I spent the next three weeks or so studying the books that Colin and Svetlana had sent me and did my best to take in as much as possible before I actually had to put it into practice, it was not an easy task as there really was a lot to learn and the more I read the more I realised just how dangerous this sport or indeed business could be if one was not properly prepared and had an understanding of how everything worked and how to make sure the equipment was working properly and how to spot any problems before they became dangerous particularly when as in my case you were underwater and sealed totally inside numerous airtight rubber suits or even a sealed bag, so I was doing my best to understand all the technical jargon and by the time I was ready for my trip to see Colin and Svetlana my head was in bits and I have to say I was confused.

I arrived at the training centre at 11 o’clock and went into the office to be greeted by a very large man behind a desk, he got up and said, “Hello I am Colin and from your dress I have to assume that you are Roland, how are you?” I took the proffered hand and shook it, I say a big man and this is not an understatement he was a giant, “I am told that you have met our good friends Victoria and Josh so should I call you Roland or Doctor?” he asked “Roland will do fine” I said “and yes I spent a very enjoyable time with Victoria and Josh they are a smashing couple and make some really wonderful gear and I have ordered quite a bit of stuff from them, some of which I have with me, indeed I am wearing one of their suits over three of my own latex suits and am looking forward to starting the training” he looked at me and said “Your next question is how tall are you, everyone asks” “I am sorry was it that obvious?” “It’s OK I don’t mind I am six feet seven and a half in my stocking feet…” he was about to continue when the door opened behind him and two of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen came out “Ah here they are, Roland may I introduce my wife Svetlana and her friend Jiriana, the brunette is Svetlana and the blonde is Jiriana and she is on the course with you” the ladies came over and Svetlana shook my hand “Welcome to Dive Unlimited” she said “This is my friend Jiriana from Prague and she is staying with us and is going to be doing the course with you as Colin says” Jiriana shook my hand and I thought bloody hell I am in love again, she was gorgeous, about five feet seven tall and with the most amazing figure, I was in seventh heaven “she is also a rubber lover like yourself and Victoria and Josh and in fact me although Colin puts up with my little hobby and likes to be dressed he is not a true rubberist like us so this week should be really good fun, lest get you to your room which is next to Jiriana so that you can study together, this way, I’ll get one of the guys to get your bags from your car” she walked away into the rear of the building and I was thinking, more on the lines of the sort of studying that I would like to be doing with Jiriana and it had nothing to do with bloody diver training I can assure you.

“Did you enjoy your filming experience?” Jiriana asked, and to my amazement there was no trace of an accent “Yes I did it was most enlightening and made me realise how much we rubberist’s are ripped off for the rubbish that we buy on video and DVD and in fact how we are ripped off by some of the so called manufacturers that make rubber clothing…” I stopped short “Sorry I am getting on my high horse again I think we get a very poor deal but to more interesting things, what are we going to do first Svetlana?”

“Well first we will get you settled and then we will have some lunch and get to know one another, there are eight of you on the course, we only take people in pairs so that they can buddy up and as Jiriana is a rubberist like us I have put you together although usually we do not put male and female together it can create problems, after lunch we will go into the class room and we will show you some of the dangers that can come from misuse of equipment and what to be honest is total stupidity as you will see, some of the video’s and pictures are a bit harrowing but they do focus the mind, tomorrow we will spend all day in the class room and Colin will go through the technical stuff which should make it clearer than reading it from the manuals and on Wednesday we can get rubbered up and get you in the water, here we are” she said and opened the door, the room was really nice although not posh, it was clean and bright with a shower and television and video, without doubt as nice as a lot of hotels I had stayed in “This is really nice” I said “Thank you we try to make everything as pleasant as possible, Colin is most insistent on that as he says if you saw some of the accommodation that training schools offer it would turn your stomach and diver training, particularly the commercial side is strenuous enough without having to live in a pigsty and eat crap food, I will leave you two together and we will meet in the dining room in about half an hour, see you soon, ah! here is your luggage” she said and she was gone leaving me with Jiriana, “You are wondering how a girl from Prague has no accent” she said “well my Father was a doctor, like you, and my Mother worked for the Czech government in the embassy and so from a very young age I was subjected to many languages, I was sent to England to go to school and realised that I had a gift for language, I speak five languages fluently and three that I can get by in and have worked until, recently as a technical interpreter, but am just not happy and when Svetlana asked me to stay I jumped at the chance so here I am, shall we unpack and go and have a quick look round before we go for lunch?”

It had been my intention to dress in rubber at all times this week and I had brought two heavy coats and two heavy capes with me, one of the capes was designed as a bondage cape with internal sleeves and a tight hood with waterproof back zip from crown to about waist level, when Jiriana saw it she was ecstatic, “Oh this is lovely can I wear it, please?” she asked “Yes of course you can” I said “Let me go and get hooded and gloved and take off these awful jeans and you can put me into it with a respirator won’t be long” and off she went next door, she returned a few moments later wearing a thick heavy hood mask that matched the heavy skintight rubber suit she was wearing, thick gloves and had bondage mittens in her hands that I put onto her and she was carrying a fabulous respirator with twin tubes coming from the front to a filter canister, the respirator had it’s own hood attached and laced down the back, I helped her into the cape strapped the internal sleeves nice and tight pulled the cape around her shoulders and eased her head into the hood and did up the rear zip, she looked amazing and gave me a twirl the highly polished black cape shimmered and shone and she said “Wow this is fantastic put the respirator on me and we can go for a walk” I duly fastened her in the respirator and then I put on a heavy rubber coat and one of my own respirators and we went out for a look round the grounds.

The whole place was really well set out and filled you with confidence for the professionalism of the owners, we walked down to the reservoir and there was a jetty with a couple of fairly big power boats a large cruiser and four rubber boats Jiriana said in a muffled voice “We will be using the rubber boats mostly the big boat is set up as a full dive boat and is used for the commercial side of the business, we can also go swimming a bit further along the shore where it is like a beach, isn’t it a lovely place?” “It certainly is and I can’t wait to get you fully rubbered and underwater preferably in a full bondage bag” why the hell I said that I have no idea and had my face been visible I would have been bright red “Oooo really that sounds lovely when can we try it?” Jiriana asked enfolding me in the folds of her rubber cape, “I am sorry” I said “That was unforgivable I shouldn’t have been so presumptuous pleas accept my apologies” I said more embarrassed than I could believe.

“Oh my lovely rubber man don’t apologise I can’t wait and I really am a true rubberist and usually covered from head to foot but find it really expensive and have been hoping that Colin and Svetlana could find me a job but I don’t have the qualifications and they have enough staff at the moment so I am just staying for a month or so and looking round, so lets enjoy ourselves and learn to dive it will be great fun, come on lets go and eat” she said, and off we went to get her out of her cape, but she insisted on keeping on the hood mask and simply put on a red rubber coat over her suit, she looked a million dollars and not one of the other guys on the course could take their eyes off her, I was as jealous as hell but she said “They are not rubberist’s love only you are and it’s you I am going to stay with so don’t fret we are together OK?” “Sorry was it that obvious?” “Fraid so my love but don’t worry about it it’s nice to have a man jealous particularly one who is sealed in a wonderful rubber suit”.

The afternoon was as Svetlana had said harrowing and some of the video’s and photograph’s were really bad but as Colin said proved the point far better than a talk and would make us very safety conscious, we spent the rest of the afternoon going over the technical stuff and it all started to fall into place, we broke about five o’clock and Colin took two of the guys into the office and we went to have a relax and Jiriana and I sat talking for about two hours when the phone rang and Svetlana said to me “Come on you two love birds it’s dinner time we won’t wait much longer” and rung off I was blushing and Jiriana asked me what was the matter and I told her she just laughed and said “Come on rubber man lets go eat I’m starving, we could be rubber lovers in more ways than one you know” and put her arm through mine and off we went I was blushing even more but what she said made me feel fantastic, she really was beautiful and I could just imagine her and I as a rubber couple.

When we got to the dining room there were only six of us and I asked Colin where the other two guys were and he said “They have gone, you have obviously read and taken on board the literature that we sent you and have picked up more than anyone from your questions but those two were completely out of their depth and in fact told me they had hardly looked at the manuals and thought we would teach it on the course, which we don’t, so off they go I will not teach anyone who is not fully prepared and to lazy as they will be lazy in the water and it is dangerous stuff as you can’t breathe through it as you are well aware, any way enough of that how are you getting on with the beautiful Jiriana?” I just said, “Fine thanks she is a nice girl” “Yeah well watch it Svetlana is an incorrigible matchmaker she will have you married before you leave here” he said laughing, and we went off for dinner.

The following day was all classroom and it felt like being back at school but was really, really interesting and I was learning more and more about being underwater safely and realised that I had been asking for trouble for years and it was a scary thought I can tell you, anyone who wants to use rubber underwater should really take this sort of course and in no circumstances should you leave anyone sealed in an airtight rubber enclosure alone, hence the buddy system of diving but this also applies to rubbering both in and out of the water, safety must be paramount we don’t have enough true rubberist’s to loose any by stupidity, any way back to the story.

On Wednesday we were ready for our first trip out on the water and under the water and so Colin told us to get dressed for some underwater training and action, Jiriana asked me what I was going to wear and I told her that it was my intention to wear three skintight rubber suits and two of the lovely suits I had bought from Victoria and Josh one of which was the special dry suit I had worn with Victoria on our walk and when Jiriana saw it she stood open mouthed and said “Wow that is lovely Oh my God I want one” “If you are a very good girl I may let you borrow it and if you are really good I may buy you one” I said, she threw her arms round my neck and said “Oh lovely rubber man I will be really, really good I promise” kissing me all over my rubber covered face, “Come on help me into it and you can seal me away and we can get going, we don’t want to keep Colin waiting” she helped me into the heavy suit and sealed the hood in place and then I helped her to suit up over her tight latex suits and hoods, once she was ready we walked down to the jetty and went with Colin in one of the big Zodiac’s he used for training.

The training was extensive and very serious and I gained a great deal from it, as did all the other trainees I am sure, over the next three days we spent almost all our waking hours in and under the reservoir and Colin had been right it was bloody cold and two of the trainees who had brought wetsuits had to ask Colin for the hire of drysuit’s as they were that cold.

The other trainees went off on Saturday morning but Svetlana asked me if I would like to spend the weekend with them as Victoria and Josh were coming up and we could all spend some time rubbered up and playing rubber games, now would I turn down a weekend sealed in rubber with three beautiful ladies, I think not.

The weekend was a great success and we all enjoyed ourselves and I am convinced that Svetlana Jiriana and Victoria were trying to find out just how many rubber suits you could squeeze a man into and then submerge him, at one stage on Sunday they pulled and pushed and squeezed me into 18 full drysuit’s and submerged me in forty feet of water whilst they looked on to see how I managed, it was a marvellous time and came to an end far to quickly.

On Monday morning bright and early the weather had changed for the better, it was absolutely pouring down and just the excuse I needed to put on four suits two drysuit’s and two heavy rubber coats that Jiriana tightly strapped me into with a delight.

I very clumsily asked her if she would like to come and spend a week with me sometime and she replied, “What do you mean sometime? What is wrong with right now or do you have a rubber lady at home waiting for you, I can be ready in ten minutes so don’t go away” I was amazed and Svetlana said “She really likes you, you know you are the first true rubberist that she has ever met, you want to ask her about her dream sometime it’s scary but I believe it could be done” I asked what she meant but she would say no more, Jiriana came down fully rubbered and coated bag in hand “I am ready rubber man lets go” she said jumping into the car without so much as a by your leave, so what am I to do, off we went back to my house.

I asked her about her dream but she clammed up “let me get to know you a bit better first love, it’s very extreme and you may not like the idea” and that is all she would say, we arrived home about lunchtime and I took her on a tour, when she saw the pool she was ecstatic “Ooo half way to my dream” she said but that was all.