We spent the week sealed in rubber and she proved beyond any doubt that she really was a true rubberist and would not venture out without being fully rubbered and masked and when we went into town she insisted on wearing one of my heavy rubber straight jackets with a full armless rubber suit over the top, she looked amazing, I put her into a respirator with an inflatable hood attached and then into a floor length cape with large hood and then inflated the hood it was fabulous and she told me afterwards that she had orgasmed at least five times and when I checked her piss bag it was almost full.

The weekend was a nice quiet one and we swam in the pool and cuddled in full rubber both in and out of the water and went for walks down by the river in which she insisted going onto for a paddle, I didn’t tell her that in the middle it was about five feet deep and at one point she disappeared view completely, I was laughing like a drain but she stopped that when I tried to help her out and she pulled me in with her, a great weekend and I was getting fonder and fonder of this really beautiful young woman who was driving me crazy.

On Tuesday morning she came down very lightly clad, for her anyway, three suits full masks and gloves “Can we have a talk?” she asked, “Of course we can sweetheart what’s the problem?” I asked “Oh there’s nothing wrong it’s just that I love being here with you and want to ask you something” she said.

She told me that I was the first true rubberist she had ever met and had really enjoyed our time together but that she was almost at the end of her stay and would have to go back to Prague soon unless she could get a job here and of course a work permit or she would be forced to go home to an awful job and very little chance of enjoying her rubber hobby as she could in England.

She told me that she had a good Masters Degree in computer science and if course her love of rubber overrode all else and she had been fired about four times for going into work in full rubber even though it was terrible weather or that she has had time off when sealed away in rubber and forgot all time as it passed when she was encased in her rubber.

I was devastated as you can imagine this lovely lady was going out of my life, I couldn’t let that happen I was falling in love with her and she was a true rubberist which is something I thought I would never find and so I told her that I had an idea.

She said not to interrupt for a while and she would tell me what her dream was and that she thought that I could possibly help her with it but that would come later.

Her dream she said had come about when she was about sixteen and read a book on bondage that she shouldn’t have really seen but did, it was about a very cruel Master who took really young women and imprisoned them in his dungeon he made them wear catheters and they were tubed up the back passage and this was sealed so that all their bodily waste was fed back to them via tubes forced deep into there stomachs, they breathed through tubes forced down their throats and once all this surgical treatment had been completed they were literally sealed into thick tight rubber suits and then they were covered in layer upon layer of liquid latex that was polished until they were just rubber objects and he called them things, he would then cover them in inch thick rubber sheaths with special built in rubber pussy’s and sold them as sex machines or used them in his rubber bondage club, I sat there amazed and I have to say somewhat bemused, I am not and have never been into cruelty and this sounded very cruel indeed and from my point of view torture, you should not encase any one in rubber or restrict their breathing or strap them down or tie them up unless they are completely in agreement I just could not put this beautiful girl together with what she was saying and it was obvious that she realised I was not happy.

She said “Oh dear I have given you the wrong impression please let me finish and you will see I am not looking for someone to torture me”.

She carried on the story and told me that ever since reading this story and in particular the part when someone ordered a mermaid from the man that she had been fascinated with the idea of becoming a full rubber mermaid in similar vein to the girl in the story, she had been treated like the others but a special costume had been made that made her look like a fish, completely sealed in rubber with a huge tail and special breathing hood that got it’s air from a connection in the tail, she was then put in a rubber aquarium and left there for six months, until she died, the story really upset her but she really wanted to become a rubber mermaid but obviously didn’t want to die in the process and certainly wasn’t into the cruelty and torture but really would love to be sealed away for a month at a time and had designed a special mermaid suit with arms and all the right openings and holes for love making so that she could become a full rubber sex mermaid for the use of her rubber man, and that she said was her dream, would I like a rubber mermaid for my very own as she thought she could trust me and thought that she was coming to love her rubber man.

I was completely taken aback and didn’t know what to say, she said “Look I know this is a bit much to take in all at once why don’t you think about it for a while, and even if you decide it isn’t workable at least you could come to visit me and I could show you a couple of factories that make the most amazing heavy rubber gas suits that really seal you inside and all sorts of respirators” she got up and walked out of the room leaving me with my thoughts.

We hardly spoke for the next few days although we went out fully rubbered and enjoyed the looks we got immensely I was thinking what I could do when it suddenly came to me.

I sat Jiriana down and said to her “Look this story of yours has surprised me as you can tell but I am glad to know that you are not into cruelty and that you only want to make your special dream come true and I think I have a way to make that happen, you need a job to be able to stay over here right?” I asked “Yes that’s right” “Well as you are a computer expert and have web design knowledge why don’t you come and work for me as my web master, you could live here and dress in rubber full time and I would pay you in part by having your special costume made what do you think?” she said nothing she was sobbing her eyes out, I was shocked.

Once she stopped crying and calmed down a bit she threw her arms round me and said “OH you wonderful man do you really mean it you are not just saying it are you?” “No I am not just saying it you are very obviously a true rubberist and we should stay together in our lovely rubber world and if you want to become a rubber mermaid I will help you” I said, she was beside herself and crying and cuddling me and kissing me all at the same time.

“Have you got much gear in Prague?” I asked “Yes lots” she said “The Czech Republic has always been heavily into the manufacture of rubber suits for all manner of different industries and the military and some of the gas suits are truly amazing and really thick and rubbery” “Right we can hire a van and go get your gear and then you can come and live here, I will talk to my solicitor and find out about a work permit OK?” “Oh yes that would be fantastic I have to phone Svetlana and tell her she said you were a lovely man and know I know it’s true” and off she went to tell her friend.

The following day I took Jiriana to see Victoria and Josh and she described the costume she had in mind and Victoria was ecstatic saying that she would make two one for Jiriana and one for herself so that there would be two rubber mermaids and that I could install them in my pool for a week or two, Josh simply shook his head and made some comment about his lovely lady being incorrigible and that he supposed that he would have to do all the work as usual, this got him a dig in the ribs from a laughing Victoria, we left them to think about the design for the mermaid suit and went home, I made arrangements for Jiriana’s work permit and made arrangements for a large van and booked tickets for the following week to go and get her gear and see some of these rubber suit manufacturers, the trip was uneventful and I ordered some really amazing double coated rubber gas suits that were one piece complete with respirators and lovely thick rubber mittens, the suits had to be put onto you by someone else and Jiriana said that she couldn’t wait to get me into one over five or six rubber suits and a couple of froggy suits as she called my drysuit’s.

Life was going to be fun and I was looking forward to it immensely.