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  • Toilet Slave
    It was so humiliating to be caught in the men's bathroom, placed in bondage and used.  
  • Space Trip
    I just adore this photoset, she looks incredibly hot with the gasmask in her "Space Trip".
  • Bed Time Games
    Sexy Slavegirl Anna Rose in her "Bed Time Games" new Photoshoot.

Objekt - Part 1

"The Mistress thinks about the years of constant training and abuse needed to take her prized object to the complete surrender it achieved now. Slowly altering the doll’s persona so that first, it would never be aroused unless in the presence of rubber. Then, it would need rubber against its skin to even be aroused. More training made sure the rubber would need to be nothing but total, complete enclosure, or the doll would not even be able to achieve an erection. That was followed by ever increasing levels of chastity, so that now the doll was under permanent, complete chastity, relying on its asspussy as her only single mean of achieving sexual pleasure. That was coupled with permanent anal plugging and corset training, to ensure the doll had enough width and depth to receive her owner’s full fist in.



Slowly, the Mistress drove the doll into complete madness and back. Its pleasure now was completely controlled. Its body was completely controlled. Its orgasm was only possible after a special set of phrases were said, only by Mistress’s voice. The doll has tried cheating, has tried playing with the biggest most painful toys on its own, eager for pleasure. And such pleasure would never come unless Mistress decided so. The training was such a complete and perfect trap, the doll functioned as desired, permanently plugged, and the plug ensured it was permanently horny, but so used to the plug, it would be nothing but a constant source of submission and arousal and never of release, even more so with its shecock locked behind a clear plastic chastity lock. The doll would grow so horny exactly as designed so that thinking was close to impossible, locking the doll on a permanent loop of needs and desires that fit exactly what Mistress expected. The doll could think of nothing more than pleasing its Mistress… as pleasing its Mistress now was the sole reason it existed."

Updated version :) Trying to get back on the saddle, so to speak, this is a new experimentation on writing a new series of extreme heavy rubber fantasy stories, a bit based on some fantasies and some experiences, but mostly letting my imagination go crazy and have fun. All feedback is welcomed to see if I am going in the right direction ;)




Bizarre rubber enema servant

Browsing the incredibly horny Bizarre Rubber Leila site ( and if you know me, you know how much I love Bizarre Rubber... the word Bizarre alone makes some shivers go up and down my spine ), I found this amazingly HOT video you should check now! This European Bizarre Rubber Play at it's best!

A teaspoon of sugar


“Well, you should know better than to cross your big sister. Do as she says and you'll be up in no time. I gotta help her now, but I hope you get better.”, she says before she leans forward and kisses me again. I'm getting tired of these forehead kisses. She goes back into the kitchen and I can overhear their conversations and laughs and jokes while they work.


I love my sister. Claire had some hard moments in her past, everyone says. Before Owner, before us. She deserves all the good things coming to her now. And she's a great cook. The best I have ever met. She was offered a restaurant of her own many times, but she usually kindly turns the offer down. Privately, she says the family is her number one concern, and to have a restaurant the way she wants, is a fulltime commitment, and she already has one with us. Catering allows her to cook her food, have her fun, and say no when she wants to. Work from home, sleep over when she feels like it, and cook her amazing food when she feels like it. She met Thalia in a munch at a friend's home. She's slavegirl to a Mistress who is Owner's friend, and soon they became almost part of the family. Our extended family perhaps. She feels like a loved cousin. Thalia is also a killer cook, and they became impossible to tell apart ever since. I used to think I was a foodie before I met those two.


I move around, the TV program is horrible. I hear the squeaky sound of rubber again. Oh, I love this sofa. All the furniture in the house is rubber coated, but this sofa is not only red rubber, but also, so comfortable. The kind you don't know if you doze off in, or get so horny you can't sleep. I look over my shoulder, and Claire and Thalia are busy with their things and I undress quietly under the blankets and start playing with myself, feeling the redness of the sofa touch my skin. It's so good, and I'm so wet... and sick, but far from dead."



This is the second chapter of the new series "Die Gummihaus", the dreams of a latexgirl about a real rubber life with a real rubber family, full of love, lust and latex! I do hope you enjoy!




5th Anniversary NY Rubber Ball/Miss Rubber World DVD now on sale!

The highlights video of the 2011 5th anniversary Ball is now on sale via DVD for just $20! Over 40 minutes of highlights and interviews from our wonderful 5th anniversary! Special thanks to Richard J. and LEG SHOW MAGAZINE for donating the footage, and also to Rogue from THE CRUXSHADOWS for donating our end title music! The trailer can be seen at: this YouTube Address and the video can be bought online at:



Alterpic has debuted a HUGE update on their website, with sizzling hot images and videos!

First you have Play With Me, 131 photos of Mistress Sandra from and Slavegirl Anna Rose!

Then, Latex Lady Caged and Fucked, with a delicious 16 minute video and 139 photos, when Anna traps the Latex Lady in a cage and gives her blissful orgasms!

Finally, still from November, which I can't believe I missed, there's "In My Bag", in which Anna and Amarantha LaBlanche play with a vacuum bed. Yum!

OH YES, they're also debuting their new shop, Erotic Elektro! If you always wondered where to get those delicious E-Stim toys Anna plays with on her site, now you know WHERE and HOW! Also, follow them on Twitter and lean how to get a very special 10% Xmas coupon discount!


NYRB/Miss Rubber World 2012

The highlights video for the 2012 New York Rubber Ball/Miss Rubber World, Presented By, is now on sale! The video contains over 50 minutes from this year's events, highlighting the fashion shows and the 2012 Miss Rubber World Contest, where contestants from all over the world competed for over $15,000 in prizes from 40 of the world's top rubber designers and retailers. View the trailer and order your copy now by visiting

The Slut Chip - Chapter 1

"Master is smiling in the control room, with Candy's warm lips sucking his rubber covered cock. He would love to know what Fifi is thinking right now, how Fifi is feeling. Of course he could just erase her brain and override everything, but what's the fun in that? No, Master wants Fifi's body and mind to become her new training ground into a perfect cocksucking rubber sissy. So that someday, you could turn off the chip, and Fifi would be identical to the sissy doll in the chip, a complete programmed slut, shaped over the years and trained and indoctrinated every second of her life.


With this idea in his mind, he presses the start button on the LCD screen, and the machinery in the room come to life. John of course, can't listen to any of it. He only sees a darker shape come over his immobilized head, and feel something that tastes like cum against his lips. It's the chip implantation system, starting to do it's work.


First, it's metal arm descends from the ceiling, and a tube made of shiny pink rubber, with “Sissy Lollipop” written in white on it's sides, slides in, oozing a variation of the sissy juices, both to lube it's entrance, but also to induce a drug high on the sissy. This variation of the juice also makes the sissy mouth become numb and sterile. The tube keeps feeding the sissy until it's floating in sissy heaven."


This is the first chapter of The Slut Chip, a hot saucy story of a sissy in his late 40's transformed by a strict rubber Master, into the perfect cocksucking slut rubber doll, named Fifi. This story involves non-consensual transformation, pain, enslavement and kidnapping. I hope you all enjoy it!



A Very Long Night

"So, I'm here alone and horny, and my family is several miles away. And nothing happens. What a devious evil mind, to keep me on my toes. Possibly this thing won't do anything tonight and will just unlock itself in the morning. At least I have to admit my Owner understands it was a full long day and I am about to fall asleep, horny as I am. I'm just so tired. I pick a book to read, and as usual, a few pages down the road I'm fast asleep. Asleep to dream of rubbery people caressing me. And this pleasure... it feels so real... so.... so real I wake up, open my eyes and sure as hell the toys came to life between my legs. I'm being stretched slowly, as they take devilish cycles of vibration and rest, vibration and rest, and the pump reaches it's programmed size and stops."


This is the first story of the new Die Gummihaus series of short stories. Enjoy!



New York Rubber Ball: Sunday January 16th

The 5th Anniversary New York Rubber Ball/Miss Rubber World Contest is set to sizzle away the winter chill on January 16th, 2011 in Manhattan. Along with their sister event for the gay male rubber scene, Mr. American Rubber, the organisers have given away over $110,000 in rubber gear and other great prizes since 2005, all donated by over 70 different designers and retailers from all over the world.

Their goal continues to be to create something fun and special for primarily the North American rubber scene, but they also want the world to see that New York more than holds its own against other world cities like London, Berlin and Amsterdam. They strive to provide an elegant and exciting atmosphere, but to also be laid back enough for socialising with fellow rubberists, without being hoarse the next day. They also mandate that there must be the ability to play as much as possible!

The event figurehead, Dana, says “Rubberists of all levels of experience are encouraged to come and meet others with the same appetite for shiny enclosure. Some may cast a wary eye on the expansion of rubber into the mundane fashion world, but, as all rubberists know, rubber is not a casual fabric. It has to truly excite you on more than just an aesthetic level to be truly enjoyed. Many start with a XXX bookstore bought skirt or pair of gloves and end up in multiple layers of custom crafted encasement, so we see more chances to get into rubber via high quality daily wear as a very good thing.”

The featured event of the evening is of course the Miss Rubber World Contest, Emceed by legendary rubber designer The Baroness, with up to 10 contestants competing for on average $10,000 in prizes from many of the world’s rubber designers and retailers. This year’s sponsors to date include: Vex Clothing, The Baroness, Dawnamatrix Designs, Kink Engineering, Essential Latex, Hedony Design, Passional, Collective Chaos Design, Rubber Fucker, Jaqueline Marie Couture, Latex Nemesis,, HMS Latex and Kriszta Latex Wardrobe.

Being on the Sunday of the Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday weekend allows the organisers to work with other rubber supporters like Xris SMack!, Paddles and NYC Fetish Tribe to build a full weekend of events. The website is packed with travel, hotel, dining and shopping info, so those coming in from abroad can know where to go while in NYC and how to get around safely.

Says Dana, “New York Rubber Ball is extremely grateful for the support of all attendees, sponsors and the rubber media, most especially Skin Two, for being the inspiration and setting the standard. We can hardly believe that it’s already been five years already, but we’re looking forward to the next five and beyond.”


Bizarre Rubber Lady Leila

Hello you pervs! Today we see the debute of 3 new exciting Heavy Rubber perverted sites, all from The Bizarre Lady Leila! You can sign up each site individually, for €20.95 a month, or ALL THREE FOR €49.95!

The first is the Bizarre Rubber Leila site! It's a Heavy Rubber site, with the Rubber Lady, displaying several kinky perverted practices. If you have your Sissy, TV, Doll, Clinic fantasies, just watch this sizzling hot images and visit the site now and sign up!

The second, is Kinky Latex Leila, another extreme heavy rubber site with breath control, fisting and many more wild fantasies!

And finally, Xtreme Bizarre Leila, when all the most extreme fantasies come together for your enjoyment!

For you, the heavy rubber slut out there, what are you waiting? Hours of videos and bizarre rubber fun wait for you. Every 10 days you have an update with a full hd clip in 1920 x 1080 px ( and for slow connections a clip in 640 x 480px plus a photo set between 30 and 40 images in 1200 x 675px ).

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