"The Mistress thinks about the years of constant training and abuse needed to take her prized object to the complete surrender it achieved now. Slowly altering the doll’s persona so that first, it would never be aroused unless in the presence of rubber. Then, it would need rubber against its skin to even be aroused. More training made sure the rubber would need to be nothing but total, complete enclosure, or the doll would not even be able to achieve an erection. That was followed by ever increasing levels of chastity, so that now the doll was under permanent, complete chastity, relying on its asspussy as her only single mean of achieving sexual pleasure. That was coupled with permanent anal plugging and corset training, to ensure the doll had enough width and depth to receive her owner’s full fist in.



Slowly, the Mistress drove the doll into complete madness and back. Its pleasure now was completely controlled. Its body was completely controlled. Its orgasm was only possible after a special set of phrases were said, only by Mistress’s voice. The doll has tried cheating, has tried playing with the biggest most painful toys on its own, eager for pleasure. And such pleasure would never come unless Mistress decided so. The training was such a complete and perfect trap, the doll functioned as desired, permanently plugged, and the plug ensured it was permanently horny, but so used to the plug, it would be nothing but a constant source of submission and arousal and never of release, even more so with its shecock locked behind a clear plastic chastity lock. The doll would grow so horny exactly as designed so that thinking was close to impossible, locking the doll on a permanent loop of needs and desires that fit exactly what Mistress expected. The doll could think of nothing more than pleasing its Mistress… as pleasing its Mistress now was the sole reason it existed."

Updated version :) Trying to get back on the saddle, so to speak, this is a new experimentation on writing a new series of extreme heavy rubber fantasy stories, a bit based on some fantasies and some experiences, but mostly letting my imagination go crazy and have fun. All feedback is welcomed to see if I am going in the right direction ;)





“Well, you should know better than to cross your big sister. Do as she says and you'll be up in no time. I gotta help her now, but I hope you get better.”, she says before she leans forward and kisses me again. I'm getting tired of these forehead kisses. She goes back into the kitchen and I can overhear their conversations and laughs and jokes while they work.


I love my sister. Claire had some hard moments in her past, everyone says. Before Owner, before us. She deserves all the good things coming to her now. And she's a great cook. The best I have ever met. She was offered a restaurant of her own many times, but she usually kindly turns the offer down. Privately, she says the family is her number one concern, and to have a restaurant the way she wants, is a fulltime commitment, and she already has one with us. Catering allows her to cook her food, have her fun, and say no when she wants to. Work from home, sleep over when she feels like it, and cook her amazing food when she feels like it. She met Thalia in a munch at a friend's home. She's slavegirl to a Mistress who is Owner's friend, and soon they became almost part of the family. Our extended family perhaps. She feels like a loved cousin. Thalia is also a killer cook, and they became impossible to tell apart ever since. I used to think I was a foodie before I met those two.


I move around, the TV program is horrible. I hear the squeaky sound of rubber again. Oh, I love this sofa. All the furniture in the house is rubber coated, but this sofa is not only red rubber, but also, so comfortable. The kind you don't know if you doze off in, or get so horny you can't sleep. I look over my shoulder, and Claire and Thalia are busy with their things and I undress quietly under the blankets and start playing with myself, feeling the redness of the sofa touch my skin. It's so good, and I'm so wet... and sick, but far from dead."



This is the second chapter of the new series "Die Gummihaus", the dreams of a latexgirl about a real rubber life with a real rubber family, full of love, lust and latex! I do hope you enjoy!




"Master is smiling in the control room, with Candy's warm lips sucking his rubber covered cock. He would love to know what Fifi is thinking right now, how Fifi is feeling. Of course he could just erase her brain and override everything, but what's the fun in that? No, Master wants Fifi's body and mind to become her new training ground into a perfect cocksucking rubber sissy. So that someday, you could turn off the chip, and Fifi would be identical to the sissy doll in the chip, a complete programmed slut, shaped over the years and trained and indoctrinated every second of her life.


With this idea in his mind, he presses the start button on the LCD screen, and the machinery in the room come to life. John of course, can't listen to any of it. He only sees a darker shape come over his immobilized head, and feel something that tastes like cum against his lips. It's the chip implantation system, starting to do it's work.


First, it's metal arm descends from the ceiling, and a tube made of shiny pink rubber, with “Sissy Lollipop” written in white on it's sides, slides in, oozing a variation of the sissy juices, both to lube it's entrance, but also to induce a drug high on the sissy. This variation of the juice also makes the sissy mouth become numb and sterile. The tube keeps feeding the sissy until it's floating in sissy heaven."


This is the first chapter of The Slut Chip, a hot saucy story of a sissy in his late 40's transformed by a strict rubber Master, into the perfect cocksucking slut rubber doll, named Fifi. This story involves non-consensual transformation, pain, enslavement and kidnapping. I hope you all enjoy it!



"So, I'm here alone and horny, and my family is several miles away. And nothing happens. What a devious evil mind, to keep me on my toes. Possibly this thing won't do anything tonight and will just unlock itself in the morning. At least I have to admit my Owner understands it was a full long day and I am about to fall asleep, horny as I am. I'm just so tired. I pick a book to read, and as usual, a few pages down the road I'm fast asleep. Asleep to dream of rubbery people caressing me. And this pleasure... it feels so real... so.... so real I wake up, open my eyes and sure as hell the toys came to life between my legs. I'm being stretched slowly, as they take devilish cycles of vibration and rest, vibration and rest, and the pump reaches it's programmed size and stops."


This is the first story of the new Die Gummihaus series of short stories. Enjoy!



"760 walked trough the night, avoiding running against people until it arrived on a deserted parking lot. There wasn't much to it except it was deserted. People avoided it with the natural care flies avoid spider webs, or hares avoid wolf dens. It, because what used to be Michael from any analysis, and despite it's past, is in no way to be labelled male or female. It's a creature that exudes sex, and is intensely female in essence and form, but is in no way human. Male and Female are human concepts, concepts grounded strictly on the bounds of this planet, and what 760 became is nothing of the sort. It was now part of a Hive, created to serve it's Queen.


760 went past the open ( if you could call open something that is broken and rusty and grass grew around it ) fence, and directed itself to the shadows in the single square building on the center of the lot. There was no silence, no scent, nothing to give away the huge complex that goes underground. Even workers who dig the city's underground tunnels instinctively avoid the place. Even the city planners cannot fully pinpoint this location and let it be. It doesn't collect taxes, but somehow, nobody seems to notice. It just feels like a dead spot in the map no one sees when passing by. Unless the Queen wants that someone to see it.


Inside the concrete building with barred windows and decaying painting, there is a single room, half taken by a black rubber pussy, big enough to engulf a person, and now, invitingly open for 760, with it's red shiny rubbery vulva pulsating with life. 760 walked in, and was enveloped by the rubber cocoon, and swallowed down, it's body being cleansed and the clothes dissolved, until it's released into one of the upper levels of the Hive. Here, the wishes and desires of the Queen permeate every square inch of the biomass underneath the city."

That's Part 2 of the Hive, written by special request of some fans! Enjoy!


"I lifted out several handfuls of soft rubber and a small bottle and placed all the items down on the table, where I could see them better. I sorted out six pieces of clothing; a catsuit, gloves, stockings, and hood, and then checked the contents of the bottle, discovering that it contained dressing lubricant.


Everything was glossy black, the gloves and stockings looking long and tight, and the hood was one of the open variety. The catsuit was exceptionally well constructed and I could see from the seams that it had been made to measure. I ran my fingers slowly across the rubber and noticed that the rear zip terminated not at the front of the suit, but instead next to a large reinforced opening.


From its position I quickly realised that the suit was crotchless. My excitement grew and I had to stop myself from opening up the second box, to see what I would be wearing next."


This is "Dressing for Bondage", from Doctor Latex, let's hope he will feel inspired soon to give us more of his delightful kinky writing :)


Ivette xxxxxxx



Clark was as usual on his late shift at work, enjoying the free Internet of the company to surf his favorite subject on the information superhighway… porn. Of course he didn’t see any problems on porn on the Internet, as long as it’s free. Clark didn’t bother thinking if the images he jerked off secretly under his workplace desk were stolen from a pay website or what… he just wanted more and, if possible, without anyone knowing about it. And for that reason, he started taking late shifts at work to be able to jerk off on the privacy of the deserted corporate corridors. There, after everybody went home, he had more privacy then he would at home with his wife wondering why he doesn’t go to bed watch TV with her.

Little was he aware that his every Internet move was recorded by a corporate firewall. And that some guys, working at the system administration office, knew pretty much about his exotic preferences. Well, not some of them, just one of them, who shared one of his particular interests. He followed in real time all of his wanderings around sites and made sure to kept it all off the server logs. But made sure to masturbate furiously as well, reading every log of chats which Clark had with other people of similar interests… oh yes, Clark was too perfect to be true, his fantasies were too good to be true. This man wanted Clark badly, and knew just who to ask help to.


"A pink faceless rubber creature walked out of the door, effortlessly walking in ballet heels. It was bald, and had a huge number 14 painted in white over it's forehead, but as far as Clark could tell, the hood went smooth over it's face, almost like the visor of a biker, and the only anatomical part to be seen, was an oversized red mouth, open with a tongue moving inside. It looked rubbery, had red and engorged lips, always open. Clark considered this could be part of the hood, but something way more bizarre should be going on, as he noticed the lips twitched. This poor wanton creature had it's lips injected with silicone, to become huge cocksucking lips. 14 could moans, or say guttural sounds, but anything requiring usage of her lips was impossible. Not that 14 tried anymore. It's teeth were removed and replaced by pink rubber ones, and it's mouth, surgically altered never to close. The hood meets the flesh smoothly, to create the illusion of a single doll face. The tongue had 3 big ball piercings, to provide extra stimulation, and, not visible to Clark, 14's mouth had been fitted with special paddings, to create the perfect fuck hole. On each side of 14's head, Clark could see small handlebars, that Master could use to get a proper grip of the slut's head while fucking it's mouth. That mouth altered just for cocksucking and nothing more, and no sound came from the doll, except from the sound of a gasmasked breath."


By your request, here's the Part 3 of "Rubber Sissy Panties"! :) Enjoy! :)



"The three dolls walked down a white tiled corridor, that ended in a descending cargo-style elevator, with collapsible metal doors to close it. Once in it, 2 pressed one of the first buttons, all white and showing deep sign of use, which turned red once selected; and within seconds and a small jerk, it started descending deeper into the complex. 6 was still heaving after the recent session, and still struggling with accepting what she has become. Her whole body was being reprogrammed, but her old mind was fighting back. Master knows what the end result will be tho, he always do.


Now that 6's body has been redesigned in all senses as that of a rubberdoll, there's no doubt on what the end result will be. In a struggle between reason and willpower against the pure, raw, lust of a rubberdoll, reason and willpower don't even stand a fighting chance.


The elevator stops in a dark wharehouse-like enviroment. Few greenish lights cast an eerie mood over the concrete walls, making ocasional yellow and black painting visible. On booths shaped in the walls, all darkened and lit by the greenish glow of monitors, there are contraptions similar to gynecological chairs, and vacuum cubes, with metal shelves filled with heavy tools and toys of pleasure stacked for ready use. This enviroment isn't so big, but it's oddly silentful, with the ocasional moan coming from a corner, a sound that is somewhere between male and female. 6 fights her lust and wanton obedience just for long enough to see a human form in shiny white rubber, with huge breasts, completely strapped to one of the ( maybe 3 ) chairs in this room, it's skin seeming to pulsate and alter if you look closely. 6 gave a step on it's direction, when 4 touched her left breast, making her body lust so much, that she let out a loud moan... followed by more moans from the white doll. In that state, 6 was easily guided to one of the chairs, one on the far right wall, and placed in it, with her arms strapped high above her head, and her legs high up on stirrups."


This is Part 3 of Syringe. I hope you enjoy!



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