Both girls were completely exhausted. They went to bed. There, covered with rubber sheets, the girls kissed quietly and slowly, rubbing their bodies together, gently stroking each other. Paula thought that Alison had done something to their dildoes, because she could now feel a gentle vibration and a slow massage inside, but she didn’t care. It felt so good, so gentle after the wild orgasms she had just had, that she didn’t say a word, and kissed and stroked Alison’s rubber skin until she fell asleep.

She felt warm and wet, and the scent of rubber was all around her. She was in a very different room now. There was a soft light in the atmosphere. All she could hear was her own heartbeat, her own breath, the air sliding inside her inflated suit, the rubber creaking as she moved.

There was a mirror against the wall. She walked there, enjoying the clicks of her platforms and high heels as she stepped. There she was, so full, so inflated, so shiny. She posed, and admired herself. She felt good, she felt beautiful.

She ran her gloved fingers over her breasts, and trembled as she felt the touch. She gently pressed her nipples and played with them. She pinched them softly, and breathed slowly as she felt the pain. Then she caressed them with the palms of her hands, and smiled feeling them swell.

Then she slid her hands slowly over her tiny corsetted waist, and down, feeling her rubber ass, and her rubber crotch, as she rocked her hips back and forth, feeling the pulsating dildoes inside her. Between her legs, where the huge inflated dildo had been, now there was a swollen, puffy vagina, with meaty black rubber lips and a big round clitoris, the size of a thumb, which she started fingering at once. Slowly she caressed the lips with her index finger, and it felt wonderful. She felt the vagina contract and throb with the sensations, and it didn’t take long until she felt some strange milky fluid dripping from it.

She heard the clicks of high heels behind her. She turned, and there was Alison, as inflated and beautiful as always. Alison smiled her, and she smiled back and said, “Hi, dear! Look, I’m made of rubber!”, and laughed. Alison smiled and said, “Not yet, my dear, not yet”, as she turned around and walked away.

She returned with a couple of rubber hoods with attached butterfly gags. Alison unzipped one of them and said to Paula, “open your mouth, dear”. Paula did as Alison wanted, and Alison placed the huge gag in her mouth. Then she adjusted the small tubes in Paula’s nostrils and zipped the mask. Paula felt the mask inflate over her face, adding more and more pressure to her face and head. Then the gag inflated more and more inside her mouth, expanding her cheeks under the inflated hood.

Alison put the other mask on. Now Paula could see that the mask looked like an open face hood. The face part was made of white rubber, and it had hot red lips. To Paula’s amazement, it looked like a doll-like replica of Alison’s face. As Alison began inflating the mask, her cheeks started bulging and her face became rounder, softer. The black hood inflated much more evidently, becoming soon a perfect black sphere. And the red lips also inflated into a thick round shape. Alison had now become a perfect inflatable doll, her features so smooth, so artificial, her lips so full and round. Finally, Alison placed the tube of the pump in her mouth and pumped and pumped, until only muffled moans came from the beautiful rubber body.

Paula touched her own face. It was soft, but firm because of the pressure. She touched her own lips. They were as full as Alison’s. Then she looked at Alison, whose rubber face was looking back, with a smile on her face. “Now, we’re made of rubber, my love”, she said. Her voice sounded muffled. The rubber lips moved as she spoke. So, it was true, thought Paula. She sucked at the rubber gag and thought, “what has happened?”. Immediately, she heard her own voice repeating the question.
“Our bodies are now made of rubber, my dear. Now we’re perfect rubber dolls”, said Alison, smiling. Paula looked at her reflection in the mirror. Now she could see the mask she wore. It looked just like her own face, but artificial. Just like a doll with her own features, with a smooth and glossy surface, and puffy cheeks and lips.

Paula kept touching her face, her lips. She could feel her rubber fingers sliding over her rubber skin. She was so sensitive now… She put a finger inside her rubber mouth. She could feel her teeth, also made of rubber, and she felt also her rubber tongue, slippery, thick and soft. She sucked the finger with her enormous lips. They were so tender… At the same time, she sucked the gag that she still felt inside her mouth. She was completely enclosed in rubber now. She could smell its aroma in every breath. She could feel its taste filling her mouth. She could hear its creaking noises as she moved rigidly inside her inflated suit, inside the rigid corset and the posture collar and the inflated ruff. She could feel it embracing her every inch of skin, and she could feel the skin of the suit as if it was her own. It was very bizarre, because she felt protected, safe and comfortable imprisoned in the amazing rubber suit, but at the same time she felt as her true self had come to the surface.

Alison said, “Yes, we’re both made of rubber now. Let’s enjoy”, and she walked slowly to Paula, and hugged her and kissed her in the mouth, as she felt her inflated rubber body press against her own. Then she walked away, holding Paula’s hand, until both hands separated as she continued to walk to a big couch. There she sat, lying against it, legs open wide, showing a full view of her also swollen vagina to Paula.

Alison cupped her enormous breasts with her hands, and as she stroked her nipples, asked Paula to come over. “Come here, my dear. Drink me”, and as she talked, some drops of milk fell from her right nipple.

Paula approached the couch, and sat between Alison’s calves, and with her rubber lips kissed and suckled her lover’s nipple. It grew and become puffed as she motioned her tongue over it, and the rubbery taste filled her mouth soon. Then, as she sucked, the milk began to flow. It was warm, and sweet, and at the same time it had a slight rubber taste, and it was delicious. In no time Paula was sucking avidly, as Alison held Paula’s head against her breast.

When Paula had drunk enough, Alison told her to lay back against the couch. “Now, it’s my turn”, she said, looking wickedly at Paula’s eyes. Then, Alison crawled over Paula’s body, and pushed her lips against her trembling nipple.

Oh, this feels good, thought Paula, unable to suppress a gasp as she felt the powerful suction at her rubber nipple, and the milk flowing from her rubber body.
Her breasts shivered with pleasure, and she pushed and rubbed them, and pressed Alison’s head against them. She wanted this to last forever.

Alison’s lips pressed and massaged Paula’s nipple, as her tongue stroked the tip of it. Paula also pinched her other nipple, moaning as she felt the intense mixture of pleasure and pain that exploded in her tremendous breasts. Then she moved her other hand down to her dripping vagina, and started stroking, fingering, her heart racing, her chest heaving with her intense breath, until she exploded in a violent orgasm.

Alison stood up as she heard Paula come. “It seems that your pussy is very hungry, isn’t it, my dear?” and she walked away. In a moment she returned with a huge harness with two enormous dildoes inside and a huge cock in front of it. She lubricated the dildoes, and slid them in slowly in her own vagina and anus, sighing and breathing deeply. Then she strapped the harness over her crotch and lubricated the phallus that stood in front of her. “Let’s give your hungry pussy something to eat”, she said, and she drove the huge rubber cock in Paula’s pussy, who hadn’t recovered from the previous orgasm yet.

The feeling was incredible. Paula moaned and sighed as her breasts went up and down, following the strong pace of her breathing. She felt the rubber vagina in her suit throb and pulse, as it embraced Alison’s huge rubber cock. At the same time, she felt as if her suit was also fucking her, the muscles of her anus pressing against the dildo in her rear. And she remembered that the suit had also a huge dildo that penetrated her vagina, and that she could still feel inside. She couldn’t explain how was this possible, but she didn’t care. All she needed to know was that she was having the best fuck ever in her life.

Paula sighed, and moaned, and screamed. The pleasure was so immense, that she could only squirm and push her hips against Alisons’, demanding more and more. She felt the orgasm coming, and it went on, and it never stopped. She had tears of joy in her eyes, but she couldn’t stop looking at the rubber beauty who was making her feel so good, and who she loved most in the whole world.

She did not know how many hours had passed. The climax of the orgasm was passing, and she felt the pleasure coming in slower waves now. Alison got up from the couch, her dripping cock standing proud in front of her. With some effort, Paula stood up from the couch and walked close to Alison. With avid eyes she looked at her. Then she walked closer. She pressed her body against Alison’s, and rubbed her breasts against her lover ones. Closer. She bent forward a little, until her face was now just in front of Alison’s, and she could feel the scent of rubber from her breath.
Then she licked Alison’s lips.

It was like the gentle touch of the most soft and tender kiss, but infinitely more tender. Then she kissed again, now more passionately, and felt how Alison kissed back. Then she felt Alison’s tongue slowly penetrate her mouth, and play with her own tongue. She felt it inside her cheeks, it felt incredible. Then Alison retired her tongue a bit, and teased Paula’s lips with it. Paula slid her own tongue through her thick round lips, and played with the tip of it, touching Alison’s.

They stood like this for a while, and then Alison went to the couch. She removed the strap on harness, and handed it to Paula. “Now it’s your turn, my dear. I want you inside me.”

Paula smiled as she took the harness. Then she slid the huge dildoes inside, and adjusted the straps. She loved seeing the enormous cock in front of her, she felt in control, powerful and bizarre. She started fondling it as Alison sat on the couch, extending her legs wide open and displaying her swollen rubber labia. As Paula stroked the gigantic dildo, she could feel the intruders inside her throb and grow.
The more she stroked, the bigger the dildoes grew, penetrating her deeper and deeper. And a million rubber tongues licked against her rubber vagina, her labia, her clitoris. And she felt the big rubber cock that rose from her crotch like hers.
She looked at the tender rubber vagina that was just in front of her, and slowly slid her rubber penis inside, as Alison gasped.

Paula started moving her hips. It was the first time she ever fucked like this. It was strange, bizarre, but nevertheless she liked it, and as she rocked her hips, in and out, she felt the rubber dildo throb inside her girlfriend’s rubber body. And she felt her whole pelvis tingle with pleasure, as the dildoes inside her slowly pulsated inside, as if they were alive.

Paula moved now a bit faster, as she watched her friend’s face full with joy, her eyes closed, her mouth open round, her lips playing with her tongue. She pressed her own breasts as she rocked her hips faster and faster, feeling the cocks throbbing, as did her vagina. She fucked, and fucked, and it felt better and better. And Alison rocked her own hips in pleasure, as she moaned louder and louder.

Paula then bent over Alison, still motioning her hips. She reached for her girlfriend’s lips, as she penetrated her. She wanted to hug her, to kiss her, to suck her, to feel her. And soon she felt her whole body receive her.

Both girls wriggled and squirmed in a big rubbery embrace, their crotches linked by the slippery dildo that moved in and out of Alison. They kissed all the time, savouring each other’s delicious rubbery lips, playing with their rubber tongues, and pressed each against the other, never wanting to separate. They moaned and sighed and screamed, and heard their racing breaths, and the creaking of inflated rubber against inflated rubber. And they hugged and pressed each against the other, and fucked, and fucked and fucked for endless hours.

Paula felt that had got asleep again. She still felt the tingling all over her body, the last soft remnants of the wild pleasure that had posessed her. Alison lied just by her side, with a sleepy face and a wide smile. With difficulty, Paula sat on the bed and asked, “So, was it a dream?”. “Maybe”, said Alison.

And both girls slept on until the morning.