflatable hollow gag, forcing a hollow tube of pure black rubber between her lips and teeth. Alyssa held the pump, and smiling while looking into the girl’s eyes, started pumping, watching the girl’s cheeks inflate quite readilly. It left her mouth with a special wanton look that matched her eyes. Next, came a very thick catsuit, with attached feet, hands and hood, which was open faced. Jennifer thrilled in the excitement, as Mistress handed her a bottle of lube, while starting to unzip and ready it for the new toy.

After lubbing her body, and specially her skull, which made her completely perverted mind shiver in pure lust, Jennifer, or the girl who was Jennifer, steps into the very thick catsuit. She remember when she acquired, the advises against it, since it was too thick to be practical. But the likes of Jennifer and Alyssa would never go for practicality over rubber perfection, and the girl who was Jennifer, was becoming just that. The thick zipper went up, pulling the weight of the material against her skin, compressing her legs, ass and pussy. The thick cock and anal sheath, with bright pink skin color, were contrasting and showing right against the blackness that was the rest of the suit. The girl moaned, as she was completely encased in it, in and out now, knowing very well where that did lead her.

Were this any normal fetish story, Alyssa would magically make the zipper go away. Were this any regular fetish story, she would glue the catsuit to Jennifer’s skin with some unknown adhesive with magical properties that would be impossible in the normal universe. No, in this story, all Alyssa did was zip it up all the way, and the feeling on encasement, the unrestricted lust  the girl who was once Jennifer started feeling, the twin soft rubber rods in her pussy and ass, that didn’t prevent her from becoming a fucktoy, was enough to make this her skin, and the change permanent. The girl who was once Jennifer knew that quite perfectly, as her only reply as any good rubber fuck toy would do, was a bright, honest, lustful moan that sent shivers down Alyssa’s spine.

Looking to admire her half done creation, Alyssa turned the girl who was Jennifer around, and smiling, looked her into the eyes, their lust filling the rubber room with such intensity, candles would have melted. Without a word, she produced the nastiest rubber corset Jennifer had, with a crotch strap that ran between her legs with inflatable dildoes, and shoved them in place after some lubbing. And then, started closing the corset down to 24”, one inch less than the girl who was once Jennifer ever managed to pull herself down to before. Breathless, the girl who was once Jennifer was in pure state of bliss.

“_Now now, my new toy, we’re almost there…” she said while picking up a pair of ballet boots that went to the girl’s knees. She sat the girl down, and laced them tight, locking them with bright silvery padlocks just after finished, and smiled, helping her stand. She looked at how she feared even moving, a fear that would go away with time and practice, but if she pushed the girl too hard, she may break up her toy, and ruin the fun of the afternoon. For now, she would just help her move. She sat the girl in a nearby stool, making her moan louder from the invading dildoes, and wondered how she’d adjust to the future changes, with the catheters and enema plug constantly in, and many more bizarre creations they’d order from select shops who would doubt ever someone would consider wearing them.

“_The final step. Remember, after we do this, there’s no turning back.. “, Alyssa said without waiting for a reply she didn’t need, and placed a hard face mask over the doll’s face. It’s a black inflatable mask with lenses for eyes, and a pink mouth pussy, always open, which attached to the breathing tube on the gag. She zipped close, buckled the straps on the back of the head, listening to the doll moaning, lost in doll oblivion. And she started pumping.

The girl who was once Jennifer, felt the constriction and pressure against her face, and shivering, moaning, fought to prevent her hands to seek the relief she needed. She stood there, sitting on the stool, while Mistress blimped her head into a shiny black sphere.

“_There”, Alyssa smiled, while locking a posture collar on the doll’s neck, making sure she’d be always looking forward. This wasn’t one of the girl who was once Jennifer’s items, this one Alyssa had custom made for her, and had a bright silvery A on the neck, with an O right right under it. Of course, the girl who was once Jennifer was lost to all this, unaware of these details, lost in a sea of rubber pleasure her tormented body gave her.

She helped the girl stand, and helped her move to a rack she had placed already in the correct position, a Saint Andrew’s cross, X shaped, with many belts and buckles to keep a slavegirl steady for playtime. She strapped the girl who was once Jennifer in there, and walked in face her. She was lost, moaning, but forced to look forward, watching her new owner, with lust and desire. She was expectant to what was next, breathplay, if she would hook her to electro stim, or simply rub her body against her bound doll figure. But instead, Alyssa did the unexpected.

“_ Look at yourself and see what you have become”, and with one pull, Alyssa removed the black cloth that was hidding a full body mirror. And the girl who was once Jennifer could see for the first time her new body, looking back at her, and knowing it was her. Alyssa smiled, and came closer, whispering on her ears “you’re my fucktoy… you have no name, no face… you’re just fucktoy, you’ll think of yourself as fucktoy from now on… forever… my fucktoy….” and with that, she kisses her creation with a long, rubbery passionate kiss.  She smiled, and walked away to wait, to let the new reality sink in, permanently. She leaned forward, and turned on the vibrators, and left smiling.

While the sound of high heels dimmed in the distance, fucktoy looked at herself in the mirror, the featureless face moaning in lustful pleasure to her, while the perfect shiny rubber body shivered bound to the cross. The exquisite corset, the vibrating plugs and the extreme high heels added to the sensation, making her vulnerable to what was to come. Shaken by orgasm after orgasm, the new reality sinking in fast by this last act of enforcement, erasing who was before and writing on top of that, a new reality, while repeating to herself in her mind, how happy fucktoy was happy, how fucktoy would please Mistress forever.

Fucktoy was happy, forever.